My Princess And me With Another Couple

Hello guys, I am Rohan from Hyderabad. I have completed my B.Tech in a local college and now doing a Masters in IT in Melbourne. I am 24 years now and have an average body type. Also, I’m the average height with a bit hairy chest and have a 6.5-inch hard tool.

Coming to the story. I have a girlfriend her name is Shreya. Normal color but stunning attractive face with chapped lips which makes everyone feel like kissing those rosy lips at least once. Her stats: 32-28-32. I’ve seen a lot of men staring at her which makes me feel proud of my girlfriend.

I proposed to her when I was in my UG. And still, we are in a relationship. So here the story starts. I was a friend of her initially but I had lust on her looking at her stats. So one fine day we went to the movie. She was wearing a baby pink tight cold shoulder top and black jeans. It gave me an instant hard-on.

So I thought to spend some time with her as we are having holidays and she was going home. I convinced her to spend some time. We sat on steps and kept talking. But all of a sudden I kissed her cheeks. She was shocked and gave me a light slap. Then I said sorry but she was a bit serious.

We went to the scary house following my plan so that I can touch her if she feels scared. But she said no. I pleaded her and finally, she said okay. I was jumping in joy inside that I can touch her. We went in and as you all know it is so dark that we can’t see anything.

I started touching her from the back. She was in no mood as she was feeling scared. I was doing my work. I hugged her from back rolling my hands on her stomach. Guys, trust me I don’t even know when we came out. She was normal as she didn’t put much attention to what I did. Then she went home.

On that holiday I proposed her and she said yes. Guys, like many boys I too have a lot of fantasies which I wanna fulfill with her. I feel like playing with her body in the middle of the class. I did touch her boobs in a way that no one notices it.

I kissed her on the college terrace. I did romance pressing her against the wall in my hall when no one was around. And in this story, I will just finish off by telling you guys about one incident which happened in our love life. I bet you guys will have a hard-on.

So that was in January 20**. It was my best friend Abhinay’s birthday. So I surprised him in a pub near our college. Me, my girlfriend, her best friend Anusha and her boyfriend Manith a total of 5 are in the pub. We all started boozing.

Shreya was having a beer with Anusha and us 3 guys were on pegs. Once we were a bit high we thought to leave the place. Anusha was drunk for the first time and she was not conscious. I thought let’s take the girls to my flat. We 5 went to my flat as I and my bestie were sharing the flat.

We went in and had some casual talks. Then I felt a hard-on as we did not get the private time. So I was lying on my bed near the wall. Shreya next to me then Anusha and her boyfriend followed by Abhinay. Then I put the blanket on me and Shreya and Manith did the same to her. Poor Abhinay was alone and he couldn’t do anything.

I put the window blinds on and started the show. We were under the sheets. My girlfriend was cooperative never like before because she is a bit high because of beers. Then I started kissing her forehead, eyes nose and my favorite part lips I started to smooch her.

She was responding fine. Meanwhile, I started to fondle her boobs. I love her boobs a lot and started to press them on her bra. I just did that on clothes. I couldn’t undress her because those guys are by my side. Then she was in full mood the same as me.

I was checking the guys beside and they were busy under the sheets. Abhinay was busy on his phone and of course, checking the couples with a corner eye. As every man will have cravings for that. I then went ahead by unbuttoning her jeans. Slowly I removed her zip too.

She was in heaven and not even thinking about the couple beside. I jumped on her kissing her face lips then neck then pressing her boobs over her bra and kissing her belly. Then I lowered her pant and smelled over her panty. OMG, that aroma of her drops of urine or don’t know what it was.

But I went mad smelling her panty. I was aroused and I started kissing her pooku(pussy) over the panty. Licking and biting it slowly and I undid her panty till her upper thighs. She resisted me but I forced and did lower her panty. Meanwhile, Manith also came on top of Anusha.

He was licking her boobs area. I can see over the blanket his head is near her boobs. I didn’t know whether he wanted or not, but once he tried to touch my girlfriend pointing his hands out. He was close to her. But she then asked me is that your hand.

She warned him that his hands were close to her and then he took off his hand. I saw Abhinay watching that couple and winked at him. And I went inside the blanket and started to kiss her pussy. I love that, man. Before I used to think that how can people lick pussy. But now the perception changed.

My girlfriend never allowed me to touch her pussy. But maybe drink effect that was the first time and that too with a couple and a guy beside she allowed me. I licked her pussy. She was pressing my head towards her pussy playing with my hair.

I licked her pussy at least for 5 minutes. It was wet. I felt salty taste which made me feel horny. Then I told her to wear the panty and pants. I wanted a blowjob then but I couldn’t because of the couple beside. I stopped there and waited for the couple to stop their romance too.

After that, we went for dinner and dropped the girls off at their hostels. Guys, have you ever tried this kind of romance? I masturbated many times imagining 2 couples on the same bed which made me cum fast. I later asked my friend what did you do when we are doing romance?

He said openly that I tried to watch the other couple as you are my bestie. He has a lust for Anusha. That’s all, guys. Feel free to comment and girls who want any help or sex chat or massage or sex ping me in hangouts.

Guys how did you feel the story is. This is a genuine story and there are many more episodes that I will narrate in the future based on your interest. Please do comment about your feeling after the story sorry if you are not satisfied. Thank you for reading my story. You can mail me at [email protected]

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