Saima’s Sexual Adventure With A Servant – Part 2

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The next day Saima was up early. She felt an erotic excitement with butterfly feelings in her stomach as she thought about her sexy fantasies. She made a quick breakfast for her husband and kids. As soon as they left for school and office, Saima called the housemaid and gave her instructions for the day’s work.

She took a taxi and left for her friend’s house. She saw that the servant was standing just outside the gate smoking a cigarette with another servant from the neighborhood. As they saw Saima, they said something smilingly. the other servant moved away, watching Saima intently.

Saima paid the taxi driver, and as soon as the taxi left, Saima smiled at the waiting servant. She walked up to the gate and kissed him on his lips right on the road. From the corner of her eyes, she saw the neighborhood servant staring at her.

But Saima was deeply in love with her friend’s servant (although she had still not even asked him his name). She really did not care about the other servant. She locked her lips with her friend’s servant on the road right outside the gate.

The servant started kissing her back. They exchanged their salivas with their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Saima was a little conscious about being in the open street. A part of her mind was wary about other people watching their erotic kissing. She enjoyed the fear of being caught in such an act.

This feeling of joyful fear and exhibitionism encouraged her to do more on the street. She allowed the servant to explore her breasts and her hips. The servant got the cue. He grabbed Saima’s shirt and pulled it off in a single go, leaving Saima smiling in her bra.

Saima lunged forward at the servant’s mouth to engage herself in another passionate kissing session. The servant unhooked Saima’s shalwar and let it drop to the floor, revealing her beautiful white thighs and nude ass.

Saima loved the feeling of being almost naked in the street as she noticed the neighborhood servant watching her with an open mouth. She also noticed from the corner of her eyes that he took out his mobile and clicked a few pictures of her wild kissing with the servant.

As Saima got excited, she stepped out of her shalwar completely. He turned her back to the servant, who immediately understood her gesture and unhooked Saima’s bra, sliding it off her breasts. As Saima’s bra fell to the ground, she turned to face the servant completely naked and smiled at him.

By now, a few more servants and drivers had come out of the neighboring houses. Thanks to the other servant’s phone calls who was watching Saima’s erotic naked beauty from a distance. Saima placed her arms on the servant’s shoulders and locked her lips with the servant in another wild kissing session.

But the servant wanted to move ahead. He picked Saima up in his arms completely naked and carried her into the house while leaving her clothes in the street. He also left the gate open for the neighborhood servants and drivers to follow them into the house.

The neighboring servant picked up Saima’s clothes and took a deep breath, trying to savor her feminine, sweet smell. He carried her clothes into the house as he bolted the gate from inside. He moved into the vacant house along with other servants and the drivers.

He saw Saima having wild sex with her friend’s servant in doggy style with her eyes closed. She moaned and sighed, expressing her love for her friend’s servant, “Oh! Janu! I am all yours! I just love your cock. Please ram it deep into me! I love you!”

The servant was quietly fucking Saima in the drawing-room. They both climaxed together, and Saima turned around and kissed him on his limp penis. They both noticed the audience. The servant smiled at Saima and said proudly, “These are my friends, Rani, and I wanted to show you to them.”

Hearing his proud remark about her, Saima smiled and said, “ Today! I would treat you all to a session of my nude dance. It is dedicated to my love who introduced me to new heights of lovemaking.” She pointed to her friend’s servant.

The servants cheered Saima and kissed her nude breasts and her clean shaved pussy. Someone started playing an erotic sexy song on his mobile. All the servants and drivers undressed and became completely naked. Sensing the situation, Saima moved to the center of the gathering.

She started dancing completely naked in front of the servants and drivers while they shagged their cocks and made nude videos of Saima’s naked dance. Saima loved the feeling of dancing completely naked for these low-class men. She started planting kisses on their erect penises to add spice to their erotic desires.

The result was instant. A few servants exploded their cum on Saima’s beautiful face as soon as she bent to kiss their penises. With a beautiful smile, Saima licked their cum and cleaned their penises with her tongue.

Saima moved to kiss her favorite servant’s penis. He grabbed her head and pulled it on his cock, thrusting his erect tool into Saima’s smiling mouth. Saima immediately understood his desire and started giving him a blowjob. She bent over her lover’s penis.

The servant on the other side had a beautiful view of Saima’s nude pussy and ass. He didn’t waste a second and inserted his cock into Saima’s inviting pussy. Saima enjoyed this double pleasure and smiled invitingly at the driver standing nearby, fisting his cock.

The driver understood Saima’s smile. He asked the servant at Saima’s pussy to move underneath her and keep fucking her pussy. Saima adjusted to sit on his penis. Meanwhile, the driver placed his penis on Saima’s asshole and lubricated it with his semen.

Saima nodded at him with a smile. Taking her cue, he inserted his penis into Saima’s ass and started fucking her. Saima really enjoyed this double penetration, and she continued deep-throating her friend’s servant’s penis. In a few minutes, they all climaxed together.

Saima slumped smilingly on the carpet in the middle of all the servants and drivers. She spent the rest of the day in multiple encounters of wild and passionate sex with the neighborhood’s servants and drivers.

It was only in the evening that they allowed her to get dressed for going home. And only after Saima promised to return tomorrow morning for more loving sex.

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