A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 30 (A Pervert Attacks)

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Manjima texted the friendly angel asking, “Why are you doing this? You are making her leave the colony?” After a 10 minute wait, she got a reply with a smile. Manjima asked her more questions. But the reply stopped.

After that day, Kamala occasionally came to the colony to visit her friends. Manjima seldom talked with her.

One day Manjima received a message showing that her account has been credited with rupees 10,000. Manjima was shocked and confused. The next minute she texted the friendly angel about this. The girl on the other side replied with a smile and a text saying, “It’s your cut partner.”

Manjima was shocked, and she asked her, “What the hell were you doing?” Then the girl told her that she tried asking for ransom from Kamala. But she doesn’t have that much, so she made her leave the colony as a punishment for her actions.

Then she thought of the other way to blackmail the cheating husbands of Ayesha and Deepika. She stole their contacts and started blackmailing them. The two men, an international pilot and a station master had enough money to pay the ransom.

Manjima started realizing that things have gone out of her hand. She told the girl that it was a crime to blackmail someone for ransom, and she couldn’t be a part of it. The girl replied, “Come on, girl, you are my only friend. I’ve never shared a cut with anyone before except you.”

When she said the word ‘before,’ Manjima realized that she had already done this before. Manjima told her that she can’t be a part of this criminal activity and told her not to do it. Otherwise, she’ll track her down using the account number and call the police on her. No reply came back.

The next few days went without any issues. Then one day, Kamala was visiting the colony. She went to Kasturi and told her that her granddaughter watched porn films on the terrace instead of studying. Manjima was called, and she had no idea why her grandmother was mad at her tone.

Kamala grabbed Manjima’s mobile and showed her grandmother some videos. Manjima could say it was a porn video by the audio she heard. Kasturi’s face grew red, and she slapped Manjima. Manjima, who never anticipated the slap from her grandmother, cried with pain.

Then Kamala, with a devilish grin, looked at Manjima and enjoyed her getting punished. The day went by with a lot of confusion, and finally, the whole colony started looking at Manjima in a bad way. She had no other choice but to leave the colony.

Manjima then received a message from the friendly angel. “It was just a demonstration, what a friend could do when you betray her.” Manjima realized that the girl must have planted the videos in her mobile and tipped it off to Kamala. She is waiting for an opportunity to take revenge on Manjima anytime.

Manjima also received her naked pics that she thought were deleted before. Manjima was shocked, and she didn’t have much choice but to accept her demands. The girl told Manjima that she always wanted to be a friend and never intended to hurt her.

Manjima knew that she must act friendly with her atleast until she could find who she is and retrieve her photos. Days went by Manjima silently tried gathering information about the girl. Occasionally the girl sent her some money. But Manjima never used the money as she felt it was blood money.

After a few days, Manjima received photos of different people having secret sex. Manjima almost forgot her real purpose and started enjoying those pics. Manjima realized that the girl has started doing it as a profession.

One day Manjima received the video of Kalyani, which was taken during the first day in her colony. The girl told her that she is a new tenant of her grandmother’s colony. Manjima saw it, and she liked watching it. She never felt any attraction towards women, but this one was different.

The white skin of Kalyani and her perfectly round right-sized breasts and pinkish nipples attracted her more. The girl asked Manjima if she likes Kalyani’s hot body. Manjima replied, “She is so pretty and sexy.”

Then after few days, the girl sent her some more videos of Kalyani naked on the terrace and being naked in the common bathroom. Manjima loved those videos, and she discovered her pervy side. One day she realized that she is falling for Kalyani. She asked the friendly angel if she is getting any ransom from Kalyani.

The girl replied, “No, not yet.” Then Manjima told her not to ask her any ransom. If she wants any, Manjima herself is willing to pay the ransom on behalf of Kalyani. The girl agreed, and she named the price for all of Kalyani’s videos and photos.

Manjima transferred it, and then she received the original copies on a memory card. The girl also told Manjima that Kalyani has been so stubborn and nearly caught her. So she wants to end the odds between them. Manjima told her that she’d take care of it.

Manjima sent the memory card to Kalyani in an envelope with some apologies and assurance that she’ll not be stalked anymore. Hearing the story, Kalyani felt it a little convincing. She now remembered the envelope she received in her name from that pervert mailman.

She took it out of the cupboard and cut open it. As said by Manjima, there was a memory card and a letter. Kalyani now believed her story and also thanked her for her help. Kalyani came near Manjima, grabbed her hand, and told her, “I’m sorry I misjudged you, but now I have realized your situation.”

Manjima also told her that she was the one who helped her while the old man tried to force her. It was blind luck that she saw Kalyani on the streets that day. While narrating the story, Manjima didn’t reveal that she loved Kalyani. But now, Kalyani has started falling for her on thinking of all the things she did.

If not Manjima, she would have become a victim of the old pervert or could have even died. Both shared eye contact without any word. Manjima closed her eyes, and she thought Kalyani is going to kiss her. Suddenly Kalyani’s phone rang. The moment got ruined by the phone.

Kalyani picked it up, and it was Ravi. He told her that the office tour was over and he’ll get home the next flight. Kalyani was on cloud nine after hearing this. Manjima saw Kalyani so happy. Kalyani told her that her husband is coming home that night, and she is excited about it.

Manjima understood her. Then told her that she’d meet her later and left the house. Kalyani was so excited, she roughly calculated the time of his arrival will be around 9 pm. She thought of welcoming him with a spicy look. She didn’t have many sexy garments to wear.

So she went to Devi’s and told her about her husband’s arrival and her plan to greet him. Devi told her to wear something seductive and make a candlelight dinner. Then Ayesha was notified about it, and she brought a silky black robe. She gave it to Kalyani and told her to wear it while she greets him at the door.

Kalyani wore the silky robe over her saree to see the fit. She was shocked to see that the robe just reached her upper thigh. And she’ll expose her ass if she tried picking something on the ground. But Kalyani liked it as it will be a perfect dress to tease her husband.

Kalyani went back to her flat and prepared some Italian food, and set the table and candles. The time was around 6:30 pm. She took a bath, and she was fantasizing about the night wildly while bathing naked. She wore a black
panty and a robe. She didn’t wear anything but the two garments.

She made her hair loose, and she looked at her in the mirror. She couldn’t believe her eyes. The silky robe highlighted her beautiful and perfectly round boobs. She adjusted the cleavage, and her upper globes and even her midriff were visible.

A little jump or shake will make her tits fall out of the robe. She can see her horny nipples pointy over the robe. She sat on her sofa and started watching some hot songs to build up her mood. She then slowly dozed off to sleep. Then she heard a knock on the door.

She got up and eagerly opened the door expecting her husband. But to her disappointment, it was not her husband. It was the pervy petty shop owner who fapped at her that very morning. He was shocked to see her attire. He took a look at her whole body.

Her milky thighs were exposed, and even a mild slap will make it red. He saw her cleavage and those two whitish breasts trying to escape her robe. Kalyani felt disturbed by him staring at her body. He even saw the pointy nipple over the robe, and he licked his lips. His eyes were wide open and thirsty.

He was wearing a dhoti without underwear. He got the boner down his cock. Kalyani noticed his boner situation. She then asked him what he wants in an angry tone. He came back to his sense and told her that, “Madam, I’ve brought you the milk sachet you asked for,” and handed her a milk sachet.

While she extended her arm to grab it, he dropped it down near her feet. She knew that if she bends down, he’ll feast on her breasts as it might fall out if she bends down. So she made him take it. But he bent down before her legs and slowly picked it and saw every inch of her whitish beautiful leg and thigh.

He even tried peeking under the robe at her vagina. But Kalyani realized it and grabbed the open end, and covered her exposure. Now she could see his penis is rock hard and is out of the dhoti fold. She saw it and was petrified. The guy looked down at his cock and asked her, “You like my anaconda?” and grinned.

Kalyani’s face grew angrier, and she slapped him. He grabbed her hands firmly and licked them. She tried getting her hands away, but he was stronger. He then pushed her inside her house, and Kalyani fell hard on the floor. Her robe
rose and exposed her panty.

He got in and locked the door from inside. He jumped over Kalyani, who was lying weak on the floor. She fought to push him away. But he grabbed her wrists and handled her easily. She spat on his face, which made him angrier, and he slapped her hard, and Kalyani fell.

He grabbed her robe by the collar and tore it away, exposing her pinkish nipples and beautiful whitish boobs. He grabbed one of the boobs and kneaded it. Kalyani couldn’t resist as the slap was so hard. She was only half-conscious.

He then grabbed her panty and lowered them to her knees, exposing her pussy and ass. He then removed her whole panty. Kalyani was lying on the floor with her robe open, not fully removed but exposed her naked body. He, for a second, feasted her beauty with his eyes.

He drooled over her body. Then he removed his shirt, exposing his pot-bellied upper body and then his dhoti. His penis was so big and black. He then opened her legs and sat between them. His cock touched her pussy lips, and he played by rubbing his penis bud over her pussy lips.

Kalyani was blabbering in pain and couldn’t move a muscle. Then he brought his face near her breasts and licked those pinkish nipples slowly and tenderly. He then kissed her mouth. The kiss was a dead one as she didn’t respond to his. Then finally, he went down and licked her pussy.

He started playing it with his tongue. Kalyani felt aroused and annoyed at the same time. She then tried pushing his head away, but he locked her hand with his and, with the other, was pulling her nipples hard. She started moaning in pleasure and pain.

Then finally, he spat on his hand to lubricated his penis and inserted his long penis into her vagina. Kalyani received it with a big gasp. She couldn’t resist him as he held her hair in one hand. He grudged her neck on the other and was kissing her.

He started thrusting his cock inside her. She was moaning like hell. She felt his long penis ram inside her pussy, and it was full of pleasure. She started moaning louder and louder than before. Then he increased his speed. She couldn’t withstand the pain as she was about to attain orgasm.

Then after about 10 minutes of thrusting, he pulled out his cock and stroked it in front of her face. Then came a load of cum splashing over her face. Some went inside her mouth. The cum was cold and chill. Kalyani suddenly heard the voice of Ayesha calling her name.

She opened her eyes and found herself on her sofa, lying safe with Ayesha and Mahima near her. She was dreaming about the attack by the petty shop owner. She was panting and was relieved that nothing happened to her. She fell asleep while watching the TV.

Ayesha splashed the water on her face to wake her up and not the guy’s cum.

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