Metro Ride And Then Riding The Metro Girl Shefali

Hello readers and love enthusiasts, this is me Simple Fun Guy back with another one of my true sex stories.

As always, I only write from my own personal experience and none of my stories are fiction or made up at any point. With all due respect to fantasy writers, I find that writing from experience or at least based on reality brings depth to the stories. Philosophy aside, let me delve into the story.

A large part of life in Delhi for Delhi residents is spent in traveling in the Delhi Metro. When I stepped onto the metro cabin that day, about a year ago, I had no indications that things would be any different than the usual.

I stepped onto the metro about 6 am and was annoyed to find it packed. There was not a single seat remaining and moving around had also become a tedious task. Nevertheless, since I was stuck near the entrance, I had to move.

Jostling and pushing, I managed to find myself near the mid-section of two cabins, in front of the twin seats. I workout rigorously and regularly, so, pushing off crowds was usually not a problem. I had my earphones on and wasn’t really paying attention, but there were a lot of people today. The environment was uncomfortable at best.

Within minutes, I was distracted from my music from this voice I felt directed at me. I turned towards the twin seats and found myself staring right into the eyes of this 23-something girl, either on the way to work or on the way to a meeting of sorts.

She had a business suit on, a black blazer on the outside and a shirt tight enough to make me lose a bead of sweat down the back of my neck. She had fair skin, short in height (probably around 5’2″) and had the most adorable and innocent look that defied explanation.

I regained my composure, removed my earphones and angled my head as if to say “Hmm?”

“Can you please tell me how to get to Lajpat Nagar station?” she asked.

“Sure, give me a moment,” I replied as I fumbled in my phone to look up directions from us to the Lajpat Nagar station.

Just as I was about to figure out the details for her, another wave of the crowd rushed into the metro cabin and the situation turned immediately intense. A bunch of people pushed me from the back and unable to balance myself, my chest and groin area suddenly pushed straight into her face since she was sitting!

I tried to push back and she did as well, but the number of people was too many. There was an old man sitting next to her, oblivious and sleeping peacefully (it was early morning, so mostly everyone was asleep), but for me, things were getting difficult.

A few seconds later, the situation stabilized and I managed to pull myself back. Red-faced, both her and me, we were speechless for a few seconds.

“I am really sorry,” I said firmly. This was hardly my fault, the crowd was a nightmare and I can barely fight all of them off of me.

“It’s okay,” she said meekly, almost apologetically. I was confused as to why she seemed so guilty and red-faced. It didn’t add up.

As I tried to pull up the metro map and figure out things for her, she looked at me and down at my crotch. I pretended to not notice her, but I could tell from her head movements what she was doing, but I didn’t understand why.

“I am Shefali and I am new here,” she said softly. “I am sorry for putting you through all this trouble.”

“It’s fine,” I said as I bent down to finally explain the route, I was in for a shock. Unknown to me, while I was engrossed in my phone, she had opened the top 3 buttons on her shirt and now I was staring straight down her chest!

I was staring straight into her blue colored bra and since I was standing right in front of her, with my large frame (body-building and swimming), I was covering her completely.

I could see her amazing creamy skin folding down into the beautiful cleavage in the middle. I looked up, partly confused and mostly incredibly turned on at this point and she was biting her lower lip and staring right at me.

“Can you please explain that once again?” she said in the softest, most innocent voice possible.

I bent down a little more and moved a little closer when she suddenly did the unexpected: with one swift motion, she moved her hand and placed it right on my pants, exactly on my cock and started feeling it!!

I started sweating a bit, the situation rapidly getting out of hand and looked around. Everyone was asleep now and nobody had a clue as to what was going on.

She started to move her hands all over my crotch, feeling my rising and at that point, hard cock gently.

“Very smart, Shefali,” I said, with a slight grin and she knew exactly what I was talking about. She was in the position and angle to do whatever she wanted and I couldn’t move or do anything in response. But incredible luck was on my side.

Somehow, among all the things that were happening, we had reached Lajpat Nagar station. She got off her seat as I stepped out of the metro and motioned her to follow me. I remember my close friend Shabnam stayed nearby and I called her.

“Are you still at home?” I asked.

“No, I am at the office. Night shifts, I told you,” she replied. “Alia should be at home, but she’s probably about to leave for work too. What happened?”

“I will explain later. Tell her to leave the keys on the window, I will take it”.

“Okay, fine,” she replied begrudgingly. “I think I know what’s going on, but you owe me big time”.

I disconnected the call. I had a lot of things on my mind and owing her was hardly the first. I looked to my side and checked out Shefali top to bottom.

Within a minute of walking, we reached the apartment. I opened it with the keys, dutifully kept on the window-sill as instructed. Shefali entered as well, and I locked it. She looked nervous now and my first task was to make sure she felt good about it.

“Don’t be afraid, we’re going to have fun and if you don’t want to, you can leave.”

She looked at me for a moment and put her bag down. She bent down, fell to her knees and rubbed her cheek on my still hard cock.

“Make me your bitch please,” she said with the sweetest voice imaginable. With every answer, she was driving my inner animal crazy, proving to me that the most innocent girls are always the dirtiest and the best.

I stepped back a back and said, “Stand up and strip”.

She stood up like an obedient girl and took her blazer off and threw it on the sofa. One by one, she removed her shoes, her shirt, her pants until she was standing in front of me in just her blue bra and red panties. Now she was visibly nervous and actually seemed a bit scared.

I went behind her and smelled her neck, slightly biting it. An audible “Ah” escaped her mouth. I bent her down and look at her beautifully cute ass and slapped it hard. This time a much louder “Ouch!” escaped her mouth. Clearly, she hadn’t expected it.

“Take your bra and panties off and sit on the dining table,” I ordered.

Dutifully, she took them off and walked up to the table. She was just about to use the chair to climb up when I held her by the sides of her shoulders, picked her up and put her on the table. Now I was directly in front of her, fully clothed in my office-wear and her fully naked.

I observed her carefully and she really was gorgeous. She had amazing breasts, probably around 34Cs, a slim waist and a gorgeous innocent look on her face which hid her inner devilry very well.

I pushed her to the back a little and opened her legs and finally gave a good look at her pussy. It was cream-colored on the outside and surprisingly perfectly shaved and well maintained.

I parted it open with two of my fingers which made her blush, yet she looked straight at me while I was doing it. I moved ahead and gave it a heavy lick from the bottom to the top.

Immediately Shefali fell back, lying flat on the dining table while I was about to feast on her. She tasted amazing: clean, fresh, slightly tangy. Just like a pussy should.

I kept licking her, this time driving my mouth into her pussy and pushing my tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy. Her moans were getting incredibly loud at this point and she kept yelling occasionally to not stop.

My tongue darted around everywhere, inside and out, licking and tasted her cum, cleaning her insides, feeling her warm pussy walls and feeling her cum drip down my chin. It barely took a few minutes when I suddenly felt a large gush of warm cum escape her pussy and a loud moan escaped her and she slumped to her side.

I stood up and realized my shirt was ruined. There was sticking cum everywhere and though I wasn’t complaining, I should have taken it off.

“Shefali, are you okay?” I asked. I was genuinely concerned. She looked like she was in a deeply orgasmic rest. A high pitched “Hmm” left her mouth.

I took my pants off and removed my underwear. I was throbbing hard and I was hardly done. She, on the other hand, hadn’t even noticed me remove my pants and walking up to her, oozing precum all the way.

I was too turned on to control myself at this point. I flipped her to her back again, which seemed to have suddenly woken her up. She looked down and realized what was about to happen. She barely had time to register when I plunged my hard cock deep into her and this time, she screamed.

“Easy, easy,” she panted as I kept putting my cock out and thrusting it back deep within her. The thickness of my cock is something I have always been commented on and this time was no different.

“You’re too thick, please, take it easy,” Shefali pleaded but I was in no mood for bargaining. With each motion, I thrust myself deeper and deeper into her. Every time I pounded her soft, warm pussy, an audible “thud” reverberated in the room.

Within minutes the “thud, thud” echoed in the living room and I was sure someone standing outside would know from the sounds and smells exactly what was going on.

As I thrust harder and faster, I knew I was nearing completion but Shefali already had. She had leaked another large round of cum which had leaked all over my cock, making me penetrating her warm pussy even easier, and her moans made things easier for me.

Just as I felt the cum building up inside me, I said, “Open your mouth” as I pulled her off the table and pushed her to the floor.

Immediately, Shefali got down on her knees and started sucking my balls and nudging my balls with her cheek.

“Open your mouth,” I ordered once again and she looked at me confused, but like the good girl she was, she did it anyways. Just as she had opened it, I immediately stuffed my cock in her mouth and started ejaculating cum.

I looked down straight into her eyes and saw her eyes go wide. I am guessing this was her first swallow but she did it well and didn’t waste a drop.

When I was done, I pulled myself back a little but she held my balls tight and continue to lick my shaft. She held it at the base and pushed it up, pushing up the remaining cum to the top, which she licked and swallowed.

I pulled her up and kissed her deep.

“You taste amazing,” she said. “You are amazing,” I replied.

As we both got into the shower, we knew it was going to be a lovely day ahead. The story for that is for a later time. We exchanged numbers and kept in touch.

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