How To Get A Quick Promotion!

Hello everyone, I’ve been reading a lot from this site lately. I decided to publish some of my experiences here as well. I hope you like my story about getting a quick promotion, and it makes you horny as well.

A small introduction about myself – I’m Sarah, 25 y/o living in Mumbai. I work at a reputed MNC and love modeling as a hobby. For the guys eagerly waiting for my measurements, it’s 36-26-36. My breasts and ass do catch a lot of attention, not just from guys but girls as well sometimes.

Anyway, I’ll get to the incident now. It all happened in 2019 when I was looking for a new job. I got a call from a company for an interview. I was very happy because this was a really great company and would be a huge career boost. I was well prepared.

I put on my formal shirt with a skirt and shoes, dressing completely formally, and reached the company building. On my way out of the cab, I saw many guys staring at me because of my skirt’s tightness, hugging my ass. My shirt could barely hold my boobs.

I went in and waited for a while before I was called for the interview. I cleared the first round. But I was worried as I had some good competition to deal with. Luckily, with a good skill set and some flirting, I managed to land the job. I joined after a week and got in pretty easily.

The transition was smooth, my colleagues were good, and the work atmosphere was amazing. Everything was going really well. Then one fine day after a couple of months, we got to know we’ll be getting a new manager.

This guy had been rising through the ranks very rapidly. He was pretty famous throughout the company. He would be the next big thing there, and working with him would be a pleasure. But more than that, I was excited to see him because all the ladies in the office just couldn’t stop talking about him.

He was handsome, sexy, hunky, muscular, whatever adjectives you could think of to describe a good-looking guy. Apparently, I was the talk of the town in terms of sexiness. I liked the attention, so I was maybe just a little jealous too.

Finally, the day arrived when we’d meet our new manager, Abhinav. We were all dressed up, waiting for him. The door opened, and a tall and handsome guy walked in. He was More than 6ft tall, with an amazingly well-built body that his shirt highlighted ever so well and a well-groomed outfit with dashing looks.

He was no less than a model. I was awestruck at first. He came in greeted all of us. Through that brief interaction, no-one could tell that he is a manager. He was fun, down to earth, and mingled with us really quickly. He saw me checking him out and gave me a smile.

I was embarrassed and avoided much contact that day. Later at the gym, when I was working out and had many guys around me were staring at my assets like always. Abhinav walked in. He was wearing a tight sleeveless t-shirt and joggers with headphones on.

He got on the treadmill next to me and started exercising. A few minutes later, he looked at me and said, “Hey, you’re on my team, right? I’m afraid I didn’t get to talk to you after the morning session.” I was glad he didn’t remember the checking out a bit. I extended my arm for a handshake and said, “I’m Sarah.”

“Good to meet you, Sarah,” was his response. We chatted casually for a while, and then he got to his weight training. I sat there on my med ball and was looking at his body. His sweat dripping down his huge vascular biceps and those small moments where his t-shirt would lift up to show off his abs.

Wow! Usually, I’m not the one chasing after guys. I’d rather they chase me, but this one I needed to have badly. I had made up my mind. I am going to seduce him and fuck my new boss in the office no matter what.

Next few weeks, I’d flirt with him occasionally. I’d open up a few buttons of my shirt to expose some cleavage and touch him at times. I tried everything, but he didn’t budge. Then on a rainy day in July, I finally had the opportunity. It was raining very heavily, and everyone had left early.

There was water clogging in the area. I was stuck at the office because I had some urgent work to complete. The security guards regularly checked up on me to ensure I was okay. The office was almost empty apart from 2-3 of us. The rain slowed down a little.

So I hurried to get out and reach home, but the streets were filled with water. My skirt was completely wet and was stuck to my body. My white shirt was now transparent, completely showing my white bra inside. Any guy could’ve had an instant boner looking at me like this. But luckily, the streets were empty.

After walking a little, I saw a car come next to me and stopped. It was Abhinav. He offered to drop me home, but I said I’m all wet and would ruin his expensive car (It was an Audi for those interested). He said not to worry about that and hop in. I did as he told.

Then suddenly the rain picked up out of nowhere, and it started raining like cats and dogs. He told me that he lived close and that we should wait for the weather to get a little better at his place. I was excited. This could be the opportunity I was looking for.

He and I are alone at his place in this sexy weather. I agreed readily. We got to his place. I was still pretty wet and now horny as well. He welcomed me into his amazing flat. For a single guy living alone in a flat, he sure knew how to maintain it. He quickly went into the room and got me a towel to dry myself up.

I was doing that when he got me his hoodie and sweatpants to change into. “It’s okay. I’m fine,” I said. “You’ll catch a cold and then miss a few days of work. We can’t afford to lose you for a few days now,” he said with a wink. I obliged and took the clothes.

He showed me to the room and left to make some coffee. I took off my shirt and skirt and now was in my bra and panty when I thought of a plan. “Abhi, can you please help me with something,” I shouted. He came towards the room and saw me standing like that, and quickly turned away.

There were still drops of water rolling down my neck onto my bra and then my navel. “Don’t worry, it’s fine. I can’t get the bra strap. Can you please help me with it?” I said. He said sure and hesitantly walked towards me. I turned around and guided him. He undid my bra and stood there for a second.

I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist me, so I turned around, took off my bra, and dropped it on the floor. Then I went closer to him and got on my toes and kissed him. He was hesitant at first, but then he gave in and kissed back. My plan had finally worked.

I was running my hands all over his strong back and chiseled abs under his t-shirt. After a few minutes, I broke the kiss, pulled him in, and made him sit at the edge of the bed. I pulled down his joggers and out popped his dick. It was huge! At least 8 inches, not the biggest I’ve had, but the girth made it look big.

I gave him a slutty smile, and without wasting a second, I sucked on his cock. I played with the tip of his cock, circled around with my tongue, and then finally took it all in. He closed his eyes and was enjoying it. After some time, he held my hair and started deep throating me.

I almost choked on his big cock, but I didn’t wanna stop either. In a few minutes, with a huge grunt, he came into my mouth. His hot cum tasted pretty sweet as I swallowed it all. He now pulled me up to him, kissed me, and started playing with my tits.

He started fondling them and sucking on my nipples. Oh, what a feeling that was. I was absolutely enjoying it when he pushed me on the bed and pulled down my panties. My clean-shaved pussy was right in front of him now, and he looked like a hungry beast.

He dug his mouth in and started sucking me. I was going crazy! He was so fucking good at it. He played around my clit with his tongue and then inserted his fingers in my pussy while licking it. I was squeezing my boobs, trying to control my moans. But it was impossible.

Soon I was about to cum, and he increased his pace. My back arched, eyes closed, and with one loud moan, I came all over his face. I hadn’t cum so quickly in my life. I just got back to my senses. I saw him standing tall with his dick in his hand, a condom on it, and guiding it into my pussy.

He pushed the tip in, and then with one big push, half his dick was inside. I screamed in pain. He covered my mouth and started pumping me. Soon his full dick was inside me. He was pounding my pussy like an animal! His dick was stretching the walls of my vagina and going deeper with every thrust.

I was in pain, but the pleasure surpassed it and I didn’t want it to stop. He kept fucking me in missionary for a good time. Then picked me up with his dick still inside me and put me against the wall. I was hugging him tightly, scratching all over his back as he fucked me harder. My moans had filled the entire flat.

Then he put me on the bed, got me on all fours, and entered ne from behind. He pulled my hair and drilled my pussy very hard. I thought he’d absolutely kill me that night but being the slut I was enjoying it. He rammed my pussy for almost an hour in all positions and then came inside my mouth.

We were both tired, and I lie there almost lifeless after a fucking of a lifetime. I slept right there and woke up in the morning covered in a blanket with breakfast by the bed and coffee too. I couldn’t believe this was the same guy who fucked me like an animal last night.

My pussy was sore, but the pain was manageable. I quickly got dressed, greeted him with a kiss. I thanked him for last night and left for my place. Things were normal for a few days in the office. We’d sneak into the washroom of the storeroom to kiss.

I’d give him an occasional blowjob as well. We’d fuck at his place on weekends, and I was enjoying it. Then after a month, I was promoted to junior purchasing manager. At the announcement, Abhi looked at me and winked at me as he had a major say in who gets the position.

It wasn’t suspicious as I was hardworking. But I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the only reason I got the promotion.

I’m sorry, guys, this became a very long story. I’ll try and keep it short next time. Stay tuned to find out how we both got fired from the job because of a silly mistake we made and what happens next.

Please do leave a comment to let me know how the story was. You can also leave feedback about my unbelievable experience with my colleague at [email protected] or ping me on hangouts. Until next time. Goodbye!

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