Hot Girl Gets Seduced In The Train

Hi readers, this is Hero from Hyderabad. I am well-built, 19 years of age, and 175 cms of height. I am studying in Delhi.

Today, I am going to share my recent real sex experience. As I am new here, I might make some mistakes. I request you to ignore those mistakes and imagine yourself in my position.

As it was the time for Durga puja vacation, I was travelling from Delhi to my house in Hyderabad. I was about to board the train when I noticed there was a girl of 26 years in the chart. She was also travelling from Delhi to Hyderabad. I was very happy and excited to see a lady as my co-passenger.

It was a 3 tier AC compartment. I went to my compartment and saw she was already present. She was very beautiful.

Let me describe her. She was about 168 cms of height and her body size was 34-28-36. Yes, she had a very hot figure. She was white in complexion and had perfect round boobs and pink lips. She was wearing a blue colour churidar and dark blue pants. Wow, she was looking amazing!

There were 4 more passengers – two were an old couple and the other two were young children of the passenger in side-lower. My berth was middle berth. She had lower berth which was opposite to mine. The old couple was having upper and middle berths.

The train started moving. I was sitting beside the young girl and my shoulder was often touching hers.

After some time, I went to the bathroom, removed my underwear and came without it and sat beside her. I did so because I wanted her to notice my dick. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of touching and enjoying any part of her body.

After 1 hour of the journey, the old couple was ready to sleep as it was almost 9 pm. All the people in the compartment were adjusting to sleep.

I was still looking at the girl. She was also ready to sleep. She asked me to switch off the lights which I did. Then I lied down and slept off due to tiredness.

The time was about 2 am when I woke up. The whole compartment was quiet. There was just a small light glowing. However, I could see her clearly. She was in deep sleep. 1/4th of her boobs were popping out. I could see them clearly. Due to the jerk of the train, those melons were shaking which made it irresistible to me.

As I was in such an erotic situation for the first time, my penis quickly got hard by watching it. I just wanted to touch the hot girl’s boobs. My hands were trembling. What should I do was the only question running in my mind.

Finally, I decided to touch those boobs thinking, whatever happens, I don’t care. So, I bent from the middle berth to reach the lower berth on the opposite side and touched her breast! It felt very soft like a balloon filled with water. It was bouncing.

Then I removed my hand. My hot co-passenger was still in deep sleep and didn’t felt that I touched her.

I touched her boobs again. This time, I pressed them. Still, there was no response. Then I gathered more courage and inserted my hand inside her top. I realized that she was not wearing a bra! I touched her nipple. Oh god, it was as soft like the cream in ice cream.

I was scared a little bit but I was enjoying that touch anyway. I removed my hand and again inserted it into her top. I did it three times. Now I couldn’t hold back. I wanted her to touch my dick and masturbate.

I took her hand and lifted it. She moved and I thought I just disturbed her sleep and quickly left her hand. But after 1 minute, I again took her hand and lifted it. This time, she really woke up and saw what I was doing! She looked at me angrily. I was terrified. I thought she might call someone. But she didn’t.

She scolded me and again went back to sleep. In such a terrible situation, I also slept.

It was about 6 in the morning. I was pretending to be asleep even though I woke up with my morning erection. I removed the blanket on my legs. The girl woke up in the morning at that time. As I was not wearing any underwear, the 90 degrees erection of my penis could be clearly noticed.

She got up and started adjusting her hair. At that time, her eyes fell on the bulge made by my erect dick. I was pretending to be asleep. So, she slowly started looking at it closely.

I was furious seeing her double-face and inserted my hand into my pants while still pretending to be sleeping. While doing so, my pants suddenly got down and my penis was clearly visible. She looked at it with blinking. Her eyes were full of lust. But I simply adjusted my pants again.

She saw it and she went to the bathroom and freshened herself. It was nearly 10 in the morning. I got up and freshened myself too. I was unable to look at her because of the last night’s incident. But she was talking to me normally.

I came to know that the train was 17 hours late due to the repairing of the track. I was happy and sad too. I was happy because I can spend more time with her and sad because I would be reaching home late.

Around 9 in the night, all the passengers were ready to sleep. I was helping the old couple to take their bag. I saw the girl was trying to take her bag too. When she bent slightly, I saw her cleavage. This made me horny again. My penis was alive and was getting hard.

As I was still not wearing an underwear, the bulge was very prominent. At that time, I was right in front of her. She noticed the bulge. She asked me to turn the light off. I did it.

I was ready to take position for sleeping in my berth. As I was about to climb, the girl asked me to wait and sit in her seat. She wanted to go to the bathroom. I agreed. Then she came and bent to take her towel. I saw her cleavage again. Slowly, my penis was getting hard again. She saw it and touched it directly this time! I was in shock for a while.

She just smiled. She asked me if I can cum for her. It was an incredible feeling for me. I agreed even though still in disbelief. I asked her to wait till everybody sleeps. She said ok.

It was the time I was waiting for. We went to the bathroom together. She asked cum now. I asked her to make me horny. She smiled and started kissing me from my neck to my ears, cheeks and then my lips. It was the best feeling ever I had till now.

then we started smooching deeply. Meanwhile, I inserted my hand inside her top and placed it on her breasts. She slowly removed my pants and saw my tool raising. She kissed it and started sucking it. As I was an amateur, I couldn’t hold for long and cummed in her mouth within minutes.

Then she removed her clothes and showed me her hot body. It was like a dream coming true for me – watching a beautiful girl like her and that too, nude. Awesome feeling!

I was also fully naked in no time. We smooched for about 10 minutes. Then we got dressed as it was risky to try anything else. We went and slept. In the morning, we arrived at our destination and said goodbye to each other.

Thank you, guys. Hope you like my first and beautiful experience. For any suggestions, mail me at [email protected]

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