Outdoor Fun With My Girlfriend

Hi, I am Anil from a tier 2 city Warangal in Telangana. My age is 24 with an average built body and an average dick. This is a story of how I befriended a Muslim girl on Facebook and fucked her. Names of characters are changed for security reasons.

Starting off, the story goes back to 2014 when I was in engineering 2nd year. I have a friend named Sreenu. He used to text a girl he met through one of his friends. Her name is Saba. She studies in a women’s college affiliated to our college and a year junior to us.

Once when Sreenu was texting Saba I asked him about her. He said, “Bro, I met her through my friend. On the 1st meeting itself, she asked me for a cigarette. I gave her one and from that day we have been texting and she is so romantic. She talks about kissing always.”

Hearing this I got an idea and told him, “Let me help you text with her.”

Sreenu- “Do whatever you want, bro. Take my mobile.”

From then on I started texting Saba through Sreenu’s profile like him. After a few days, I sent her request on Facebook. I made up a story to convince her for chatting with me. She believed me and we started texting each other daily. She was a dumb girl who only know about kissing and nothing else.

She said she kissed a couple of boys when she visits Dubai. I slowly started texting her about masturbation, sex, and all the stuff. I used to explain Saba how to masturbate. I explained to her how to touch her pussy and rub it. She was scared to finger herself.

I asked her to try the water pressure. She said she could do that. One day while we were talking on the phone I asked her whether she tried something. She said no. I asked her to do it now. I slowly guided her through my instructions.

Me- “Go to the washroom and sit on the toilet seat and spread your legs wide.”

Saba- “Yes I did.”

Me- “Take the water handle and point it towards your pussy and release water.”

Saba-“Yes, I can do it”

As I hear the sound of water touch her body I also hear Saba moaning.

Me-“How does it feel?”


By hearing her husky voice I instantly got an erection. My dick was throbbing to come out. I freed my dick and started slowly stroking it.

Me-“Put it closer and increase the pressure.”

Saba-“Anil, this is so good.”

Me- “Yes, baby, yes. Just imagine my fingers in place of water.”

Saba-” That feels so good.”

Me-“I am stroking my cock imagining you, baby.”

Saba-“Yes, baby, yes stroke it for me.”

Me-“Suck me, bitch, suck while I finger your pussy.”

Saba-“Oh yeah Anil yeah give me your dick to taste.”

I was becoming hornier and jerking very fast as I heard Saba moaning. “Oh, this feels so good,” and she let out a loud moan, probably cumming. That sounds made me cum very hard like I never had.

Me-“Oh, baby, that was awesome. How was your first experience?”

Saba-“I never thought it would feel this good.”

Me-“Trying your fingers would be more heavenly than you could imagine.”

Saba-“Yeah, I guess so. That will be for another time.”

From then I used to teach her how to finger herself. I used to send her some masturbation tutorial videos. I introduced her to the world of masturbation and she now uses three fingers. We sexted a lot and masturbate over sexts. We used to have phone sex too.

I never met her personally. I told her I wanted to meet and kiss her. At first, she didn’t accept it. But later I convinced her to meet once and decide. One day Saba met me and oh my god she was way sexy than I thought. Her face covered in hijab was the sexiest ever I have seen.

Her red lips instantly made my mouth watery and I thought to kiss them at any cost. After we said hello I asked her to park her scooty somewhere and come with me. We then went on my bike and talked about a few things.

While we were having kulfi at a roadside shop I tried kissing her. But she didn’t allow me to kiss. I was disappointed and told her the same. After that day I started encouraging her for kissing by sending kiss pictures and videos. She got convinced. We met one day after the sunset as she didn’t want to get caught by anyone.

When we met, I took her to a lonely road where no one comes. I parked my bike and took her face in my hands. She was feeling very shy and was not lifting her head. I bent a little and put my lips on her. Guys, those lips were like honey. So sweet, so soft and juicy. Then she started responding and kissing me back.

I took her lower lip between my lips and sucked it. Then I started entering my tongue which she passionately welcomed and we did this for 5 minutes. We embraced ourselves and kissed like there was no tomorrow. It was my first kiss. I wanted it to be more than just a kiss.

So I slowly started kissing her on the neck which made her body shiver. I kissed again and licked her neck with my tongue. She was lost in my kisses. Her hot breath was tingling my neck. She was also kissing my neck and moaning my name. Then I started moving my hands on her back rubbing tenderly.

She was moaning because of my kisses. Then I slowly started to take my hands on her ass. I cupped her ass cheeks firmly which made her jump. I started massaging her ass and her moans were increasing in my ears. Slowly I brought my left hand to the front.

I moved on her body through her boobs over the burqa. She got shivers with my touch. Then I cupped her right breast with my left hand over her burqa. She had small breasts but I could feel her erect nipples because of her horniness and her breathing became heavy.

Though she was becoming hot by my actions she realized what was happening and pushed my hand and stepped back from me.

Me-“What’s wrong?”

Saba – ” I can’t do this. We are crossing lines, you just asked for a kiss and you are going way forward.”

Me- “But you were enjoying.”

Saba-” I couldn’t control. I never felt like this, take me from here now.”

I thought to myself that I shouldn’t take things so fast. She might not like at once and may even leave me. So I said, “Ok, I am sorry I just got carried away by your hotness and all the sex chat we used to have.” I gave her a gentle peck on lips.

She smiled and said, “It’s ok. I also got carried away so much with your kisses. Now let’s go from here before someone catches us.”


We came back to her scooty and then went to our houses. Later at night, she texted me saying, “The kiss was awesome. I never got kissed so passionately.”

Me-” I enjoyed too. That was my first kiss but you didn’t satisfy me completely.” Saying this I sent a sad emoji.

Saba-“I know you would become naughty when we kiss. But I wanted to kiss you so badly that is why I accepted. But your hormones were too active for me. Lol.”

Me-“Don’t laugh, ok. I wanted to feel you. You make me so horny with the texting and all.”

Saba-“Don’t get sad. We have a long way to go, my boy.”

Me-“So I have to again just stroke my dick and sleep with your thoughts?”

Saba-“Have a nice jerking, bye.”

After that, I just imagined how her breast felt and jerked off 2 times before I went to bed.

This is it, guys, for now. Stay tuned for the next part. I will share how I got to finger Saba and get a handjob from her. Give your feedback at [email protected] Girls in and around my city can also ping me for some fun.

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