How I Became My Cousin’s Keep – Part 1

I am Mrunal, a 19-year-old Marwari girl from the city of Kolkata. My family is extremely conservative as we are Marwaris. I am not even allowed to talk to boys and have completed my education in an all girls’ school. My seal was tight and protected until November of 2020.

A brief description of myself: I am 5’8″ tall, 34-24-36, with big eyes, a pointy nose and a very small mouth.

One day, I was invited by my cousin Harsh Bhaiya to visit Mumbai. After receiving the invitation, I reminisced of how handsome I used to consider bhaiya. Harsh bhaiya was 6’1″ and very well built. He was fair and handsome. 😉

Anyway, he was married to a beautiful but a little overweight girl called Sonakshi. She was a lovely lady and a perfect, homely woman.

I packed my bags and booked my flight. I reached Mumbai and bhabhi received me at the airport.

“Mrunal! You look so beautiful!”, she said.

“Thank you, Bhabhi!”, I said coyly.

I was searching for bhaiya but he was nowhere to be seen. Bhabhi understood that I was searching for bhaiya and said that he was busy working from home and that I could meet him when I reached.

Bhabhi drove me to her flat. I was amazed at how smart bhabhi had become. She was merely a graduate who was below average and now she was handling everything so well in an unknown place.

I reached home and bhaiya opened the door.

“Gudiya!”, he exclaimed and hugged me. It was an amiable hug. I drank coffee and went to change my clothes.

Before that, bhabhi told me that she had to be at a kitty party and she would be back by nine. Bhaiya continued to work on his laptop and I proceeded to the guest room. I unpacked and took my clothes to the washroom. As I felt a little greasy, I decided to take a shower too.

Mumbai winters are not winters, you know!

I took a shower wiped myself up, put on my skirt and top, and came out. I was startled. My cousin sat there on the bed. I froze there. He came in front of me and looked down. He held my chin and pushed it up. He looked into my eyes and said, “You are beautiful, Gudiya.”

I felt shy. But before I could do anything, he stroked my ear gently.

“Don’t be shy, Gudiya. Don’t be shy.”

He caressed my neck and rubbed my lower lip with his thumb. He proceeded to put two of his fingers inside my mouth.

“Suck them,” he said.

I sucked them gently and he giggled.

“You’ve never been kissed. Have you?”


“Good. I am your first. I am your last. Do you get it?”


He came near my left ear and whispered, “You’re mine. Only mine.”

My cousin brother tightened his hand around my waist and picked me up. He rolled me around like a little girl. I laughed and hugged him.

He threw me on the bed and went to his room. I was so overwhelmed, I couldn’t understand anything.

He came with a tie and said, “I am going to have to shut your mouth. Because you are going to moan and scream like a whore. I’ll make you my whore today.”

My cousin tied it around my mouth and proceeded to remove my top. He saw my bra which had lace in it and kept on staring. “You’ve got big ones!”

He opened my bra with his teeth and proceeded to suck my tits. I started moaning. I was on top of the world. All the emotions were rushing through my body. I just wanted him to do that forever. He kept on sucking and playing.

My cousin put my arms up and rolled his tongue on my underarms. He tasted my sweat and said, “This is nectar!”

He turned me around and licked my entire back. I was ecstatic. He circled his fingers around my navel then. And pulled on the little hairs on my tummy. He tore my skirt. Maybe he was too excited that’s why and then put his fingers on top of my panty.

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh”, I said in a constricted manner.

He proceeded to open my panty and check my vagina. He tasted it and smiled.

“All tight and sealed, huh? Just for this beast?”

He sucked my pussy and pulled on my pubic hair.

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Ooooooooooohhhhh!”

“You like that?”

My cousin bhaiya turned me around and started spanking me. He was rubbing my clitoris with his left hand and spanking me with his right hand. It was euphoric for me.

He put his hand on my right cheek and said, “Baby, you’re not going to like this at first. But trust me, you’ll get used to it.”

He was consoling me for what was about to come.

The moment that was to come was what I had dreaded the most. My pussy was so tight that I hadn’t even fingered myself. He took his pants off. I almost died seeing his dick. It was so big I thought it was the end of me that day.

My married cousin brother spread my legs, checked with his fingers and waited. He went out again and brought some dirty old towels. He lifted my butt and put it underneath. He took a deep sigh and in a moment, his dick was inside me. The blood came gushing out.

I started wailing. Bhaiya gave me a sympathetic look and leaned forward.

“Sorry Gudiya, but in some moments, you’ll dance with joy,” he kissed my forehead and went back. He kept his dick inside of me for some time. After that, he started jerking it inside me.

He started slow, then increased his speed. I felt better now. It was pain and pleasure at the same time.

I started moaning. Bhaiya understood that the pain had reduced. He made me sit on his lap and jump. He opened the tie and substituted it for his lips. I bit him and scratched his back.

“You are one wild bitch!”, he said and moved his hand around my back.

“You’re so pure, if you were not my cousin, I would have married just you!”, he said and hugged me.

I felt the heat inside my pussy. I told him. He lied down and asked me to sit on his face. I was confused.

“Just sit,” my cousin said and opened his mouth.

I sat and there was a rush of liquid from within my vagina that flowed right into his mouth. I felt too satisfied, I must have reached the heavens then.

He got up and said, “Come, take it inside you one last time!”

He lied down and I sat on top of his erect dick. He turned me around. He was turning red. He started to bite my lips violently.

Then, my cousin bhaiya ejaculated inside of me.

He picked me up and took me to the washroom..

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