Showed Maid Neeta Cock While Shaving Pubes

Hi everyone, I am a regular reader of these sex stories and today I want to share an incident that happened with my maid. Talking about myself, I am an engineering student with an athletic body and a dusky complexion.

So, let us come to the main plot. I am an engineering student living in a PG with 3 other boys who were working in nearby offices. We hired a maid named Neeta (name changed obviously) for cooking and cleaning.

Neeta is short (4’11), has a wheatish complexion, and has firm round breasts. She has been married to a person who is way elder than her. Her husband is a drunkard and she was sad in her marriage.

Neeta used to come in the morning for cooking food for us, 3 working boys, and again came in the evening at about 5 to cook and clean the house. The evening was the time when I and my maid Neeta were alone.

Initially, I didn’t have any bad intentions towards my maid. She used to talk with everyone and used to laugh at our dirty jokes.

It was June and it had started raining. One evening it was raining heavily and Neeta arrived at our place to work fully drenched. She was wearing a pink kameez and a white salwar which were sticking to her body as she was fully wet.

Due to this, my maid’s figure was exposed and her white bra could be clearly seen. This made me think of fucking her for the first time. I was going mad seeing her and needed to do something.

Neeta asked me for a towel to wipe herself and after I gave her a towel, she wiped herself. Then she asked for an umbrella as she had not brought one and it was still raining. I gave her an umbrella and then she left that day. As soon as she left, I masturbated so hard and spurted lots of loads. I was horny as fuck!

It was now time to plan something to seduce her. Two days later, I made a plan that when my maid Neeta starts cleaning the house, I will keep the bedroom door unlocked and shave my pubic hair!

I did as I had planned and as soon as I saw Neeta was about to enter my room, I took my pants off and started trimming my pubes. My housemaid opened the door and was dumbstruck seeing me.

I too pretended that I was unaware of her cleaning. Neeta gazed at my rock-hard cock for 2-3 seconds and then she closed the door. I went out wearing my pants and apologized.

I was nervous and excited. But my maid apologized and said that it was her fault that she didn’t knock. All the time, Neeta was blushing and had a smile on her face. She didn’t look into my eyes, instead, she stared at my crouch and then left after work.

My god, I just could not control and I masturbated again. For the next 2-3 days, I purposely was going in front of my maid and showing her my boner in pants but she pretended that she did not see it.

After 2 weeks, the day came for which I was eagerly waiting for. In the evening time when Neeta was cooking, I was in my towel acting to go for a bath. After she finished cooking, she went into the bathroom to fill the bucket with water.

As soon as my maid entered the bathroom, I too entered and acted as if I have slipped and let my towel fall. Now I was standing naked with a hard-on in front of Neeta.

Neeta was blushing and was confused not knowing what to do, but she had a wicked smile. I was high on lust and went near my maid and kept both my hands on her shoulder. She didn’t say a word. I slipped my hand down to her ass and pressed it. She pretended to stop me but she wanted it as well.

I started to kiss her lips and Neeta didn’t resist and so I got a positive response from her. I started to undo her salwar and she was rubbing my hard cock. She asked me that nothing will happen know?

I assured her and I put my hands on her wet underwear. I picked Neeta up and threw her on my bed she was panting a lot. We undressed each other and she started kissing and touching me everywhere.

My servant sucked my tongue, nipples, and then I got the best blowjob ever, which was even better than what my girlfriend gave me. She even licked my balls. I returned the favor by licking and pressing Neeta’s boobs.

Slowly, I moved down and licked her hairy cunt and she was on cloud nine. While licking her cunt, I rubbed her asshole which she enjoyed a lot.

I had some condoms stored as I regularly fucked my girlfriend. I put on a condom and started fucking my beautiful maid in missionary position. Neeta was enjoying every bit of my 7-inch dick.

Neeta was small and light. I picked her up pinned her to the wall, then held her legs in my arm and started fucking her.

After some time, we had an oral sex session and I came in her mouth. She licked every drop of cum from my dick.

Then I used another condom and fucked her in a missionary position and after cumming, we slept for 20-25 minutes naked together. Then she left with a big smile.

I was excited and was already planning for our next encounter. The next day in the evening, she was cooking. I went and stood behind her. She said, “Yesterday was the best day of my life,” I replied, “You can relive that day,” and I dropped my pants.

Then I stuck my hard lund to her ass and started rubbing. I pulled her and started kissing, our tongues were rolling over each other and saliva was dripping all over.

We were both loving the kinky kiss, I was loving her sweaty smell as it was taking my lust to another level. Again, I picked her up and took her to my bedroom and undressed.

I was ready for dirty and kinky sex. I was staring at her and she blushed and said, “I have never been romantically touched by my husband and was usually fucked without satisfaction.” Hearing this, I locked lips and licked her tongue.

All of a sudden, my maid pushed me and instructed me to lie down. As I lay down, Neeta came on top of me stroked my cock and then she started to give me a blowjob. She licked my dickhead and lightly bit it. I moaned in pleasure and she continued licking, sucking, and stroking my cock and played with my balls.

Again I came in her mouth and she drank it all. After finishing the blowjob, she touched my asshole and it tickled me.

Then I tried to get up and again she pushed me down and she got up and sat on my face. I started to lick her pussy and inserted my tongue in her hole. Neeta then was riding my tongue, my mouth was all wet and sticky which I was enjoying too much.

Now I rolled her and I was on top of her, we kissed for a while and I started to lick her body. I started with her toes, then her thighs, then her pussy again. It was salty and her pubic hairs were brushing against my face.

I lifted her up and started licking Neeta’s asshole, which surprised her and I was out of my control. She whispered that she loved me and pulled me towards her. I slept on top of her and kissed her again.

Neeta then rubbed my dick which was hard again and this time without any hesitation, I inserted my dick without any protection in her pussy and fucked her. She was totally submissive and didn’t even stop me to wear a condom.

I rammed the maid’s pussy like an animal and she was scratching my back and I kissed her with my tongue in her mouth. As I was about to cum, I asked her if it was ok if I cummed inside her. She said, “Bhaiya, it’s totally ok and you can do anything.” So I creampied in her pussy and all my load was dripping.

I made her lick my dick and she cleaned it very nicely. She left saying that she needs to take some ipills as we barebacked and had sex with a condom. I gave her some incentive for her great work.

We regularly have sex and we have mutual masturbation sessions frequently.

I hope my real story has made you all hard/wet. [email protected]

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