Exploring Sex With Shikha

Hey guys! It’s me, Akshata, back once again, exploring sex stories. Yes, I know it’s been quite a while. But trust me, it only gladdens me to know that some of you still remember me and that you read my stories and appreciated them.

That is the only reason that inspired me to write again and share another erotic episode of my life with you. This one happened sometime during the decline of the first lockdown. Cases were less and hence, public places were still open, albeit with some restrictions.

I had been in my apartment for months, staying safe. But that day, I just needed a break. Mental, emotional, and sexual cravings were already taking their toll on me, and I needed to vent out in some manner. So, I called up my trusted bestie, Shikha, and asked her if she’d want to go clubbing with me in the night.

“Sure, babe! Why not! Even I’m tired of staying at home all the time!”

“Cool!” I said. “So, we are meeting at Atrium at 9, okay?”

“Yep, see you there, sexy!” she said, full of excitement. We often used to call each other things like sexy, hottie, and babe. And to be honest with you, we actually did think so about each other. I mean, we aren’t homosexual, but we knew we were hot.

At least that’s what we thought of each other. Shikha was 5’6,” fair, athletic, super smooth skin, had dreamy eyes and full, luscious lips. I am sure we both gave lots of guys in our group many hard-ons and fantasies to jerk off to. And she was a great person to be with. Funny, honest, and intelligent.

Hell, if I were a lesbian, she’d be taken a long time back!

So, around 9, I reached Atrium. I was decked up in one of my favorite sleeveless black dresses, which showed a little cleavage. It was also a little transparent. It meant my black bra, which housed my boobs were also on subtle display. If you stared for more than 10 seconds, you could see my boobs!

My hair was open and resting a little below my shoulders. With minimal makeup, I was comfortable and ready to dance the night away. Little did I know that the night had much more in store for me.

Shikha reached 5-10 minutes after me, and we met at the entry door. We hugged each other. She looked like her usual hot self. Wearing skin-hugging blue jeans and an orange one off-shoulder top, she looked sexy as hell! We grabbed hands and joined the line, ready to be punched in.

As we entered the club, the sound of electronic dance music filled our ears. The crowd was not full capacity, and people were cautious about maintaining social distancing and dancing in their small groups. The dim and moody lighting set the tone perfectly.

I instantly felt relaxed. We grabbed a table and ordered some drinks.

“Man! I needed this! Feels so good!” I said as I sunk into the comfortable sofa.

“Yeah! Feels like years since we stepped out, isn’t it?” Shikha said.

“Totally! I am going to get drunk and dance the night away! Who knows when we’d be able to do this again! You’ll take care of me, na?” I said as I winked at her.

“Yes, of course! That is my life purpose, isn’t it? To be there for Akshata and make sure she doesn’t get all sleazy and end up in some guy’s bed after she gets drunk!” Shikha replied sarcastically.

“Shut up! You’re making me sound like some whore! When do you remember me ending up in any guy’s bed?”

“I don’t. And that’s because I was always around to stop it from happening. So you have ended up in my bed that’s completely different than ending up in a guy’s bed!” she replied as she laughed.

“Hmmm….maybe I should have done things with you in bed!” I replied.

“Maybe I have done things with you already. But, how would you know, your ass used to pass out the moment you lay on my bed!” Shikha winked at me.

“Ae! Shut up!” I said, bursting out laughing and hitting her mockingly.

This was the kind of fun we both used to have. Our chemistry was like that. Soon, our drinks arrived. We cheered to each other and started gulping them down like water. After the 5th shot, I could feel myself getting lightheaded and more relaxed. I grabbed Shikha’s hand.

“Come on! Let’s dance!” I said as I led her towards the dance floor.

“Already? Are you sure? Do you want to sit for a while?” she asked.

“No, man! We didn’t come here to sit, did we? Let’s dance, come on!”

I led her towards the center of the dance floor. The space was empty. We started dancing. Shikha started by just moving around casually. But I was in no mood for that kind of dancing. I was ready to rock! I started gyrating, shaking my hips, swinging my hair, and involving her.

Soon enough, we grabbed the attention of some nearby groups. I didn’t care what they thought or that they were staring at us. I was having fun.

“Umm, dude…people are staring at us,” Shikha said, a little consciously.

“Hey! Fuck them! Who cares?! It’s just me and you that’s all that matters to me. I couldn’t give two hoots about the others!” I replied loudly as I kept dancing. Yep, I was happy high, and I knew it.

Soon, Shikha got comfortable, too, and matched my groove. We were grinding, swaying, shaking, and dancing within inches of each other. The DJ was playing some amazing songs. As he went into a slow R&B number, I rested my back against Shikha and swayed to the slow beat.

Her face was just above my shoulder and her hands firmly on my waist.

“This feels good, right?” Shikha whispered in my ear.

“So good! I love it. I love you, babe,” I said as I grabbed Shikha’s hand on my waist. I intertwined my hands with her. I closed my eyes and rested on her. She planted a little kiss on my shoulder.

“Mmmm…that felt good. Do it again, babe,” I said.

Shikha kissed me on the shoulder again, this time with more passion. I could feel her tongue. I moaned lightly. Her grip around my waist tightened. I opened my eyes and looked back at her. I saw her smile and look right back at me. I knew those were eyes I could trust. I smiled back.

She came closer to me, and in seconds, there was no gap between us. Our lips met. First briefly, then for a longer duration. Soon, we were kissing passionately. Our eyes closed, and our moans got louder. She turned me around to face her. I wrapped my arms around her neck as she pulled me in.

We smooched. Our tongues started playing with each other as I moaned with my eyes closed. It was so natural, so smooth, so effortless. We knew just what we liked. Her hands grabbed my ass and squeezed it, making me hornier.

As we broke apart, we looked into each other’s eyes. We were not saying a word verbally but saying so much more through just our look. I grabbed her hand and led her away from the dance floor. She followed like a child being led by her mom.

We got out of the club and headed towards the basement and the dark parking lot. Finding a suitable spot towards one of the corners, Shikha stopped and pushed me gently towards a pillar. My breathing got faster. She came up to me and kissed me passionately. This time, I let go too.

We made out like wild animals, moaning and sucking every inch of each other’s lips and tongues. Soon, her lips headed down towards my neck. She licked my neck in one clean swoop. She kissed my shoulders again and bit my ear. She unzipped my dress and started stripping me.

As my dress fell in one swift motion, I hugged her as she unhooked my bra. She looked at my boobies and fondled them. She looked at me as if asking me for permission to enjoy them. She didn’t need it. I nodded slightly, looking at her straight in the eye.

She pounced on my boobs and started devouring them, biting, kissing, sucking, and squeezing them to the fullest. I was in sexual nirvana as I let her enjoy them. I caressed her hair and pulled her in more as she sucked them off. She then raised my arms and did something unbelievably kinky and sexy.

She sniffed my underarms and started licking them clean. I wasn’t expecting it, but it only turned me on even more. I surrendered to her tongue as she dutifully licked them clean. Her lips then made their way further down to my stomach and waist as she kissed and licked me hungrily.

Clearly, the pent-up emotions and the unsaid love between us were manifesting themselves. I could only moan and enjoy her touch as she wolfed on my navel and bit my waist.

“Ssssss…aaahh! Shikha….yeah!” I mumbled.

“I have waited for this for far too long! Fuck, you’re so hot!” Shikha replied as she circled her tongue on my navel.

“Aaah, yes, I want this too, babe! Fuck! Don’t stop,” I replied.

Then she split my legs slightly apart. She ran her fingers through my inner thighs as I shivered. I had been getting wetter since the moment she had started feasting on me. Now, my black panty was soaking wet. She felt it and soon took it off. She sniffed it and put it down.

I was now stark naked with my bestie. My pussy had a little bush around it. She brushed my pubes and looked at me. She knew what I wanted. She kissed my pussy lips gently and then dug her face into it as she started sucking my juices viciously. I felt my legs melt as I was lost in a sexual trance.

I just grabbed her hair and allowed her to enjoy it. She ate me out aggressively. I don’t think a guy could have done it better. She started stripping herself as she was eating me. Soon, I came into her mouth. She came up to give me a taste. We smooched. We were sweating, and the heat was only heating more.

Now it was my turn. Being owned by her saliva, I gave her the same treatment that she gave me. I kissed, sucked, and licked her everywhere. As I went down to eat her pussy, she stopped me.

“Wait. Let’s get into a 69 position. I don’t think I can resist your pussy for this long,” she said as she gasped for breath. We lay down on the floor beside a car—me on top of her. Our naked bodies were full of sweat, and much like the sweat, our bodies intertwined and mixed.

We started eating each other out furiously. Thankfully, the parking lot was empty or else. People would have heard our moans and gotten quite a show to see. We spanked each other as we licked each other’s pussies. It was so intense!

“Baby, I’m gonna cum,” Shikha whispered to me.

“Wait,” I said.

We broke out of our 69 position, and I started scissoring her. Our lubricated pussies rubbed perfectly with each other as we looked at each other, our lusty expressions saying it all. I kissed her as we rubbed against each other. Soon, she was about to cum.

As she came, we hugged each other tightly, rubbing each other’s bodies and kissing each other’s backs. We kept hugging for a while after we climaxed. We were spent on each other.

“I love you! I love you so much, my baby! You’re my baby!” I told Shikha.

“I love you more, jaan! We will never grow apart. I’ll always be there for you. I promise,” she replied, kissing my body.

“Please, baby, please don’t leave me ever! I’ll be there for you too! Always!”

We lay down and snuggled for a while. Then, as we dressed up to leave, we walked out together with our hands intertwined. We were closer than ever after our first-time lesbian experience. This wasn’t a life decision that we made.

We weren’t going lesbo, but this was great! I had my expectations set for the guy who’d have me next. He just had to be better than Shikha, or it wouldn’t be worth it.

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