My Sexy Tamil Maid Seduced And Drilled

I am a South Indian guy currently living in Bangalore. I am about to narrate a super horny incident which happened between me and my maid.

My maid is a married Tamil woman who was pretty tall and had big tits and a sexy round ass. She usually wore nighty when she came for work. She was fluent in Kannada too.

One day, I was alone at home as my parents had to go out somewhere. So, I planned that I had to do something to get my maid’s attention towards my dick so that I fuck her!

She was to come to our house by 10 am. So, I removed my underwear and just wore a small short so that my crotch would be pretty noticeable. And as it was pretty hairy, anybody could see my dick when I bend.

Finally, it was time! My maid came and rang the bell. I opened the door. She was wearing a dark blue colour cotton nighty. Her hair was plaited and long till her ass.

She entered and started sweeping the floor as usual. She casually asked if I was alone. When the maid bent to sweep the floor, I could see her ass clearly bulging from her nighty. I purposely walked around her trying to shoot her video.

I was sitting in front of her now. When she bent and came closer to the sofa, I saw the Tamil maid’s sexy boobs. She was wearing a black colour bra. By that time, my dick was very hard and I was pretty sure that she could see my big dick bulging under the shorts.

She then called me and requested to move a table. Since it was pretty large, I went to help her. When she bent to lift the legs of the table, I saw her entire black bra and a few her dark nipples too! This made me totally hard and my dick popped out of my shorts a little bit! I was pretty sure that the maid saw it too as she gave me a smile.

I stopped and turned around to adjust my shorts. I pushed my dick into my shorts. By then, I was totally horny and could not resist. So I went to the bathroom and started masturbating. I forgot to bolt the door but I purposely made sounds to grab her attention when she was wiping the floor near the bathroom.

I was not sure what she was thinking but I was sure that she wanted to see my huge dick again. Since the maid had to wash the utensils, she had to enter the bathroom. She opened the door and was shocked to see me naked and masturbating calling her name!

I immediately wore my shorts and came out. She kept silent and didn’t speak a word. From that day onward, this continued. Every time I saw her, I would have my erected dick underneath my shorts showing my crotch. It became routine.

On a Sunday when the maid came, I was naked sleeping with my erect dick and I flashed it to her! By then, she must have started thinking I was a creep and felt pity for my lonely cock.

One fine day again while I was alone at home, I made a bold move by asking my sexy south Indian maid if she could help me with my hard dick. I had to pretend innocent while telling her that it pained a lot when it was erect so that she could give a massage.

Actually, I asked her in Kannada – “Aunty nimmuna yeno kelbeku. Yenu ankolla andre. Swalpa naackike agatte. Aunty nan tunne nimmuna nodudre nigratte. Attara adaga yella thumba pain agatte aunty. Swalpa massage maadi help maadthira please.”

After listening to this, she was very angry and warned me saying she will tell my parents about this. Then I pleaded her not to do so and apologized to her.

She avoided me for the next couple of days. I was really upset but was lucky that she didn’t tell my parents. This went on for a few days and then one fine day, I had to stay alone at home for 3 days as my parents went out of station.

My maid came for work as usual but she looked special that day. She was in a good mood.

I went upstairs to my bathroom and did my daily routine by plugging in my earphones and started to watch porn while masturbating. She came upstairs to clean.

I came out wearing my pants. I was pretending to look at my phone but was jerking off my dick by putting it out whenever the maid turned to the other side and putting it back whenever she was facing me.

That day the maid was wearing a sexy nighty and I could see her underwear and bra underneath her nighty (I guess it was a nylon material).

So, as and when my Tamil maid turned towards me, I was quickly putting my dick back. However, she finally caught me! But this time, she didn’t scold me and instead, she grabbed my cock! To my shock, the maid started stroking my dick it slowly.

Then she spoke in Kannada. “Chaddi mathe kaccha bicchu nin tunne andre nanige ista. Yestu doddadu. Cheepbeku anisuthidde”.

I was so shocked and crazy as well. I was like, “Aunty, nim mole galu yestu doddad aagi ide aah. Matte nim tikka anthu swarga. Nighty bicchu.”

Saying this, I removed her nighty slowly. I squeezed her big ass and boobs and licked on her lips and tongue. I got really aggressive and said, “Nkkan bra matte kaacha bicchu. Aaha molegalu nodu yestu dodddag ide. Thullu full shata mathe underarms full hairy. Yestu sexy aagi iddya. Aa jadae nodu tikka thanks ide nindu.”

I then tore the Tamil maid’s bra and pinched her dark nipples. She was wet down there. So I reached her underwear and tore it as well. Her pussy was hairy but was sexy as fuck.

I licked her pussy for some time after making her lie on the bed. My dick was so freaking hard by that time. The horny maid boldly took it and started sucking it. Since I was a virgin, I really enjoyed the servant’s erotic blowjob sensation and came in her mouth.

She swallowed all my cum. Surprisingly, my dick was still rock hard. We spoke dirty and started then I started fucking my maid without a condom. Oh my god, it was really heaven. Her ass was real deal!

I spanked, licked and hugged the maid’s ass and then started fucking her ass. She resisted at first but eventually, she let me fuck her ass. It was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.

After a few minutes, I came on her juicy ass. She again sucked my dick nicely. After that, we just sat there and spoke dirty for a few minutes and then had an erotic shower.

After all this, she told me that she was leaving the job as she was going back to her home town. I was really glad that she fulfilled my sexual desires and I felt a little awkward as well after all this.

The maid left and I gave her a goodbye kiss ever and we did our farewell.

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