Roommates Became My Sex Partners

Hi Friends, this is Raj from Bangalore with real experience.

I am staying alone in one of the apartments in South Bangalore. In the recent past, the society I am staying decided to vacate all the bachelors from my apartment. As there was a change in society management, I don’t have any option other than leaving the house.

As I was in this apartment for almost two years, I used to the place and don’t want to leave. In my adjacent flat there are 3 guys and 2 girls staying and all of them are working. As the flat is owned by one of the guys, society management can’t vacate them.

I knew one of the guys there and I used to play badminton with him whenever I have time. So, I was telling him about my problem. He said he will discuss it with other guys to accommodate me. I was interested to join them as I liked the place and its nearby to my office.

A small brief about the people who are there in the flat. As I said, 3 guys and 2 girls, all of them are working in the same company. There are three rooms in the flat, one guy and girl were sharing one room. That guy is the owner of the flat and she is his girlfriend.

Another girl is a friend of her and she is in another room. Two other guys were sharing the other room. At this point, no need to have the details of those guys. Sushma is sharing the room with her boyfriend.

The other girl is Amrita and she is a Mallu girl. 27 years old and amazing structure. 34 C boobs and 36 butts sized typical Mallu girl.

I have seen Sushma and her boyfriend Rakesh fucking in their bedroom as I can see from my balcony. As I know all the guys there, whenever I am free I used to go to their home and partied with them many times. So, I am very familiar with all the guys.

During weekend parties Sushma used to wear very explosive dresses whereas Amrita used to be a little reserved. She won’t drink much that too only wine. As I also don’t drink anything other than wine, we two became good friends and we used to chat a lot.

As I had enough fun with opposite flat Padmaja and my office colleague Pooja, I didn’t have any bad intentions on Amrita. The next day, the guy confirmed no one has any objection for me sharing their flat. I was happy as I am continuing in the same apartment building.

As there are no rooms available, I used to sleep on the sofa and use the common washroom. Time passed, I and Amrita became close friends. After a few months due to some work, I couldn’t travel to my native on the weekend. Whereas all the three guys have got some official work and went to Delhi.

So, it’s me, Sushma and Amrita were in the home. We were bored and decided to have some drinks. Sushma had whiskey, I and Amrita were having wine. Sushma finished a one-half bottle of whiskey and she was full tight. I and Amrita finished one bottle of wine and I was also tight.

We decided to play music and started dancing. I and Sushma were dancing, she was in her sleeveless low-neck top with mini shorts. I was in my shorts and a t-shirt. As we started dancing, due to alcohol influence, both of us were started brushing each other bodies.

Amrita was encouraging us to dance more and at one point, Sushma started kissing on my cheeks and shoulder. I started smooching her hip and kissed on her lips for which Sushma also well cooperated. She pulled my t-shirt and hugged me. She started playing with my nipples and kissed my nipple.

Slowly she started sucking my nipples. I got damn hot by the act of Sushma. I don’t know what happened with Amrita. She also came towards us and hugged me from the back. She just scratched my cock on my shorts and kissed my shoulder from the back. I was like, double shocked.

I pulled Sushma’s t-shirt and then her shorts. She was in her pink bra and black panty. I turned and hugged Amrita, stared lip kiss. My god, the way she cooperated was amazing and we exchanged our saliva. It was a long lip lock. Meantime Sushma removed my shorts and started stroking my cock.

I pulled Amrita’s t-shirt and jeans. Now both the girls with their bra and panty, I was fully nude. Both the girls went down and started kissing my cock and balls. By now, my cock was like 90 degrees straight. Sushma took into her lovely mouth and started giving deep suck. Then she gave it to Amrita to taste.

Both the girls were giving blowjob one on one and I was like flying. As I had a good amount of wine, I was not leaking for a long time. At last, both the girls made me leak on their mouths, which they had without wasting a drop of it.
Then I took both into Sushma’s bedroom.

Now, both the girls were in full mood. They removed their bra and panty. Wow, it was an awesome pussy. Both the pussies were cleanly shaved and puffy. As I have seen Sushma’s pussy earlier from my balcony, I know how clean it is. I was amazed to see Amrita’s nude body.

She has amazing assets. Nice boobs without sagging and a nice butt too. Both got into bed and started squeezing each other boobs. They were in a lip lock and started caressing each other pussy. Their hands were playing with other’s pussy.

As I was seeing them, they went to 69 position and started sucking each other’s pussy aggressively. By seeing that, my cock was ready for the next round. I went to bed and started sucking Amrita’s beautiful boobs. She started moaning loudly. Her sound made me aggressive in sucking.

As I was sucking Amrita’s boobs, Sushma again started her blowjob to me. Meantime her fingers were into Amrita’s pussy and my fingers into Sushma’s pussy. As everyone was engaged, there was too much screaming in the room. Amrita pushed me down and sat on my cock.

She started fucking me hard and meantime Sushma sat on my mouth. I was giving, mouth pleasure to Sushma. Everyone became aggressive with each other. First, Sushma got her orgasm and then me and Amrita at the same time. After I load my cum into Amrita’s pussy, Sushma went to suck all that out.

Both the girls were exchanging with a lip lock. That night we had one more round and next day Sunday two more rounds of a hard fuck. We all were nude for the next whole day. The guys were expected in the evening. So we three took bath together in the evening and had another round of fuck. Then we dressed up.

The next day onwards, I was sharing the room with Amrita and every night we used to sleep nude. Almost every other day we fuck and sometimes, Sushma used to join us after making her boyfriend sleep.

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