Fantasy Turned Reality With Longtime Maid

My name is Sanju and I’m from Alappuzha, Kerala. I am 24 years old, 6ft tall and weighs 90kg. I’m not muscular but you wouldn’t call me fat because my height and weight compliments each other. This is the story of how a simple relationship of a maid who’ve seen me grow from a little boy to a man.

The circumstances that led to how that relationship changed to something that fulfilled our carnal instincts. I know how most of these stories have luscious beautiful fair-skinned women. But my maid Rekha (name changed) may not come under those perfect woman categories.

She is in her late 40s, the height of 5ft 2inches. Petite figure. Weighs about 50 kg. The breast cup size of 32 a which is like small perky tits and has a dark gorgeous mallu complexion. I know Rekha for as long as I can remember. She used to take care of me when I was a little boy.

Babysat me when my parents went to visit relatives. I was a shy kid, I didn’t have many friends. Nor did I have many friends who were girls because I was too shy to talk to them.  The only woman outside my family I talked to was Rekha. I started masturbating when I was 19.

I went to net cafes to download porn on pen drives and started having fantasies. One day my parents were out. Rekha who always wore sari was wearing a towel around her waist and only blouse on top while cleaning the floors of the house. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

The way her body moved I couldn’t control myself. But deep down I knew it was wrong they way I felt. So reluctantly I went to my bathroom and blew a fat load thinking of her sitting on me. I came back to my room and played my PS3 while she continued to clean my room.

Nothing further happened but after that. She used to clean our house whenever my parents weren’t home wearing the same towel and blouse. I was too shy and afraid to act on it so this went on for years. Now I had completed my degree and have successfully gained a professional course.

I have rented a house in Alappuzha and works at Ernakulam. I was 23 when this happened. I live alone in this one story house and needed someone to clean my house. So my parents suggested Rekha to me and I jumped on the idea. They even offered to pay her salary.

So it was the Friday after work I reach home and Rekha was cleaning my room. I asked her how was everything. She suddenly started to cry saying her husband had died 5 years ago. I didn’t know because no one told me and I was in college. She is taking care of her family but can’t afford it.

So I said it’ll all be fine and I wrote her a cheque for Rs.20000. She didn’t accept at first but then I insisted and she took it. She hugged me saying she’s indebted to me always and will do anything for me. That hug sent a shock through me giving me an instant boner.

She is shorter than me and wearing a sari felt the boner press against her stomach. But she kept hugging me. I tell her everything’s fine. I don’t know what came over me but I slowly lifted her face with my finger and gave her a kiss. She kissed back.

She stopped to say we shouldn’t. But I kept hugging her now my boner is hard as a rock. She smiled at me. indicating she enjoyed the kiss. She says no one has touched her for a decade and deemed herself unattractive for men. I said, “No, chechi, I want you, I wanted you for so long. I don’t want anyone to have you.”

I pulled her sari covering her breasts. She meanwhile pulled down my shorts and I removed my t-shirt. We began kissing and moved to my bedroom. I push her to my bed and pulls up her underskirt to remove her panty. Then I finger her pussy slightly hairy pussy for a while.

I slowly inserted my tongue and played with it. She was moaning and she revealed the truth that in my teen years she tried to seduce me by wearing a blouse and towel only. She almost shouted that she wanted my cock back then. I covered her mouth and slowly moved my hands to her blouse.

I ripped it to find no bra but her perky tits with her sexy black nipples. I kissed them and sucked them. Then I lifted my face from her breasts and looked at her. She says to me, “Now my body is yours forever and no one has to know.” After hearing that I wanted to fuck her raw.

So I remove her underskirt. Now both of us completely naked. I say to her can you take my cock inside your mouth and she nods. I stand up off the bed, she kneels before me. I just slowly insert my throbbing cock into her mouth. She almost gags which makes me hornier. I cum in her mouth.

She smiled at me with my cum oozing out the side of her lips and she swallows it. She says we need to clean ourselves and leads me to the bathroom. She runs the shower and stands underneath it. Water was dripping down her dark skin to her pussy. I kissed her and my cock was hard again.

I kneeled down and started giving her kisses, sucking her pussy. The smell of her pussy was just amazing. After 5 minutes of that, I stood up, turned her and bent her down to put my cock in her doggy style. I then fucked her hard. She moaned and told me not to stop.

Then after 10 minutes of doggy style, she turned and looked at me hornily. I took her to my bed laid her down both of us completely wet. I fucked her hard gripping her body. She said she was gonna cum and told me to get my cock out and I did. She started to squirt on my body and shiver uncontrollably.

I found that very sexy. She said to me finish inside her. So I thrust my dick inside her and slowly kissed her while cumming once more. I asked her if she had to go. She said she can tell her kids that she is staying at a relative’s house. Then we slept there naked.

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed sharing this experience. I and Rekha have had other sexual adventures which I will be thrilled to share in the future.