Bengali Housewife Approves My Dick For Fucking

Hello everyone, it’s me Sunny again. I got a good response to my last story, “Sex with a stranger” so I decided I will write about another real story that happened in my life a few days ago.

During the lockdown period, I was feeling quite horny. One day I registered myself on an adult dating site. A few days later, I got a message from a Bengali housewife who said she was interested in my profile and wanted to see my naked pics.

I got aroused by her proposal and took a few pics with me just wearing my underpants but with my cock throbbing inside and sent it to her.

The Bengali housewife said that she was turned on by seeing my bulge and wanted to see to my junk! So, I masturbated a little to get my boy down there to stand in attention and then took some pictures again and sent them to her.

She came back after an hour asking me if I could talk to her husband. I was like…WTF? Why does she want me to talk to her husband?

But anyway, I said, “Okay.”

Then the husband called and we spoke. The Bengali housewife’s husband said that he wanted me to fuck his wife! This was how I was introduced to this cuckold Bengali couple.

The following sexcapade is an illustration of what happened thereafter.

So, on a fixed date, I was asked to come to cuckold couple’s house. During those days the lockdown was just lifted and vehicles were scarcely available for travel.

I went to their house and the couple welcomed me. Her mother-in-law was also staying in the house, so the guy said, “You have to fuck my wife in a room upstairs, while I will keep my mother busy downstairs.”

They introduced me to the old lady as a yoga instructor.

Now, let me introduce you to the heroine of the story – the sexy Bengali housewife. Her name was Rumpa. Her age was 34 and she was having a chubby figure, with huge boobs (around 36) and a plump ass. I would call that figure a ‘dick magnet!’

The cuckold Bengali wife came close to me and gave me a hug. I asked her, “Why did your husband want me to fuck you?”

Rumpa replied, “It is his fantasy.”

They were trying this for the first time, and she was completely ready to fulfill her hubby’s fantasy. Then she asked me to give her an oil massage to start with.

I undid her saree, blouse, and petticoat and made her lie on her belly with just her bra and panty. She showed me where the oil was, so I got into the massage business.

I started massaging the Bengali housewife’s foot to which she started to moan lightly. Then I went up her legs. I noticed that her muscles were taut, maybe stressed out because of doing household chores.

After some time, the wife started to relax a bit and I saw a wet patch on her panty. This invoked the wild animal inside me and I ripped open her bra and took off her panty.

My mouth began to water seeing the red lips of the married Bengali lady’s pussy peeking from the black bush. I made her lie on the back, and made myself sit close to her pussy.

I took both her legs and made them rest on my shoulders. She was spreading her legs. I started to gently massage her panty line. The wife started licking and biting her lips. I got the signal and started smooching her.

We were kissing passionately when I felt someone was watching us from behind the half-closed door. I was aroused enough to overlook it and continued.

The horny Bengali married woman started to push her tongue inside my mouth and play with my tongue. This was very pleasing and my dick was throbbing inside my pants. I undressed quickly to free my dick.

Then I started to kiss her down her neck and then her boobs. I was cupping her boobs, pressing them from the side, pinching the nipples, running my index finger on her areola.

Suddenly, she grabbed my head by my hair and pushed her right nipple inside my mouth and said in Bengali, “Chosa mar bota chuse lal kore de,” (Suck nipple until it turns red.)

While sucking the Bengali housewife’s boobs, I inserted two fingers in her pussy which was already wet and the inside of her pussy was like molten lava, very warm.

With my middle and ring finger, I started stimulating her g-spot and with my thumb I was rubbing her clitoris. She was swearing in pleasure, “Chod amake, amrgud a tor bara dhukiye thap de.”(Fuck me, put your rod inside my hole and fuck me wild).

Soon after the stimulation of the desi housewife pussy, she was crying and moaning at the same time. Then she told me that she was going to come.

Before I could react, the wife squirted a heavy stream of white liquid with all her force on my body. It seemed while the liquid was coming out, she was having an orgasm and was enjoying it.

After her squirt stopped, her legs started shaking. I took her to the end of the bed, made myself sit on the ground, took both her legs on my shoulders, and started licking the liquid residues dripping off her pussy.

I spread the housewife’s pussy lips and was running my tongue on the red muscles inside her pussy. She was shivering in pleasure and asked me to continue. She said that she never received cunnilingus before, so this was a great experience for her.

I inserted two fingers in her pussy and started finger fucking and tongue fucking her simultaneously. Soon, she came again, this time all over my face and inside my mouth.

The Bengali housewife got down from the bed and knelt before me. She said she liked my 6 inches dick a lot as the head of my dick is big, like a mushroom.

Rumpa was playing with my foreskin. Pulling my foreskin all the way back exposing the dickhead and then closing it again and repeatedly, she said, “Tuki..tuki” (which is a Bengalis saying used while playing hide and seek.)

I was on cloud 9, while she was playing hide-and-seek with my dick-head and my dick got very hard. I felt her warm saliva on my dick and opened my eyes to see that she was giving me a blowjob. Man, that was one of the greatest sucking I ever received!

The sexy Bengali housewife was sucking my dick so hard, and almost creating a vacuum inside her mouth. All the cum inside my balls was following gravity, traveling towards a region of low pressure i.e. her vacuumed mouth. (Okay, that was a physics joke, for those of you who didn’t understand, can ignore it.)

After the sucking, I came inside her mouth and Rumpa drank every drop of it. For some time we lay on the bed, smooching. I was sucking the wife’s boobs and she was kissing my chest.

Then the Bengali housewife inserted a finger inside my asshole and started stimulating my prostate. I got hard again, and it was time to fuck her brains out.

I made her lie on the bed in a missionary position and with one hard push, my dick dived into the depths of the vagina. She gasped.

All that I remembered next was that I was pounding her pussy like a wild dog! I was fucking her as if my life depends on it. Soon, I reached climax again, but I pulled out of her.

I relaxed a bit by taking deep breaths. But the horny Bengali housewife was in no mood to stop! She grabbed my dick and slid it inside her slippery cunt. Then I started pounding her wildly again.

The “Thap! Thap!” sound of our thighs striking against each other and her moaning would make anyone aroused. Rumpa started screaming loudly and dug her nails into my back.

For a moment, Rumpa’s mouth was wide open and she had stopped breathing. I was like WTF happened and a few seconds after that she shoots all her warm liquid on my dick.

The warm feeling of her cum made me cum too. I shot my jizz inside her and collapsed on her boobs. She took out some mixed juices from inside her pussy and rubbed it on both of her nipples in honor of the great sex that we just had.

We got dressed and came out of the room. While leaving, her husband, whose name was Amit, told me that he had watched us fucking, from behind the opened door, and he liked it.

The cuckold husband gave me 500 bucks to enjoy, although I repeatedly said, “I don’t need any money.”

I bought two beers on my way back home, to chill and reflect on the events that happened that evening.

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