Served With Honey – Part 1 (Outdoor Sex Adventure)

Hello, guys. Riya is again here with another outdoor sex adventure story. It is filled with nature, honey, kinkiness, and all you guys want. For new readers, please check my previous encounters here.

After returning from Digha, I got busy with my college and internal exams and had a lot of work. It’s been almost 2 months. I missed all that intense intercourse. I wanted to have some fun. So I told Jay and made a plan to go somewhere near.

I hadn’t met Vikram since Digha, so I texted him as well. He suggested that we should go to Central Park during the famous romantic week of February. But I thought it would be better after the 14th. So I discussed with Jay and fixed 16th February 2019.

Vikram had asked me to wear a top with a zip in front and a skirt. Jay didn’t know about it. I shaved my pussy the day before, leaving a patch in the center like a porn star. Guess who asked me to do this in the comments.

It was a cloudy morning. I wore a pink top with a zip in front and a skirt with a red bra and panty. Jay picked me up from my house, and Vikram joined us on the way. It was nearly 9:30 AM when we entered the park.

As we entered the main gate, Vikram playfully spanked my ass and led us to the far end of the park. We reached an area of the park where people seldom visit. Being a cloudy day, it was also less crowded. We thought of sitting under a tree. So we spread newspapers over the grass.

The right side was covered by a nursery which was closed. The left side had a hedge where anyone could easily peek in through. We sat on the newspapers. I sat, of course, in the middle. Jay was on my right and Vikram on my left.

Vikram grabbed my ass and started to squeeze it while Jay kissed me on the lips. We were smooching like there was no tomorrow. We kissed for like 5 minutes. Jay unzipped my top and lowered my bra straps, revealing my boobs and nipples. He pinched them.

Vikram removed my panty under my skirt and smiled, seeing the patch. A few minutes later, I got on my knees and unbuckled Jay’s jeans. Vikram lowered his trousers and let out his tool. I was hungry for them. I licked Jay’s dick from the neck till the tip and got an essence of the pre-cum.

Meanwhile, I stroked Vikram’s dick with my other hand. I spat saliva on Vikram’s dick and gave him a hand job. After few minutes, I started to blow Vikram and stroke Jay’s tool. Vikram grabbed my hair and started to deep throat me. He was about to cum.

I started to stroke Jay’s tool harder, and he started to give slight moans. I knew he was about to cum. I asked them to cum on my boobs. They released the load while beating their dicks to my nipples. I cleaned my boobs with a napkin. Then I raised my bra to cover my nipples from the swaying wind.

Vikram asked me not to wear the bra or panty. So I removed and stuffed it in the bag. My poking nipples were visible through the pink top. Vikram and Jay had to pee. But they didn’t want to go together, leaving me alone.

So Vikram went first. It was more than 10 minutes when he came back. He said that the toilet is very far. Then Jay left for the toilet. Vikram sat beside me, grabbed me by my waist, and kissed me on the lips. I closed my eyes. Vikram unzipped my top again and let my boobs out in the open.

Suddenly I heard some noises. I thought it was Jay, so I didn’t look. I continued to kiss Vikram. Then the unexpected happened, and it happened too fast. My brain stopped working for few seconds. I felt a soft, wet, warm touch on both my nipples.

I pushed Vikram and opened my eyes. I saw two men licking my nipples. I pushed them too and covered my boobs with the top.

Vikram spoke, “Riya, don’t be scared.”

I just hummed, “Who are these people?”

Vikram said, “They are the gardeners of this nursery. They watched the whole thing before. When I went to the toilet, I signaled them to come to me. I asked them why they were jerking off. They said that they had never seen such a beauty and one girl take care of two guys together in real other than porn.”

One of the gardeners said, “We mean you no harm. We want some fun like you just did with your friends.”

Another guy said, “If we wanted to harm, we would have gone to park police.”

I looked at their face when he was talking. I am no psychic, but I knew what was about to happen. One of the gardeners was a bit shorter, and his name was Rajesh. The other one was taller. His name was Kishor.

They had a dark complexion with a strong but lean body. They were wearing t-shirts and half pants. Their clothes and some of the body parts had mud and dirt. Anyone could easily figure out that they were gardeners.

I said, “What about Jay?”

Vikram, “I will handle it, don’t worry.”

I replied, “There is one condition. Both of you must not kiss me.”

They said, “Okay.”

Then I removed my hand from my top and came crawling to my place where I was sitting. My top was hanging from the shoulder, as were my boobs too. Their eyes were stuck between that and relishing the view. I sat at my place between both of them.

Rajesh grabbed my boobs and started fondling over the top. Kishor removed my top from the shoulder and started kissing my neck. He then licked my neck and slowly moved his tongue downwards till my boobs. He took the nipple in his mouth and started sucking, licking, and chewing.

His hands were caressing my thighs. In few minutes, his hands reached my pussy. I parted my legs, and he pushed one finger inside. My pussy was too wet. His finger slipped right in, and he started fingering me. Rajesh then removed the whole top from my body and kept it aside.

I became topless in the middle of the park in broad daylight. He held my hand up and sniffed my armpit. Then he grabbed my boobs and took it in his mouth. He sucked and sucked and sucked. When he left my boob, it was all red.

Vikram was watching the show and also looking out for Jay. But I noticed a tent inside his trouser. But I had to look away because I just found something much better (or worse, who knew). Kishor had unzipped his pant and freed his monster while he was fingering and sucking.

I found out when he held my hand and put it on his dick. As I held his dick, I was shocked. I turned my head from Vikram to what I was holding. It was something I had never seen in real. It was 8 inches long and 3 inches thick, and uncircumcised. It looked like a monster.

The moment I saw it, my pussy released a load. I started stroking his dick. Kishor pulled his finger. It was full of my slippery juices. He then licked his finger totally and again pushed inside my pussy. Rajesh then removed his pant. He had an average of 6 inched dick. I held it and started stroking. Rajesh also put one finger inside my pussy. They both were fingering me simultaneously. Then they both took one boob inside their mouth and started sucking like there’s no tomorrow. I was enjoying every bit of it.

They bit my nipples like hungry dogs. Then they made me lie down and continued what they were doing. Jay was returning from the washroom and saw two men enjoying my naked body. Vikram rushed to him and told him everything.

His face showed a slight sign of disapproval, but the pleasure in my face erased it all. After few minutes, Kishor and Rajesh stopped sucking and pulled out their finger. Both of them licked their finger. Then they made me sit in the doggy style.

Kishor was behind me. He parted my ass cheeks and sniffed my pussy as well as asshole. Then he licked from asshole to pussy and then put his tongue inside my pussy. He was drinking my juices.

Rajesh was in front of me. I placed my arms on his thighs and put my tongue out. He rubbed his dick on my tongue and then slowly pushed it inside. He was fucking my mouth slowly and gently.

Kishor then pulled out his tongue and started licking my asshole. He pushed deeper and deeper and deeper with each second. Meanwhile, Rajesh was also pushing his dick further in my mouth but too slowly to realize. He was entering his whole dick in my mouth and then pulling it whole out.

It felt like everything was happening in slow motion. Then we came back to our senses as all of us heard a strong whistle. It was the park security. During 1 PM, they sweep and check if everyone is keeping the normal decency. We surely weren’t.

I got scared and almost jumped. But I couldn’t as two strong guys were holding me down.

They said, “Don’t stand naked.”

Yes, for a second, I forgot that I was naked. We had to move somewhere. But if we all go together, we might get in trouble with the police. Being the permanent gardeners, both Kishor and Rajesh had quarters in the park.

Kishor told Vikram and Jay to follow Rajesh through a different path and meet at their quarters in 15 minutes. Jay did not like the idea, but he had to go. Kishor and I took another route to their quarters. After 3 minutes, we took a right turn, and then suddenly, Kishor held me tightly and took me inside a gent’s toilet.

I was shocked to find it near. Both Vikram and Jay went to the toilet, but they took more than 10 minutes to return. I asked why he took me in here. He said that he saw few workers coming this way. He doesn’t want others to see us. So he took me inside.

We hurriedly went inside a cell and kept our mouths shut. Within minutes we heard noises. There were probably 3 guys that came inside the toilet. They were smoking and talking and, of course, peeing.

I think Kishor was waiting for this moment. He unzipped my top and started sucking my boobs. Someone must have heard the sound of unzipping my top.

A guy, “Who is in there?” (Kaun hai?)

Kishor, “It is me, Kishor.” (Main, Kishor.)

The guy, “Since when were you there? What the hell are you doing?” (Kabse andar hai tu? Aur kar kya raha hai?)

Kishor, “Nothing.” (Kuch nahi.)

Kishor bit my nipples, and I slightly made a sound.

Another voice, “I think he is watching porn and jerking off.” (Mereko lag raha hai woh porn dekh raha hai aur muth mar raha hai.)

First guy said, “What the fuck! In morning!” (Kya yaar! Itni subah subah!)

Kishor knew I wouldn’t want to get caught. I was in a position where I would do whatever he said. Without wasting any more minutes, Kishor replied, “Yes, bro, now let me do what I am doing and don’t disturb.” (Ha bhai, ab main jo kar raha hu mujhe kar ne do aur jao yahan se.)

Then he kissed me on my lips. Those guys laughed and went out. He took my lips inside his mouth and started sucking. I had no other option but to let him. His tongue was inside my mouth, swirling and twisting. He was squeezing my boob with one hand, and his other hand reached for my pussy under the skirt.

I was kind of disgusted but also felt horny. After few more minutes, he stopped. He told me to wait and went out. I guess he went out to see if those guys were gone or not. In a minute, he told me to come out. Then we rushed to his quarter. Jay and Vikram were already there.

Hi friends. First of all, I want to thank my dear friend Raj who helped write this story. You can say we both wrote this. I was busy, so I needed help, and he did.

Let me know what you think of the story about the outdoor fun with my boyfriend. I am so happy to get all your love. Let me know in the comments and mail me if you want to share something privately at – [email protected].

You can also connect with my friend at [email protected] He is a wannabe writer himself.

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