Room Number 29

This is a true story of my friend that I had the pleasure of putting into words. She narrated it to me and asked me to publish as I have publihed other stories. Hope you people like what happened in room number 29.

I still remember that wonderful night. Those were our last days in college. My friends and I went to meet our juniors in our hostel. My reason was going to meet Lalli. Ever since I broke up with my boyfriend and my sex life took a hit, I’ve been thinking about her.

She had curves that reminded me of a river flowing through the jungle. God knows what I had planned to do with those curves once I got them into my hands. She was my junior, but something about her wanted me to submit myself to her.

We entered the room, and there she was, clad in night pajamas and playing with my imagination. I stopped myself, but my eyes were not listening to me. They were busy stripping down her item after item till she was bare before me. I could clearly see her naked hips swaying.

She came towards me to take me to heaven. Lalli noticed me hungrily watching her, and her facial expression was enough to tell me that she understood everything. We talked, and I distracted myself for a while. Finally, it was time to say my goodbyes.

I was going to stay away from her for the night, away from that perfect body. I went towards her and hugged her. The hug had two screams. One scream meant that I was going to miss her and another that I wanted her to fuck me then and there. I left the room. I didn’t want to kiss her in front of everyone.

My friends and I started talking about different stuff and finally found solace in our phones. I was horny. The many times of sex I had with my boyfriend in different places and positions started to flood my mind. I missed it badly. I couldn’t stop myself and texted her.

She started talking formally, and I hated that. I wanted that woman. I wanted her to talk dirty to me, to take me to heaven, and here she was, chatting with me as if I was some stranger. We were talking nonsense for a while, and I slipped. I told her that I missed her and I had other plans for her.

That was a grave mistake from my side. She persisted in knowing what I really meant. I loved that she dominated the conversation. In no time, I was telling her what she wanted to know. I told her everything. How much I craved and the stuff I wanted to do with her. She heard it.

She said, “Let’s do it tonight.” Something hit me. This girl, my junior, was now controlling me. Controlling how my pussy is going to get wet for her.

“It’s not possible, where, how, and when? Also, you are not joking, right?” I yelled in the chat.

“No, I’m not. There’s no one at the top and let’s do it there.” Damn, I loved this side of her.

“What are you going to do?” I added a wink emoji at the end, and that was my mistake. She took control, and I was going to bend in any way for her. She told me how her lips are going to kiss and suck on the side of my neck. How she is going to give me bite marks.

She teased me, playing with my imagination, on how she will hold my boobs in her hand and give them a gentle squeeze. Her soft hands cupping my boobs. That image in my mind made my legs spread by themselves. Thankfully, I was under a bedsheet for my friends to notice anything.

I wanted her to squeeze me, pinch my nipples and make me squirm on the bed for her. My breathing got heavy already, and this girl was just texting with me. She told me how she wanted to eat my ass, bite it and lick it like a lollipop. She changed the topic from my ass to going down on her.

She asked me to come with her after everyone’s asleep. If she had continued any longer, I would have ruined my sheets just thinking about her curves. I nodded like a doll and went outside.

She was waiting for me. The entire vibe changed about her. She was not looking like a junior but someone who had my body under control. That was so fucking hot. We went up and did a recon. There was a room, an empty room. But it was messy, and the beds had no mattresses.

She took the lead, and I stood there waiting for her to undress me and fuck her. She asked me to bring pillows and bedsheets while she went down to bring her quilt. We came back, and we made a nice little cozy bed for ourselves. I did not have the guts to initiate it.

I started talking about my ex-boyfriend, of my tragic past. She consoled me, and her way to do it was to kiss me. She took my face into her palms, and our lips brushed against each other. I was in ecstasy. This was my first time lesbian expeience ever, and being with a woman was so good.

Our lips started devouring each other while my entire body ached for her lips. It was a good five minutes by the time I opened my eyes and came back to this world. My hot breath was falling down onto her chest and traveling down her cleavage. I couldn’t wait any longer, and I held her waist.

She looked at me in surprise. I wasted no time tracing my fingers all over her curves. Going up to her beautiful breasts and holding that waist again. That was not enough for me. I used my lips to taste her, and she felt amazing. I was sucking her body with my lips, and then she took charge.

She grabbed my top and lifted it off of me. I was in my bra before her. She tilted her head and kissed my neck. Shivers ran down my spine as her wet lips touched my skin. She started kissing all over my neck, going down to my collar bone, and started tracing it. My panties were getting soaked with her actions.

She took my back and unhooked my bra. My breasts were now exposed, and they were sweaty with excitement. She took them into her hands. I started moaning. No one made me moan this good. They were moans of desire, of my sexual frustration finally going out of my body.

She held one of my breasts in one hand while she took the other in her mouth. I lay there moaning and whimpering like her whore, as she sucked me and squeezed me. All hell broke loose when she started pinching and rubbing my nipples between her fingertips.

It was a surprise that no one heard the screams that were coming out of my mouth. I lost control and was dripping like a fountain. It was winter, and we were on the top floor of the hostel. She brought the quilt over our heads and went down on me.

I put my hands on the bed and braced myself for the surge of pleasure. I still remember how her tongue felt on my clit. They say that the clit has 8000 nerve endings. I came to know that day how much pleasure they can generate. She did not lick my clit directly.

She put her tongue just below and it and started licking faster and harder. The feeling was amazing. I couldn’t speak. My hands grabbed the sheets, and I moaned at the top of my lungs. She continued doing it. She loved having control over me, having that power over my body.

She licked it for a while and did the thing I’ve always wanted, her fingers in me. They were so slender and felt like they were made for pleasure. She inserted them into me, and I spread my legs wide for her. She started fingering me faster and harder while she played with my clit.

I was leaking like a tap. Moaning, screaming, and squirming on the bed as she added another finger into my pussy and stretched me. I was ready to do anything for her. She did it for a while, and I couldn’t stop myself. I took her towards me and started kissing her.

I took off her bra and bent down, and sucked her boobs like a baby. She closed her eyes, tilting her head back. She breathed heavily onto me while she combed my hair. I felt like a baby, and I sucked her like one. She might have wanted to make me feel more submissive. She turned me around and made me lie down.

Like she said in the chat, she went straight for my ass and spanked it hard. Fuck, it was so painful and so good. My ass wiggled for sometime before getting spanked again by her. The thought of my ass having the imprint of her hands made me bite my lips.

Her lips touched my ass cheeks, and I bit the pillow. The bedsheet was already half soaked with me. She sucked on it, kept spanking it, and finally bit me. A different kind of moan escaped me. I was surprised at the extent of pleasure that she had given me. She turned me around and put her hand under my hip.

She grabbed my ass and slid two fingers into me at once. I screamed instantly, and she started licking me. It was so good. She was going wild. I loved the fucking animal she was. Her fingers were moving so fast. My body squirmed. An uneasiness grew in me, and it was going to come out.

I twisted and turned on the bed, and all of a sudden, I cummed. I squirted all over the sheets, and she was able to escape just in time. I lay there panting, and she came forward. We threw the sheets away, and the cold wind hit me.

I got on top of her and lay on her naked chest, on those heavenly breasts. She caressed my hair, and I felt warm and satisfied after a long time. It was time to go.

“Please, stay with me. I want this again,” I asked her. I lost all inhibitions and got addicted to her. She smiled. “I’ll be with you again. Let’s do it every time we meet.” That was enough for me.

The bedsheets were irrecoverable. Laundry won’t set them right. We threw them away and went back to her room. I slept in the arms of the girl from the hostel with a satisfied smile on my lips.

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