The House: A Tale Of Submission

This is my first story and I hope it isn’t my last. If you like the plot and if you’d love to continue reading the story please let me know. For feedback and suggestions [email protected]

Ugh, I hope I’m not getting myself into any trouble. It was a cold night, cooler than usual for this time of the year. I was standing there alone, under the bus stop as I was told. It was the 3rd stop in route 32. I couldn’t see a single soul anywhere around, it was a secluded place.

Maybe that’s why she chose it. I thought to myself. A thousand voices running in my head. I’ve never lied to my mom before, what if she finds out. It’ll break her heart, what if she calls the university. God! Am I in trouble? I needed a reason to get away for the weekend.

None of my friends were sly enough to cover for me, so I had to tell her I was going to be at the university, with my professor for the research paper that was due. I finished that paper a week ago.

I folded my arms even tighter now, the cold was starting to get to me. Should I have worn a sweater? Maybe not. I wouldn’t be forming such a good first impression then. I was wearing my vintage collection iron man t-shirt, if only it wasn’t cotton. I packed enough clothes for the weekend, as I was told to.

I shaved my pubic hair. I even bought the pack of condoms. It was my first time buying condoms. I couldn’t even look into his eyes while I was paying for them. I was so excited about this. Just the mere thought of what might happen this weekend was turning me on.

I have been semi-erect since the past twenty minutes. Just then, my phone rang. Oh my god! This is happening. I took it out of my pocket, ‘Mommy’ read the screen, it was her. I took a few seconds to calm down, lowered my breath, and then I picked it up.

“Hello,” she sounded so husky.

“I am here, where you asked me to be… Mommy.”

“Good boy, do you see the retail store under the red billboard.”

“Uh-mm,” I began scanning all around.

“It’s on the opposite road.”

“Yeah, I see it, mommy.”

“I’ll meet you there then,” she cut the call.

I began walking towards it. It feels weird calling her mommy on the phone. I had no problem doing it over text.

I reached the retail store under the red bill-board sign. There was a public bathroom next to it. The store looked quite empty, except for a few salesmen, I couldn’t see anyone in there. I guess nobody lives in this neighborhood.

A car then came in, stopped right by me. In there she was, the woman that I so badly wanted to see. As she stepped out, I couldn’t help but stare at her body. She was wearing a purple sari over a black blouse. They complimented her fair complexion so well. She looked taller than I imagined her to be.

Her silky hair settling on her shoulders so tenderly, it looked like it had been straightened not long ago. Her lips were thicker than most. She had a sense of lush in her face and as she got out, the sari did so little to hide her curves, that it showed every little fold of skin on her body.

Her breasts were perfect to say the least, not too big, but enough to make you notice them, a little sagged but ravishing for a woman who is thirty-five.

“Come,” she said walking into the store tapping my cheek as she went past me. I quickly followed her, like I was supposed to do. That was our deal. I am to anything and everything she tells me for the weekend. She has total control of my actions, or as you’d like to call it. I am a slave.

She went into the changing room, and I followed. I noticed a saleswoman looking at me suspiciously. When the first thing you do after entering a store is going to the changing room, you are bound to be noticed. Once we were in, she locked the door, turned around, and stared at me for a few seconds.

I could see the lust in her eyes. “Are you wearing any underwear?” she asked looking into my eyes.

“Yes, I am mommy, I always do.”

“Good, now take them off for me, will you.”

I took my bag off my shoulders and kept it on the chair, and began unbuckling my pants. I wasn’t shy for it wasn’t something she hadn’t already seen in the past. I have done numerous shameful things on camera for her before. But this was the first time I was getting to see something more than a profile picture.

I took my pants off and began to pull my underwear down when she started to do something. She reached under her sari with her left hand and shimmied down her panty! My dick was back to life just seeing her do that. We both had our underwear in our hands now.

“Throw it away, you don’t need it anymore,” she said slowly walking towards me. I could feel my erection rising gradually. She brought her hand to my face and pushed her panties against my nose.

They smelled so erotic. It was my first time smelling anything like that. It was dirty, they smelled sweaty, but it was still turning me on, “I’ve been wearing them all day.”

I got lost in her scent. I closed my eyes to savor the moment but she took it off my face dropping it on my erect penis.

“You will not be wearing any underwear again unless it’s mine,” she smiled as she said it. There was something seductive about that smile. “I’ll be waiting in the car.”

I put my pants back on and walked out of the room. It was weird wearing a woman’s panties. Not only could they barely hold my erect penis in place, but also they gave me a wedgie. A couple of salesmen along the way were giggling at me.

I guess they guessed at what might have happened inside that changing room. I was already feeling like a slut. But, I liked it. I was being a slut for her, for my mommy. I sat in the back seat of the car and we took off. There was silence in the car, for the most part.

She seemed to talk only when necessary, but it had its effect. She was commanding. She knew she owned me and if I already didn’t, she made sure that I’d know it too.

“So, was your mom okay with you being away for the weekend?” she was stern as she asked, never took her eyes off the road.

“I told her I was going to be at the university.”

“Okay, so my husband was going away for the weekend. He’s still at the airport.”

“I didn’t know you were married.”

She looked at me with a grin.

“I am not an old bachelor who can’t get married, I was married when I was 19. I have a pretty vanilla relationship with my husband though. He’s mostly in charge of the household, you know typical Indian family.”

She explained how she had some bad experiences and how they introduced her to this lifestyle. I didn’t ask her for any details although I wanted to. It was almost a thirty-minute drive and we finally reached home. She parked the car in the garage and told me to wait. So I did. I waited.

After five minutes she opened the door to her house. “Before you get in,” she said walking towards me, “I want you to know some basic rules inside the house. Rule one: you ask permission for everything.”

“If you want to have some water, you ask me. If you want to eat, you ask me, if you want to pee, you ask me and if you want to cum; you ask me.”

God, could this woman be any more of a turn on?

“Yes, I get it.”

“Second rule: you are always going to address me as ‘mommy’. Every time you don’t, mommy is going to punish you.”

“Yes, mommy”

“Rule three: you do as I say, no questions asked. And finally, you don’t get any privileges in my house which means, you are going to hand over your phone to me. If anything comes up, I shall let you know”

“Yes mommy, I can’t wait to serve you.”

“good, you may come in after a few minutes. The baby sitter will leave soon.”

Baby sitter? She is a mom! Everything about this woman was turning me on. After waiting for a few more minutes, I took a deep breath and entered the house.

The door from the garage leads into the kitchen. It was a nice home, certainly nicer than mine. I was finding my way around the house, looking around while I do so. There were photos of her with her husband, a lot of them. It seemed like a perfectly normal household.

There were three bedrooms, the kitchen had a storeroom next to it. As I was strolling through her lavish house, I found myself in the living room where she was, sitting on the couch, breastfeeding her baby, like it was perfectly normal. I was shocked to see this.

I didn’t know how to react. I put my bag on the table and kneeled before her, waiting for her instructions. Her pallu was pulled to the side, she had her blouse unhooked, and semi removed exposing her left breast. I couldn’t see her nipple, but her milky white breast and cleavage were a sight to watch.

She looked at me glancing at her a couple of times, but she just smiled. She put the baby to sleep in the bedroom after a while. Then came back to the living room where I was waiting for her, kneeling like a good slave. “Put your hands to the back,” she said standing behind me. I obeyed her.

I brought my hands together crossing them against my back. She then handcuffed me. The metal felt so cold against my skin, it sent a shiver down my spine. They were tight enough to hurt me if I moved my hands with force. I was now on my knees with hands to the back.

She walked around the room, brought a chair, and sat in front of me. She slowly raised a leg and placed it on my shoulder. “Come closer,” she whispered. I made my way forwards. She spread the other leg wide apart. Bending forward she pulled the sari up to her thighs. I could see her cleavage as she did it.

Her milky breasts pushed against each other. I was in heaven. I still couldn’t see between her legs, the sari wouldn’t let me. Her legs were perfectly shaved, she looked so hot looking down upon me. My erection was already throbbing painfully through my pants.

Her underwear was barely holding it back. She then nudged me on my back with her foot, signaling me to get to business. I knew exactly what to do. I began kissing her leg, from the knee making my way to her thighs. I tried to kiss as softly as possible at first, barely even touching her.

I stuck out my tongue licking her now and then. It was amazing, the air was filled with the scent of her pussy. I moved forward trying to reach even further, smelling, licking, and biting her thighs as I go. I heard her let out a weak moan.

I was about to reach under her sari, when she held me by my hair, almost hurting me. She brought the other leg onto my shoulder. Her position on the chair caused the sari to slide back, almost showing her vagina. I could see the skin folds around the vagina. It was torturing having to wait inches away from it.

“Do you want to taste it?” she asked looking down at me.

“Yes, mommy I want to.”

“You don’t sound convincing enough.”

“I am dying to taste you, mommy.”

“Beg me, beg me to let you taste it.”

“Please mommy, I beg you. Please let me pleasure you”

“Go on baby, kiss mommy like you’ve been dying to,” saying this, she slowly brought my face to her crotch, the smell of her juices only intensified. She was perfectly shaven, her pussy looked everything like I’ve imagined it to be. I waited no more and buried my face in her.

She wrapped her legs around my face, holding me to her. I began to lick with all my tongue out. I licked all around her vagina, starting at the bottom and slurping all the way up. I held one of the flaps of her skin between my teeth, this made her squeak.

“Good boy, you’re doing very well.” I could hear her say. Her voice just began to tremble and it only turned me on more. I now started to go in, sticking my tongue inside her.

Ahh! So this is what it tastes like. It was salty and tasted weird, like corn. I stuck my tongue even deeper, feeling her walls within. It was hard to move my tongue in there. My head now was turned sideways, trying to reach deeper and deeper.

I started pushing it against the walls like I was licking off the residual chocolate on the wrapper. She began to moan. I now began to eat her more vigorously, trying to move every muscle of her vagina. The moans only got louder and quicker. I knew she was close to her climax.

I began sucking her outer lips now, holding them in mouth, savoring taste with my saliva. Noticing her breath louder, I tried to find her clitoris, tried to kiss it and suck on it. I was having the time of my life. She finally climaxed, cumming hard and long, clenching her legs around my face.

She almost let out a scream. My face was completely wet from her juices. I took my face out of her crotch, she was panting lightly, but her breasts were moving up and down like she ran a marathon. Her head tilted back and her sari completely distorted.

The pallu was lying on the floor exposing her blouse and abdomen. She had a beautiful waist, a perfect navel. It was exactly what you would expect from a middle-aged woman. The right amount of fat everywhere, making every fold of her skin look delicious.

She was running her hands through my hair like she was patting for what a good job I’ve done. She cupped my face holding my neck and pulled me to her face. As our faces came close enough almost touching, she gently opened her mouth sticking her tongue out and took a good lick on my lips horizontally.

The very same lips that were completely covered in her juices and then she whispered, “You’re mine now.”

We put on the TV and began watching it, I was kind of disappointed to not get satisfied. I was still handcuffed, sitting on the floor next to her couch. “Are you hungry?” she asked me.

“Not really, mommy, I had dinner already.”

“Would you like some milk,” she said smiling a little, “some of mommy’s milk maybe.”

If touching a vagina for the first time not enough, she would let me suck on her nipple for milk! Without saying anything, I tried to get on the couch, “Oh, you’re staying down,” she said slowly pushing me with her finger to the ground. Then, she got on top of me sitting right above my dick.

The touch of her warm ass was enough to spring it back into action. She must have felt it push against her through her sari. She slowly lowered her pallu, unhooking her blouse. This time she completely took it off, freeing her breasts. Her nipples were medium-sized and had a pinkish tone more than brown.

She leaned over keeping both her hands on the ground. Her breasts hanging right above my face. I reached up trying to lick her left nipple, “The right one,” she whispered, lowering them even down for me. I took her nipple in my mouth and began sucking it.

Her breast felt so tender yet so juicy. It was like sucking on my favorite candy that tastes like her skin. I continued to suck on her nipple, holding it between my teeth and sucking it with my tongue. “Not so hard,” she was guiding me through it, and I was obeying.

Just when I began to extract the first drop of milk-

‘Knock, knock’

Someone was at the door! She got up putting her blouse back on hastily.

“It must be the neighbors, let me check,” she said getting up.

As she was going to get the door, we heard a voice, “Honey, open up the door.”

It was her husband! We were shocked!

“Quickly get your bag and go hide in the storeroom,” she hissed.

“I can’t get my bag, my hands. Will you help me?”

“Just fucking go.”

I picked up my bag with my teeth and tiptoed to the storeroom. I maneuvered my way through, opening the door and locking myself in. I couldn’t hear much from inside, a lot of commotion and talking. The room had no windows big enough to escape through.

So I waited for her to come in when it was safe. I figured that would be when he fell asleep. After about two hours of tiresome and uncomfortable waiting. I heard a knock on the door, so I opened it.

“Are you okay in here?” she asked looking worried.

“Yes I am, what the hell happened”

“The whole city is under lockdown due to the virus. His flight has been canceled.”

“How do I get out of here then?”

“You can’t, no one’s allowed to drive till the end of the month.”

“What the hell! I can’t stay here. What if he catches me? Are you mad!,” I hissed in anger.

She swung her hand at me, slapping me on the face. Her eyes were as big as ever. “You don’t’ have a choice. So either you do as I say and we can stay, or my husband catches you and we’re both dead.”

“Yes mommy, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, baby,” She put my head against her breasts,

“It’s going to be fun, having a sex slave without my husband’s knowledge.”

“Yes, mommy.”

I was scared for my life, yet my dick somehow was starting to erect feeling her breasts against my cheek.

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