Neha, Sneha and Me

Hey, I’m back with another story. I hope you have read my previous stories as well. If not, you can check them out too.

So this is a fantasy. I have been with both of them separately at different points in time. But I’ve been thinking about both of them and myself together a lot.

Sneha and I have been physically close for a while. She is my junior from college. She used to have a crush on me in my bachelor days, and we started talking, after which we came closer. We lived in different cities, so it had been a long time since we met.

We were in the same city right now. So she called me to meet her in the college where she had some work. She told me she was going to be with her friends and meet after she gets her work done. So I went to meet her there. To my surprise, she was with Neha, among others.

I hadn’t talked to Neha in quite a while. Her face glowed up seeing me. I greeted her, and the three of us separated from the group. We were walking downstairs. We were talking about how much has changed in a year. Sneha and I were looking at each other because we had other plans.

So when we reached the ground floor, Sneha said something and went to the lower ground floor. I understood that I had to follow. So I told Neha that I have to leave and took the long route to reach the ground floor. It was silent and quite dark. I saw Sneha standing by the first room on the lower ground floor.

As I was walking towards her, I was checking her out. Cute crop top and blue jeans with a little backpack. I stood in front of her, and I told her, “She is probably waiting for you.” Sneha said, “Let her,” and we began kissing.

She dropped her bag, and I pulled her closer, wrapping my arms around her waist. I moved my hands all over her back. I slowly walked her up to the wall while kissing her. My hand was now in her hair, and I was kissing her passionately.

I broke the kiss and went on to kiss her neck. I kissed and licked her neck. She was a little sweaty. It was a turn-on. I fondled her boobs and kissed her chest, leaving marks. It was clear we both have been wanting it for a long time. I pulled her top out, leaving her in a white bra.

I kissed her neck whispered to her, “Go down.” I was convinced she wouldn’t do it, but to my surprise, she did. On her knees, she kissed my dick from above my jeans. I helped her unbutton me. She pulled the dick out and held it in her hand.

She licked the tip and gave me a few strokes pulling the foreskin back. She took it in her mouth and sucked me slowly. In no time, she took half of it. I was enjoying the warm feel of her mouth. I played with her hair and sometimes looked at her do things with her tongue.

I sometimes looked away, biting my lip and groaning in pleasure. And suddenly I saw Neha on the stairs. She was halfway down the stairs and could see us. She had her phone in her hand with the camera towards us. We had eye contact, both of us didn’t know how to react.

Sneha was blowing me while all this is happening. Neha ran. I immediately pulled my dick, adjusted my pants in a hurry saying, “Neha, wait.” I ran after her and met her on the ground floor. She was angry and confused. I immediately took her phone, unlocked it with her id, and saw the gallery.

She had taken a few photos. I asked her if she was going to blackmail us. She said, “I don’t know.” She wasn’t talking much and just looking down. She was glancing at my boner. I took her hand and placed it on my tent. I thought she would remove her hand from there, but she didn’t.

She looked at me. I immediately put my hand behind her neck, pulled her close, and kissed her. Neha and I have had our incidents before. I have posted a story or two about it. So without any doubts, she kissed me back. 2 minutes into the kissing, she whispered in moans, “Oh god, it’s hard.”

Her little hand was still on my boner, feeling it and holding it over my jeans. I broke our kiss, held her hand, and took her to the ground floor with me. I couldn’t find Sneha there. I looked around and found her in one of the classrooms touching herself.

I realized that I left her hanging. I entered the classroom, and Neha entered behind me and closed the door. I asked Sneha, “Do you wanna continue where we left off?” She just glanced at me once and continued touching herself. Neha came and touched my hands. I immediately turned to her and kissed her.

She is short 4’11”. So I picked her up and made her sit at the desk. I kissed and removed her red top. I wanted to remove her black jeans too. She was wearing a thin belt. Her waist was a little exposed, and the jeans fit her so well. She is short, but her ass is nicely shaped. The jeans showed off her curve perfectly.

I loosened the belt and unbuttoned her jeans. She was wearing blue panty. I didn’t break the kiss at all and slid my hand under her panty. She was moist. I rubbed it slowly. The feeling of her bush on my wrist was nasty. I licked my finger to taste her.

I looked at Sneha and licked my finger to tease her. She immediately got up. I put my hand back inside Neha to make Sneha taste it. She came, and I put my finger in front. She licked it nastily. I told her, “Make her taste it too.” So Sneha kissed Neha in front of me.

I slowly slid my hand back into her panty and made Neha moan in Sneha’s mouth while they kiss. Such a sexy sight it was. I decided to go down on Neha. I pulled off her jeans and panty to her knees and began licking her pussy. Neha removed Sneha’s t-shirt completely.

Now both of their boobs were free. Sneha has bigger boobs, while Neha’s are more perky and round. Sneha was pinching Nehas nipples and kissing her deeply. I ordered Sneha to spank Nehas boobs. Neha immediately smirked after hearing this.

Neha’s right boob bounced from the hard slap the next moment, and her mouth was left open. Wasting no time, I pushed my finger inside her vagina, making her moan and bite her lower lip to contain it. I finger fucked her and licked her clit till it came hard on my finger.

I was hard by now, but I was wearing my jeans. So I pulled my pants down, and Sneha immediately went on her knees to suck me. Now, Neha was naked with her jeans hanging at her knees, sitting in front of me on the desk. Sneha on her knees in between, both of them sucking me good.

I was looking at Neha and touching her nipples, pinching them very gently. I was looking at her lustfully. I grabbed her face very tightly with my right hand. My left hand was in Sneha’s hair, occasionally pushing her head down my dick. I leaned slightly towards Neha.

I pulled her face closer with my tight grip, and I kissed her. I kissed and broke the kiss and then licked her lips with my tongue as if they were her pussy lips. Then I pushed my tongue deep in her mouth to fight with her little tongue. I was winning. I slowly moved to her jaw and kissed it.

She has a sharp jawline which I love. Then I moved to her neck and kissed her there. I left marks, probably. Sneha got up and pushed Neha further on the table, making her lie down and making room for herself. The only thing she said was, “Fuck me,” and bent over on the table.

She spread Neha’s legs and licked her. I spread her legs and touched her naked ass. I spanked her and asked, “What did you just say?” She didn’t reply and kept on licking Neha. I spanked her harder. She moaned slightly and continued to lick. I know she was waiting for me.

I was touching her pussy walls and teasing her. I rubbed the tip of my dick on her pussy. I wanted her to speak up and ask for it again. I clutched her hair in my palm, pulled her up, spanked her, and asked, “What did you just say?” She bit her lower lip, moaned, and said, “Fuck me, daddy.”

So I entered her halfway while still pulling her hair. She was moaning. I kept up the pace and fucked her with half of my length inside her. I let go of her hair and placed both my hands on her waist. I gave her slow strokes, knowing she would ask me to go faster, which she did.

I spanked her immediately and started increasing my pace. Switching my rhythm from slow to fast, a few slower strokes in between, and going harder again till almost all 6 inches were inside her. I looked at Neha, and she used her lips to spell, “Fuck me,” without making a sound.

I spanked Sneha again and stopped fucking her. I asked her to sit on my mouth. I lay down on the floor, and she immediately sat on my face. I signaled Neha to come to ride me. She came on top and sucked my dick. She stroked my dick with her hand and licked my balls good.

I couldn’t see her, but I could imagine her licking my balls according to the feeling I couldn’t hold back. I wanted to cum. She probably felt my dick throbbing. She knew. She put it in her mouth and didn’t let go. I came into Neha’s mouth. I moaned loudly with my mouth on Sneha’s pussy.

I was in pleasure and was relaxed at the same time. I asked Sneha to grind on my face. I said it because I could gather the effort to stick my tongue out, and I also like it. Neha was kissing my body, my chest. I knew I had to fuck her. Sneha came on my face by this time, and she got up.

Neha came up to my face and kissed me. Her hand was touching my limp dick and balls. We kissed for a while on the floor. I gained a little energy in few minutes. I came on top of her and kissed her. Hands to her pussy. She was soaked. My finger just slid in like butter.

I made her lick my finger. I put my finger inside her again, and rubbed it all on her boobs, and spanked it. She forced her head to the floor. It hurt a little. We laughed. But now I was hard again. So I teased her with my dick, and her laugh suddenly became a little moan.

Then I pushed it in, and it glided halfway in. I picked up the pace pretty quickly and fucked her fast. Going deeper with every stroke, I fucked her till she came on my dick. I didn’t stop till I came inside her.

They took wet and dry tissues from their bags and cleaned up. Then went to the washrooms. I washed my face. We left together.

Two days later, I met Neha again. Do tell me if you want to hear that part too. This one is a real incident so tell me if you want me to post it. Send me responses on [email protected] I appreciate it.

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