Hot Sex With My Married Friend In Bangalore

Hi guys, this is Raj here and this is my first story here. I am 32 years old and this happened 2 years back. The heroine of my story is my married friend Nandita who is 36 years old (name changed).

I stay in Bangalore in Kormangala for those of you who know the city. I met her over a social networking site and we started chatting on various things. Eventually, we started to talk a little cosy over the calls, and finally, we planned to catch up outside in a cafe.

That very day when we planned to meet, she called me up and said that she wasn’t feeling well. She also mentioned that since her hubby was out of town, it would be cool if I could visit her place. She was staying in the HSR layout and I reached her place around 7 pm.

Myself: Hi Nandita, how are you?

She: Hey Raj, glad that you came. I feel better now.

We sat down and started chatting. She checked with me on what I would like to eat. She ordered a few stuff and meanwhile, started to prepare a drink for us. We started boozing and once our second drink was done, I was ready to make those little moves.

She: You aren’t eating much.

In my inner mind, I was wondering and telling myself what I want to eat. I told her that I was loving her company and that was filling my stomach.

Our conversations were about her work and her married life. She mentioned that she was planning a baby but there were some complications. To make her feel better, I sat close to her and held her hand. I could feel the sexual heat building with the sip of each drink.

Suddenly, I pulled my married friend and planted a soft kiss on her lips and she resisted a little but didn’t say “no.”

She: Raj, please eat, our food is getting cold.

Me: I want to taste you, baby. I am so loving your presence.

She: No, Raj. I cannot cheat on my husband. We have our complications but at the end of the day, I love him.

Me: I know you do but you know I like you.

Meanwhile, I kissed her again and this time, she responded to some extent.

She: Let’s go to the verandah as it is hot.

Me: Okay, let’s go.

I was thinking that she was probably taking me there as in the open space I won’t be making my moves. I felt upset. As we reached there, I held her hand again. She didn’t say much. We chatted a little and then I pulled her in. Just to let you know guys, the verandah was next to her bedroom and we went through her bedroom to reach there.

I pulled her in and started smooching her. This time, she responded. I started caressing her soft melons and we were exchanging saliva. I started to take off her top and pushed her to the bed. There were clothes piled all over her bed and somehow, I managed to make some space. I was feeling the heat in her too.

I unhooked my married friend’s bra and started sucking her tits. She was thoroughly enjoying my tongue-play. I licked her armpits, her neck and went down to her navel.

(Guys, to let you know, I have an addiction to the navel and I think many of you men may have the same.)

I started licking her and she felt ticklish. She got up and took off my t-shirt and vest and start kissing my chest. We again locked our lips and enjoyed exchanging saliva. I then unzipped her shorts and started to kiss her inner thighs. I saw a wet patch in her panty and that drove me crazy.

I kissed her pussy lips over her panty and she gave out a light moan. I kept licking her pussy over her panty till her pussy was wet with the mix of both my saliva and her juice.

She started to take off of my jeans and started touching me over my undies. I was enjoying her touch as I took off her panty. Her pussy was clean-shaved. I didn’t waste any time and started licking her pussy deeply. I was on also fondling my married friend’s tits which was making her feel good.

She pulled down my undies and was stroking me and we got in 69. I was licking her clit and happened to find out she had some dairy milk lying in her bed. I used that opportunity, and put the dairy milk in her pussy and went on to eat her pussy. She continued to moan as I feasted on her pussy.

I then got up and she started blowing me deeply. She wasn’t giving the best in blowjob but she was doing a decent job in sucking me and I was feeling good. I was enjoying both her licking and sucking and the saliva was all over my cock.

Now, we were ready for the final action. I inserted my cock in her pussy and was fucking her in missionary. The room was filled with her moans of, “Raj fuck me harder..”

I was loving the tightness of her pussy and could make out that she wasn’t having much sex off late. I then took her in doggy position and started ramping her pussy as I was pulling her hair and syncing the entire motion. It was a great fuck and I could feel her climax nearing as she was moaning louder.

My married friend climaxed and then was riding me again. She was looking like a sex goddess with her 34C tits jumping and her open hair raising my heart further. I didn’t want to cum inside her so I allowed her to stroke my cock to make me cum.

This was our first session. I had planned to leave but she asked me to stay back and we had dinner. The night was followed by 2 more sessions in her bed where she slept with her hubby and one in the morning again before I left. I loved each and every moment with her.

Thanks for reading. Please share your feedback @[email protected] and women in Bangalore who are keen to explore some moments can reach out to me.

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