Mallu Girl Anu Guides Virgin Guy To First Ejaculation

I am a 24-year-old doing my CA in Kerala. I was to attend a class at 8:00 am but I reached there at 7:30 am. That is where I saw a girl who was of medium height and lean built body with long black hair. She wore a loose-fitting white shirt.

I didn’t find her much attractive as her hair was poorly done as she was exhausted from her long journey. Out of courtesy, she introduced herself as Anu.

I also introduced myself and we discussed a few things about the classes. After a few minutes, Anu told me that she had come from Kasargode and was heading back home as she had finished her classes which were almost 6 months apart.

Anu asked me whether I was interested in going for a cup of coffee or something to drink at a nearby restaurant. But, since I was early, I told her that I would like to stay back and keep reading some notes.

(About me – I had no experience in talking to women or any clue about the way of women. I consider myself handsome and play cricket at club level, this keeps me fit across the seasons.)

Now, let us get back to the story. Anu was disappointed and went to the tea stall alone. As I was reading my notes, she came back and sat beside me. Apparently, I was the last bencher and she was the first bencher. We moved to our respective positions when others started to come.

A few days passed uneventfully until one day she came to the class with Anu hair done properly and also wearing a white top and blue jeans. She was pretty and she knew it, I think she also knew that I knew it. Her eyes met mine and she gave me a small smile. I smiled back. I kicked myself for being an idiot and losing my chance.

Anu looked like actress Reba Monica John. I tried to pay attention to the class but I kept glancing at my beautiful classmate. It seemed like the lecturer didn’t notice it.

Finally, the end of the class came and I was relieved. I wanted to talk to her but she used her headphones and started to walk back to her hostel. I tried to ignore the fluttering of my heart and hurrying of my mind.

I left the class and went home. I couldn’t really sleep well for 6 days, why the hell did I turn down the coffee with Anu. I should have known better.

I had two choices now, chase her and make things work or give up. I didn’t want to waste my time in a second run.

Things changed after one month. One of my old friends, Priya started to attend the class in which we both were in. Priya would sit near me and it was very easy to talk to her as she was knowledgeable and had remarkable humor. One could talk to her for hours and it is almost guaranteed that you would laugh at least once in every 5 minutes.

One day while we were talking, Anu came and joined us. We greeted her and she asked about the classes. I never knew how to read girls but Anu’s eyes and her mannerisms were odd that day.

I told her that we were having a boring class but the teacher was pretty good. She smiled and said that she loved the class and it was fun too.

I introduced her to Priya. After a few minutes, she told me that the classes would start soon and left. As soon as she left, Priya asked me, “Do you like her?” Priya was damn good at reading others. I couldn’t lie to her so I just told her the whole story.

She knocked on my head and said, “Dumbo, Anu likes you.” I laughed and said that it was just one of her jokes. She didn’t laugh.

Priya – You want proof? Within 2 days, Anu will ask you about the relation between us.

I didn’t take her seriously and just laughed it off. After 2 days, I was returning home from the class and I saw her standing outside.

Anu – Hi, how are you?

Me – Good, and you?

Anu – Same, so what is the relation between you and Priya?

Me – What relation do you mean?

Anu – Friends, relatives, lovers, and so on.

Me – Ha..ha, no we are just friends.

Anu – Really? It seems like you two are very close.

Me – Well, it’s fun to be around her, speaking to her is always refreshing.

Anu – Yeah! So there is nothing between you and Priya?

Me – Not that I know of.

Anu – There are rumors in class that she is your girlfriend.

Me – I wouldn’t say that.

Anu – She looks at you a lot and she always tries to sit next to you during breaks.

Me – That’s why we are friends so that we can sit together and be free from boredom.

Anu – Oh..ok.

Anu seemed to calm down after I spoke to her. She left for her hostel. I called Priya and explained what had happened.

Priya – IDK about you, but if my eyes didn’t deceive me, she was checking you out frequently.

Me – Well, I think she did, I don’t know how to react.

Priya – Just play cool and you will have your first GF, that’s what you want, right?

Me – Yeah, first GF. I really want one.

Priya – Don’t be a douche, stick to my plan and it will happen.

Me – Ok.

Priya – We will make her jealous and she will try to turn your attention away from me, just lend her your attention and she will confess to you.

This was really easy for her to say. I had to pull all the strings and act like a total Casanova if I want to get anywhere with her or so I thought.

But I was wrong. Anu did everything to get my attention. She was sitting just in front of me in class, smiling at me more often, asking my number, being the first to text, etc. But I continued to ignore her as per Priya’s commands.

By the end of the week, she started to talk to me first and tell me about her day. She also gave me compliments on my looks. Now Priya started to move out giving space for Anu to sit next to me. It was getting annoying but I had to continue being the gentleman as per her demand.

Priya – Hey look, she is sitting beside you now.

Me – Yeah, nice going.

Priya – Shut up and let me think. I have another plan.

In the following days, Priya started sending me messages every day on what I can do and should tell Anu. It was compliments about Anu’s smile, her ability to solve the given problems, etc, nothing on her appearance though.

As per Priya’s plan, I saw that Anu started to talk to me more and more. At the slightest show of decline of interest, Priya would step in to save the situation. I enjoyed the attention I was getting from Anu.

One day, Anu was standing at the gate nervously and I asked her why was she so nervous?

Anu – Will you drop me at my hostel?

Me – Sure, let’s go.

We started to walk and she was really nervous, babbling all the time and I thought she would collapse at any moment. Ensuring that no one was around as she said, “I have to tell you something really important.’

Me – What is it?

Anu – I really like you and it’s not just a friend like feeling towards you. I like you as in I want you to be my boyfriend.

Me – Ha..ha, what?

Anu – It’s true, I’m being serious.

Me – Well, if you would have told me that earlier, it would have made things much easier.

Anu – I’m sorry, I just wanted to make sure if you felt the same way first.

Me – Oh, don’t worry about it. You’re not the first one to hide their feelings and you won’t be the last I suppose.

We continued to talk and laugh as if nothing had happened. The next day I went to see Priya who was looking at me from a distance.

Me – What are you looking at so hard?

Priya – Your new girlfriend. How did it happen so fast?

Me – Well, after we talked a bit more, she told me she likes me and I felt the same way so yeah.

Priya – Yeah and then what?

Me – Well then nothing much, we just talked and laughed as if nothing happened.

Priya – Yeah right, you didn’t do anything stupid did you?

Me – What?! Of course not!

Priya – Stop bullshitting me, man. I know what guys your age do, and you didn’t try anything stupid, did you?

Me – Hell, no! I would never do anything like that!

Priya – Good, my part of the deal is done, just don’t break her heart or yourself.

Me – Trust me, I know what I’m doing.

Priya – I have no doubts but if you do then that’s on you, remember I told you that I’ll be keeping an eye on you. That’s what friends are for, right?

I felt something offbeat here. I don’t know what but something was not right.

Me – Right, yeah of course.

Priya – Well, see you around then.

Me – See you later.

And with that, she left. Over the next 2 months, Anu and I would kiss when no one was around. We would sit close in class, go out on dates, etc. It was fun.

My parents were out of town for a few days and Anu was aware of this. I asked her to stay with me for the next few days. She agreed without hesitation. She called the hostel and told that she is going to her town for the night and would be back in a few days.

We reached my home and started to watch the movie, “50 shades of grey” that we both wanted to see. During the movie, we kissed and I started caressing her boobs.

My mallu girlfriend took my hand and put it on her thigh, then moved it up to her belly, under her shirt, then to her nipples. I felt her breath getting heavy and knew she was into it. She moved my hand further up and grabbed it. She then turned on her side and pulled me with her, we continued to hold each other tightly and I could feel she was wet.

I wanted to go further but I was scared. I didn’t know what to do so I did nothing. Anu sensed my hesitation and said, “Do you not want to do anything with me?”

I was scared that I would do something wrong and said something stupid so I just said, “I’m scared.”

She – What?

Me – I’m scared that I will do something wrong. I want this to be perfect and I don’t want to ruin it by doing something stupid.

Anu – If that’s the case then stop doing whatever you’re doing. I want to do this and you can’t make me wait.

Me – Well how do I do this?

Anu – Put your hand on my stomach, above my underwear. I’ll put my hand there and you just pull my shorts down.

Me – Really?

Anu (sighing) – Why does everything have to be so difficult? Just do it.

I didn’t know what else to do so I did exactly what my sexy girlfriend said. I felt my heart beating and all I could think of is- this isn’t wrong, is it?

Anu – Just go for it, stop being so scared.

So I did and to my surprise, she didn’t even move. I moved closer to her and she wrapped her legs around me. She kissed me and just like in the movie she started to talk dirty to me. I was surprised at how well we were doing.

I moved my hand down and started to feel her private parts, she moaned in my ear and said, “Push your fingers in, it’s all wet so it should be easy to slide in.”

At this point, I didn’t want it to be over so I started moving my fingers in and out of her. She bit my earlobe and said, “Don’t stop until I tell you to.”

I was afraid to not do what she said so I kept on doing it. My fingers were covered in her fluids.

She – Oh my god, yes, finger me like that, you’re so good at it.

(That was just flattery I was not that good!)

Me – Uh no, I’m horrible at this.

Anu (laughing): Well, then you’re doing an alright job, just don’t stop.

Me – But you’re enjoying it a lot.

Anu – Of course, I’m enjoying it. It’s your fingers in me that feels good. I’ve wanted this for a long time.

I wanted to hear her say it and hearing her say it out loud made me feel good so I kept on doing what I was doing.

Anu (moaning) – Oh yeah, just like that..mmm..just like that, Oh god, don’t stop..just like that..don’

Anu then suddenly sat up and said, “I think it’s time we tried something else.” And from there, I had no idea what she had in mind. She kept on telling me not to stop and it felt really good but also really weird.

I just did what my mallu girlfriend told me to do and tried to keep on doing it until she said stop. When she was satisfied she said, “Now it’s my turn,” and she started to push me down.

I didn’t know what she had in mind and she didn’t tell me to do anything. I just let her take control and what happened next, felt really good.

Anu sat on top of me and ground her wetness against me. She then lifted up her shirt and started rubbing my chest while looking at me and kissing me.

Anu then said, “I think you should be naked for this one.” I was still in awe of all that had happened and now she wanted me to take my clothes off as well!

I wasn’t sure about this but again, I wanted to do what she said so I did. Anu took my hand and moved me towards the bed and told me to lay down. She then moved over me and started to grind against me again, kissing me and caressing my body.

She – I’ve wanted to do this with you since we first met.

Me – Uh.. huh.

She – (giggling): And I think you’ve wanted to see my body since then too.

Me – Uh..huh (I couldn’t say anything else).

My gf then started to move against me again and I could feel my hard dick giving all kinds of sensations to me.

She – You like that?

Me – Oh..yeah..that feels really good.

Anu started to move against me again and again I could feel myself releasing my juice. She then stopped and told me to put my hands on her body. I did so and was surprised by how soft her body felt.

She – Now squeeze me..just like that.

And I did. I squeezed her as she kept on rubbing against me.

She – Kiss me..just like that.

And again I did as she said. She took my face in her hands and kissed me. Our tongues were dancing together and it was the best feeling ever.

Me – I think I’m going to..

And before I could finish, my lover bit me on my chest and blood came out of my chest. With the pleasure and pain, I came with a load all over the place.

After it was all said and done, Anu told me to go clean up and she would be outside waiting for me. I felt really weird, my body was sore in some areas.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t come in her though. I think she just wanted me to feel good and not waste what we just did. That was really considerate of her. We then spent the rest of the time doing other things.

This was my first sex experience. Feel free to contact me [email protected]

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