Fun Filled Friday Night With Colleague

Hello, Readers, my name is John. This is my story which happened recently. I work in an IT firm and usually I work in the US shift, which is from 5:30 pm to 2:30 am IST. So, after my office hours, I came to the parking lot and found that it was raining heavily.

It was around 3:15 am and all the office cabs had left. As it was a Friday night most people in my office come by themselves. So, I went to the travel desk and found that the next round of cabs will be available at 8 in the morning. As there was nothing much to do I thought of going home in an Ola.

I started searching for the cab. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any cab at that time. Then one of my office colleague Priyanka (name changed) who was also my cab mate came out of the parking lot. She found me waiting at the travel desk.

P: Did you miss the cab?

Me: Yes, I was occupied by my work and did not notice the time. It was already 3:15 when I came out to board the cab.

P: Ok, no problem. As even I go in the same route you can come with me on my bike till there. You can book a cab from there. You can save money and I will not get bored.

Me: Ok, but it is raining heavily outside. We will start once it stops raining.

P: OK, we will wait until it stops raining.

After 20 minutes, it stopped raining and so we started. I was sitting behind her. She was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and jeans. I could see her bra strapline. After about 5-10 minutes, it started raining heavily again. Even before we stopped for shelter, we were completely wet.

We stopped near a bus shelter and waited for 15 minutes. But the rain was not backing out.

P: This rain is not going to stop. We will start and reach my place and then you can book a cab from there.

Me: Yeah, even I feel the same.

So, we started and reached her place and we were completely wet. We stopped near her apartment. I started searching for the cabs but it was of no use. Even after searching for 10-15 minutes no cabs were available. It is around 7-8 km from her place to my home.

P: At least come to my room and dry yourself until you find a cab. Mostly you won’t find a cab until the rain stops.

So, I called home and informed that I missed my cab. I would be staying at my friend s place and would be home in the morning. So we started climbing the stairs as there was no lift in that building. She stays on the 2nd floor. When we were almost about to reach the 2nd floor, there was loud thunder.

She was frightened and she slipped and fell down. She slid all the steps till the first floor and stopped there. She slipped so badly that she hurt her knees and back. I immediately rushed near her to help her. But she was in immense pain and she had swelling on both the knees.

So, I helped her but she was unable to stand. So I lifted her and took her to her apartment. I made her sit on the chair and then dried her head as she was all wet. She also had slight bruises on her elbows. Then she told me to dry myself and she gave me her brother’s shorts and a t-shirt which were a bit tight for me.

I went into the washroom and had a bath with hot water. I changed into shorts and a t-shirt. Then again, I went near the bedroom and opened the door. But she was changing her top and I saw her completely naked. She shouted saying close the door. I was frightened and closed the door and sat in the hall.

Then she called me by my name. I went near the door and asked her can I come in.

P: Come in, you have already seen me naked. What is left to ask?

Me: I am sorry I did not know that you were changing.

P: That’s ok. I called you so many times but you were in the bathroom at that time. So I changed just by closing the door. Anyway, it was not your mistake.

Me: Oh, but I am really sorry. I should have knocked on the door.

P: It’s Ok You have already seen me. Even if you say sorry nothing is going to change. But don’t tell this to anyone.

Me: I won’t tell anyone. It will be between you and me.

P: OK, but why are you standing? Come and sit.

I went and sat on the bed and she was sitting on the chair. She told that she wants to take rest as her back was hurting a lot. I helped her to sleep on the bed. I sat on the chair beside the bed. She was in immense pain. So I asked her if she has Moov or Volini which I can spray on her back,

But she has none of them. She had only Zandu balm at her place. I tried to massage her back with Zandu balm by sitting beside the bed. But it was of no use. So I went into the kitchen and heated coconut oil. I came back to the bedroom and kept the oil on the chair.

I was above her in such a way that I kept both my knees on either side of her hips. I applied the oil on her back with Zandu balm. She was kind of relieved. Due to all this action, my dick was enlarged and was touching her ass. Slowly it enlarged to its full length and it was poking her.

I stopped massaging and sat on the chair. She turned her head towards me immediately asked

P: Why did you stop massaging?

I tried to cover my erection but it was of no use. She understood but did not say anything. (She told this to me later)

P: Please massage me for some more time. It’s hurting a lot.

After saying this she removed her top and she was in her bra. I was confused and asked, “Why did you remove your top?”

P: It even hurts on my shoulders. So please don’t mind and please just apply some oil and massage it too.

So, I went back to my previous position. Now I was sitting on her ass and applied oil. I massaged her back and then her shoulders. While doing it I told her that her bra strap was coming in between while massaging. She told me to unhook her bra and massage.

I did the same and I massaged her. After about 5 minutes she told me to stop. She turned and was facing up. I was still on her and now I was just inches away from her belly. As I had unhooked her bra when she turned, she left her bra beneath her.

She was showing her breasts. I stopped and did not move from there. She then opened her eyes. She took both my hands and kept them on her breasts. I didn’t say a single word and started massaging her breasts. After about 2 minutes she caught my dick and started massaging it over my shorts.

My dick was erect to its full size. She then slowly moved my short down and caught my dick in her hand. After stroking for some time she told me to come close so that she can suck my dick. I was still above her and my dick was in her mouth. She licked every inch of my dick and gave me the best blowjob.

As I was about to climax I caught hold of her head and gave a few strokes. I told her that I was cuming. She took it completely and I ejected in her mouth. And after that, I was drained and fell beside her for some time. We kissed each other. I forgot to tell you she was 25 years of age and she has stats of 30-26-30

After kissing each other she told me to massage her lower body as well. Then I came back to my senses. I removed her shorts and found that her panty was all wet due to the massage and foreplay. I told her to turn back and slowly started massaging her legs.

1st I started with her calf and then went to her thighs. After massaging her thighs without asking or telling her I removed her panty. I smelled it. She saw me while I was smelling her panty and laughed out loud.

Me: why are you laughing.

P: When you have the open pussy in front of you, you are smelling my panty. So I laughed out loud.

I told her that I was smelling her pre-cum. Then I started massaging her ass. When I was massaging her ass, I poured a bit of oil on her ass and it slid from ass to pussy. After some time I told her to turn. Then I massaged the front part of her thighs. But I did not massage her inner thighs.

After a gap of 2 minutes, I split her thighs and lifted a bit. I now had access to her inner thighs. I slowly started massaging and I could see her pussy shining due to her precum. At last, I poured a bit of warm oil on her pussy and started massaging her. She was completely out of the world.

She closed her eyes tightly and was enjoying the pleasure. After massaging her for 5 more minutes, I dipped my middle finger in the warm oil. I made circular motions on her pussy lips and inserted in her pussy in one stroke. She gasped and she was really tight.

After fingering her for some time she told that she was about to cum. So I stopped and just left my middle finger in her pussy for some time. Then I started fingering fucking her again. When she told that she is going to cum, I stopped and left my finger inside her pussy.

I did this 3 times and then I fingered her vigorously. She exploded heavily and she was fully tired. (Try this, stop fingering when she is about to cum) Then I kept my dick at the entrance of her pussy and started rubbing. I was regretting that I did not carry condom at that time.

Then she pushed me to the side and she came on me. She slowly started rubbing my dick on her pussy and inserted my dick in one go. It went on as the hot knife goes through the butter. She told that just go with the flow and she will have pregnancy tablets later.

After hearing that I was happy. I turned her to missionary position and slowly gave strokes. She was moving so vigorously. Due to this, I cum quickly. When I cummed she again came back on me and started jumping in cowgirl position. But she was not in a mood to stop even if I say that I had cummed.

So after about 2 minutes, we both had cummed at the same time. She fell on me and my dick was still in her pussy. Due to all this, we were sweating heavily. Then I switched on the AC and she slept on me. After about 2-3 minutes I could feel that my dick was coming out of her pussy as her pussy was contracting.

But she was so tired that she did not move and she dozed off to sleep on me. Even I slept with her on me and dozed off to sleep. When I woke up, it was 10 in the morning. I found that we were covered in a blanket. She was still on me and she was still sleeping.

I got to know later that she woke up in the middle of the night to switch off the AC as it was too cold. As she did not find the remote, she covered us with a blanket. She slept on me again.

So, I slowly moved her head and kissed on her forehead. I moved her to the bed and left her to sleep. I went and cleaned. When I came out of the bathroom, she was still sleeping. So I sat beside her naked and was checking my phone. Then she opened her eyes and found me sitting beside her.

P: When did you wake up?

Me: 15 minutes back.

P: I feel so tired.

Me: So how are you feeling now? And how is your back?

I checked her back and found that swelling has reduced but she still had pain.

Me: The best medication was given last night and all your pains will be reduced.

I started smiling. She sat up on the bed.

P: The medication was for last night and I need my morning dose.

Me: Then I bent towards her and kissed her.

I was sitting on the bed by stretching my legs straight. She came and sat on me and we kissed again. This was our longest kiss and we both were out of breath. We broke the kiss and took a long breath and started kissing again, While kissing her, her nipples were erect. So I was slowly pinching her nipples.

After this, I lifted her and placed her on the corner of the bed. I placed my dick at the entrance and looked into her eyes. I kissed her and slowly pushed my dick. I initially gave small and slow strokes and then gave a few hard strokes. We again cummed at the same time.

I still kept my dick inside her. She was feeling really good when my dick was still inside her. So I lifted her again and lay on the bed for some time. She was above me. As we were in bed, we kissed so many times. She was still sleeping on my chest.

After this, we had a bath together but did not have sex in the shower as we were tired. But she told that whenever we meet for sex the next time, we will have sex in the bathtub and in the shower. After taking bath I wore my clothes and kissed her and left for my place.

Any girls, ladies or women who need physical help I can help you out. And privacy is given utmost importance. You can contact me on [email protected].  My name is John and signing off for now.

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