A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 29 (Kamala’s Trap And Manjima’s Angel)

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For the next few days, Kamala was never involved in any suspicious acts. She even started playing nice to Manjima. One day Kamala was wearing all saffron saree, and she looked more devotional.

Manjima asked her about it.  She replied that she is going to be a devotee. She will never involve herself in any shameful activities anymore. Manjima didn’t buy it at first. But Kamala’s acts were more convincing as the days went by.

Kamala started waking up early and never missed a day to go to the temple. She started speaking to others in a very calm and smooth tone. Manjima finally decided that she is real and not fake.

It was days before the exams. Manjima was studying while sitting on the terrace. Kamala saw her and asked her why she was so tensed. Manjima replied that she couldn’t concentrate on her studies. Kamala told her that she knew a Kali temple near the outskirts of the town, which will help her do well in exams.

Kamala also told her that she’d go and get the prasad from the temple for her better performance.  Manjima saw her being so kind to her. The next day on the day of the exam, Kamala handed over the vibhuti to Manjima. She asked her to rub it on her forehead as it will help her score more.

Manjima did so, and she went to write her exam. As expected, she did her exams very well.  She returned home and thanked Kamala for being kind and helpful to her. The exam vacation started. Manjima and Kamala became very friendly over time.

One day, Kamala told Manjima that she is going to that Kali temple the next day. She will be making a few religious offerings to Kali and also asked Manjima to join her. Manjima agreed to come along with her.

Manjima was asked to wear the same saffron saree that Kamala gave her. She asked her to bring a new dress set as they will be bathing in the nearby sacred brook. It sounded very fun to Manjima, and she agreed. They both took public transport to reach the place.

Manjima found it was a remote area. Just the two of them got down from the bus. Kamala told her that they had to walk for 1 km to reach the temple. Then both started walking. Finally, they reached the temple. It was situated in the middle of the forest.

There were two to three women, and there wasn’t even a priest in the temple. It was a very small temple surrounded by thorns and bushes. They both prayed with devotion for 10 minutes. The other women in the temple went away. Now it was just the two inside the temple.

After they prayed, Kamala led her into a forest path. As Manjima walked further, she heard the sound of the brook. They both reached the brook. It was a lovely sight. A thick forest surrounded the brook. There was no one but the two. The birds chirping felt like music.

Manjima for a second lost in nature. The brook’s speed was slow, and there were big rocks around it. Kamala placed her belongings and bag under a tree and asked Manjima to do the same. Kamala slowly walked into the shallow water into a little deep area where the water was up to her shoulder.

She looked back and asked Manjima to join her. Manjima was a little hesitant. She looked around, and then she also walked towards Kamala. Both smiled at each other. They both held their hands and dug into the water to wet their heads.

Manjima liked it very much, and she started playing with the water. She felt so alive. Kamala was watching her with a smile. Then Kamala came out of the water to take some shikakai to wash her hair. Her whole body was wet. She removed her pallu and then the whole saree and dropped it on the shore.

Manjima was watching all her activities. She could notice that Kamala didn’t wear a bra inside her saffron blouse. Her nipples are visible through the wet blouse. Kamala then removed her rudraksha necklace. Now she started removing her blouse and slowly removed the buttons.

Finally, she removed them, exposing her hot breasts and brown nipples. Manjima was shocked by seeing Kamala topless. She asked her, “What are you doing?” Kamala replied that they should leave the wet clothes by the brook. It was a symbolic reminder of leaving all our problems.

Manjima asked her if she should also remove her clothes. Kamala replied positively. Manjima blushed and was hesitant to remove her clothes. Kamala then removed her petticoat. Now she was stark naked standing by the shore of the brook. She applied some shikakai to her head and rubbed her hair and body.

As her hands rubbed all over her hot body, Manjima was watching them with awe. Then Manjima came out of the water. She also started removing her saree and blouse, and skirt. She is now in her underwear (bra and panty). Before she could remove them, she looked around to see if anyone is watching them.

Kamala saw Manjima looking around. She laughed and told her not to worry as this area is restricted for men. If anyone is coming here, it will always be women.

Manjima gained some courage and removed her underwear, and stood there stark naked. Her petite breasts became pointy. The cool breeze by the brook made her nipples pointy. Kamala handed over the shikakai to Manjima. She went into the water to wash it off.

As she slowly descended towards the deep, her ass cheeks giggled and looked hot as hell. Manjima also applied them and went inside. They both swam naked. Kamala then came out of the water, and she started drying herself.

Manjima, who wanted more of this naked swim, forgot her boundaries and had the time of her life. Kamala was watching all her acts and was holding a mobile phone and doing something in it. After some time, Manjima came out of the water, and then they both dressed up and went back.

They reached home by the evening. Manjima could never forget the trip as it became a favorite of hers. The next day came, and Manjima went to Kamala’s house to spend some time with her.

Kamala, who usually wears a saffron dress, didn’t wear it that day. Manjima didn’t much care about it. Then after some time, someone knocked on the door. Kamala went to find who it was. It was none other than the plumber. Manjima was shocked to see him.

Kamala greeted him inside, and he sat on the sofa. He smiled at Manjima. Manjima turned her eyes away from him and looked at Kamala. She asked Kamala why he was here? She said, “It’s my house, and I can bring anyone inside it.”

Manjima saw the rudeness in her tone. Then Manjima asked her if she has forgotten what will happen if she does her thing again. Kamala looked at Manjima passively. She went near the plumber and kissed him in his mouth. He was a little hesitant as there was Manjima in front of her.

Manjima was shocked. Then Kamala told the plumber to come back later. The plumber left with a little fear in his heart. Kamala took her mobile and showed Manjima her nude pics. Manjima was shocked to see herself naked. It was taken the day before while she was skinny dipping in the brook.

Manjima realized that Kamala planned was to lure her into the trap. Kamala then told Manjima that she has the leverage to blackmail her. Kamala then told her that if anyone knows anything about her affair with the plumber, she’ll send Majima’s pics to everyone, including the internet.

Manjima had no other way but to succumb to her demands. Kamala then started doing her things bolder. Manjima had to turn a blind eye. One day Kamala called Manjima to her house, and she made her sit on the sofa. Then I told her that she’d have to do her a favor.

Manjima asked her what it was. Kamala called the plumber. He came out of a room naked with his erect penis, and his face was grinning evil. Manjima panicked by seeing him naked. Kamala told her, “My friend here wanted you to taste his cock.”

Manjima refused to do it. Then Kamala told her that she’d expose her. Manjima started crying. Kamala held her shoulders and told her that she’d give her a week time to consider the offer. Or else her photos will be exposed.

Manjima was so desperate for help. She went mad on thinking what might happen if she refused to do what Kamala asked her. While she was browsing Facebook desperately, she received a message from a new friend on her friend list. She couldn’t remember her.

A pseudonym (friendly angel) was used and mentioned as a girl. It had a profile picture of Aishwarya Rai. Manjima replied to her chat. The friendly angel told her that she was one of her old schoolmates. The girl was friendly to Manjima. Manjima admitted to her that her problem is causing her mental trauma.

The friendly angel asked in brief. Manjima told her the whole story, and she was desperately looking for a solution. The friendly angel told her to think of herself as a real angel who has come to protect her. Then asked her about Manjima’s address and more details.

Manjima, who wasn’t in her right mind, gave up all the information. Then finally the girl told Manjima to relax, and it’ll be alright within two days. Manjima felt comfort in her words and asked her real name. The girl refused to share as she was an introvert and wants to stay anonymous to her.

Manjima then slept off the night. The next two days passed. Then Manjima realized that she has only one day left for Kamala’s deadline. Manjima’s face went pale, and she started chatting with the friendly angel. The girl replied that her problem had been solved.

Manjima was surprised by her answer. Manjima asked how? She replied that she had acquired the photos from Kamala. Now Kamala doesn’t have any leverage against Manjima. Manjima was shell-shocked and asked her where the photos are.

The girl replied that she has destroyed the original photos and has made copies of them to prove her work. She then emailed them to Manjima. Manjima opened her mail and found her same naked pics. The girl told her that she has already deleted the photos with her.

The only existing copy is what was mailed to Manjima. Manjima thanked her a lot. Then the girl replied that she also has a few bonuses for her. Manjima wondered what it was. Then the girl sent her another screenshot of a video in which Kamala is fucking the husbands of Deepika and Ayesha.

Manjima was shocked. She asked her in detail. The girl replied that she is going to use the video to punish Kamala. Manjima asked how. The girl replied that she is going to ask her for ransom.

Manjima felt the act was a bit evil. She disagreed with her and asked her not to do it. The girl didn’t reply to her, and she logged off. Manjima then deleted her photos that were emailed and gave a big sigh of relief. Then after a minute, she wondered how the girl could have stolen the photos.

She then confirmed that the girl must have come lurking in the colony. She asked the same question to the girl in the chat. But Manjima didn’t get a reply for it. Manjima has started to worry as she could have made a deal with the devil.

The next day Kamala came to Kasturi (the house owner and grandmother of Manjima). She told her that she would vacate the flat and move to another house as her mother couldn’t climb the stairs.

Manjima, who was eavesdropping on their conversation, wondered what made her take such a decision. Then Manjima met Kamala in her house, where Kamala was packing everything.

Kamala looked at her and told her that, “As you wish, I’m leaving the colony. Please don’t expose my video.” Manjima was puzzled by her words. She has no idea what she was telling her. Manjima didn’t speak a word, and she left the flat.

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