Exploring Hot Lesbian-selves – Part 1

I was tired, tired of waiting for the train that would take me back home in Mumbai. The train was expected to leave Bangalore station at 8 pm and reach my station, Yelahanka, at around 8.40 pm. It was roughly an hour and a half that I had been waiting for, but had no choice but to keep waiting for the train.

It was my first solo trip. I have had enough of the corporate shit and desperately needed some time off.

I wanted to wake up late, to just sit on the bed and look outside of the window, to breathe normally, to look at myself completely naked and not wear those formal clothes right after I came out of the shower. To just be myself! Things that I couldn’t have done on a regular ‘oh fuck, why do I have to work’ day.

I wandered possibly everywhere down south – forests, beaches, lakes, empty roads, and pubs. I did all that I wanted to keep my heart happy. I only craved one thing though – sex. At least once during the whole trip but nothing fell in place.

What if I had just approached some random stranger in the pub and got laid? It wasn’t a bad idea after all, but I was a sucker for intimacy – a sucker for passionate sex. Sex that would make you feel alive. Sex that would make you pant heavily, one that would make you drift into effortless sleep after it is done! I wanted that.

I always made sure it happened only that way. But that was back when I was in a relationship with a guy!

Not anymore right? Then why not? my mind said. No compromises girl! said my heart.

All these thoughts poured in while I waited and waited patiently for the train. It was a cold breezy night. So, I somehow didn’t mind.

I had worn a loose white shirt that had blue stripes on it. I had paired it with a black stretch pant, that fit me like a glove. It accentuated my firm round butt, the perfect one I chose every time I wanted people to stare at my swaying ass.

I wouldn’t lie. I loved pressing and squeezing my ass each time I felt horny. But I chose a loose shirt because I had the responsibility to hide my big round breasts. Also because I didn’t want people to enjoy it all. A little selfishness is fine, I think.

Hair let loose, straight, with a bit of curl at the end, round earrings, anklet on my right foot, standing a 5 ft 7 inch tall, I thought I was a bit over-dressed for the journey. But I was just taking a wild chance.

Maybe something would happen. Maybe it might just lead me to some passionate sex. It was a 2 tier AC coach, side berth, which had curtains to cover the seats. So, why not?

Just then, the train slowly arrived. I collected my luggage and was ready to storm in. The train stopped. I got in. There were people already on board, so maneuvering was a little tricky. I managed to steer through and find my seat. Hushhh.. I put my luggage beneath my seat and finally settled down.

I checked my surroundings. There was no one sharing seats with me. I looked to my right. There was a young guy and a young girl, possibly in their early 20s. Too young to be a married couple. I thought. But they seemed to be one. Was I too old at 27? I sighed.

Opposite to them was an old woman. 68 maybe? I thought. The train was pretty neat and well-maintained. I already had my pillow and bedspread waiting for me on my seat. I let my nerves and myself settle.

The train started to move. Aahh.. Finally. It was time to set my breasts free. It was time to remove them off their cage. I slid the curtains from end to end. Maybe I had left a bit of it uncovered at the other end. Nevermind, I thought to myself.

I stretched to my heart’s content. It made my top swirl up, revealing my deep navel and that thin waist chain.

I could have easily undone my bra from behind, putting my hands through the shirt. But I somehow thought it would rather be sexy to remove the top completely and then take the bra off. Just a secluded section of space can make one horny. Trust me on this, the mere thought of undressing myself in a train had initiated my horny train journey.

I started feeling sexy about myself. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, one at a time. Two from the bottom, exposing my navel and two from the top, exposing my cleavage. I let the center one be.

I looked at my reflection on the window beside. It was dark outside and the lights in the train just threw enough light to reflect my curves on the window screen. I pressed my breasts firmly and arched my back. I inserted a finger inside my deep navel and grinded it deep in. It felt really good. I opened my mouth slightly and let out a breath..Aahh!

I decided to lie down the same way. I wanted to feel my body – head to toe. I immersed myself into the sinful pleasure, sexual thoughts, and some sweet pain.

I just peeped out of the curtains a bit. Their compartment was completely covered. Perfect. I unfurled the bedsheet waist down and lied on my back. I spread the bottom and top of my shirt to reveal my navel and my bra-clad breasts.

I arched my back just enough for just my round ass to touch the cushions beneath. I inserted my index finger back into my navel and just kept digging deep in and grinding it. I loved starting with it. It is probably the most sexy yet underrated part of a woman’s body.

I pressed my breasts with my right hand over the bra, just soft enough for one to suck them for an eternity, firm enough to point right at them.

The moment started redefining pleasure for me. I kept pressing both my breasts ferociously as the sensations started to take control of me. I put my right leg over the left, close enough to feel the warmth of my clean-shaven pussy.

It was getting uncontrollable second after second. I started twisting and turning as I kept fondling my breasts. I had started to breathe heavily by now.

I undid my bra and the only button that was covering my breasts. They juggled and bounced as I set them free. I felt my breasts directly now. The smooth skin only made me hornier. My nipples were hard as fuck and wanted to be sucked right away.

I pushed one breast right up and started licking my nipples. Meanwhile, I slid my hand under the bedsheet over my trouser and started to rub my pussy. It was warm and wet.

I started swaying my ass up and down as my left hand pressed my melons and my right hand rubbed my pussy vigorously. I felt the need to feel all of my skin now. I slid down my trouser and completely removed them.

There I was lying completely naked in a moving train with just one piece of fabric covering my modesty and just one piece of fabric saving me from ogling eyes. But there was no stopping now.

I looked at myself. The pink floral transparent undergarment was completely soaked. I slid my finger into it. Fuck! Ecstasy. I gasped. I could feel all the wetness, definitely a spoonful.

Without wasting any more time, I collected them all with my index finger and licked it dry – divine nectar with the right amount of salts. I was going crazy. I inserted my finger into my love hole and started fingering myself. It slid in like a warm knife would slide over butter.

I kept fingering as if there was no tomorrow, as if I never ever had seen myself naked before. A few more minutes and I knew I would orgasm to death. I did not want it to end so soon. It was a long journey and I wanted this to last till I got down at Mumbai.

I slowed down but I was in no mood to stop. I slid my undie off my body. Fuck. How courageous could horny hormones make you? I thought.

I turned around and slept over my breasts. My nipples were crushed and they never felt happier before. I pulled the bedsheet over. It was time for me to love back what I loved the most – my soft round ass. I pressed them, squeezed them, and spread them apart till they couldn’t take it anymore.

I kept banging myself against the cushion seat beneath. I was about to explode. I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer. So, I rather decided to make it an unforgettable one.

I rubbed some wetness off my pussy and inserted a finger into my ass hole. Fuckkkkkkk, words can’t explain how I felt then. I kept swaying my hips up and down as I let my left hand press my breasts and the right to finger fuck my ass.

Things started to blackout. The ambient noises kept fading as I could feel my orgasm reaching its peak. I increased my speed and fingered myself vigorously, “Fuckkkkkkk. Ahhhhhh..Ahhh..” my body shuddered. One drop of tear flowed down my cheek as the floodgates were opened.

I lied there motionless, breathing heavily. I didn’t want to move. I could feel my eyes getting heavy. I slowly drifted to sleep. It must have been some 20-25 minutes, that was when I realized where I was. I quickly got up and peeped out of the curtains. Their screen was still shut. I heaved a sigh of relief.

I wanted to get dressed now. I started searching for my pantie. It was nowhere to be seen. I panicked. I put my shirt back on and wore the trouser without the pantie. I hid my bra underneath my pillow and opened the curtains.

I got up and turned around to search for my missing undergarment. Just then I felt someone walk behind me and spank my ass. I was taken aback and turned around.

There she was – a woman, dressed in a chiffon saree, hair tied in a bun, deep black eyes, luscious lips, slender hips, as tall as I was, staring right back at me without any inhibition and a wicked smile.

She held my head, brought it close to hers and handed me a piece of fabric as I kept starring at her smitten by her looks and her smell. She came near my ear and whispered, “What a hot piece of meat you are, woman!”

Saying this, she just walked away from me towards the door of the compartment. I kept starring at her round and sexily swaying ass as she turned around and winked. “Fuck”, I whispered. I finally looked at what she handed over to me – my pink pantie!

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