Enjoyed Hot Sex With Indian Cuckold In Dubai

Hello everyone, I am Roshan 28 from Mangalore but currently working in Dubai for a few years now. This story happened in august 2021 when I met an Indian couple in a mall in Dubai.

Since I work in a mall in Dubai, I go take have my food in the food court in the shopping mall. I was on the call and speaking was speaking in Kannada and that was when a couple noticed on the other table and asked me where I was from in Karnataka. I told them where I was from and they started to chit-chat with me.

The husband was 39 years old and his wife was 36 years old. I came to know their names as Vivek and Ashwini and this Indian couple were married for around 10 years and had 2 children.

We got along very well since they also were from Karnataka. When I was about to leave, Vivek asked for my phone number and told me that it was fun talking to me and we could meet more to talk. I was ok with that and gave them my number.

The very same day, Vivek started texting me and started asking about my background and if I had a girlfriend, etc. Finally, he opened up more and started talking about his sex life. He told me that after years of sex with his wife, now his penis wouldn’t erect properly and when it does, he cums too soon. He told me that his wife was not satisfied and wanted someone else to fuck her while he sat and watched.

I was amazed by this cuckold idea, but I was okay with this as Vivek’s wife Ashwini was a bomb. The Indian wife was about 5 feet tall, a little bit chubby but had very good-shaped boobs for her age. Her ass was round and amazing.

After having chatted with the cuckold husband, I met this couple in a cafe and since they were ok with it, we decided to ahead with the idea.

Since their children were with them, Vivek booked a room in a 5-star hotel in Dubai and shared the details. It was 6 pm when I reached the hotel and Vivek took me to the room. I and Vivek sat on the sofa and started talking about how he got this crazy idea.

Ashwini was inside the bedroom, she was very shy to come outside. The cuckold hubby convinced her and finally, she came outside. The married Indian lady was wearing a red gown through which I could see her boobs from the sides. She sat on the single chair and we talked for some time. And then Vivek called her and told her to sit between us.

She came and sat between us and Vivek immediately started to massage her boobs and kissed her on the lips. I was aroused by this scene and my penis was erect by then. I slowly started to put my hands on her thighs. Vivek told me, “You can do whatever you want.”

As I got the approval, I started massaging and sucking those melons. I even kissed her on the lips. By then, her hand was on my trousers and she already knew I had a big one. She told both of us to undress.

I and Vivek both undressed, she was very happy seeing my 8-inch cock erect. I saw Vivek’s cock which was still in a flaccid state and was very small. Still, his wife started stroking our dicks while we were sucking her boobs, kissing her and fingering her. Ashwini was wet. She told us both to stand and she started sucking our dicks together.

The married lady was an expert in sucking and I was controlling not to cum. Since I had few glasses of wine, I did not cum early. After sucking for a few minutes, we went to the bedroom. She took us to the bedroom with dicks in her hand.

Once we were in the bed, I and Vivek slept beside each other and Ashwini continued sucking our dicks. By then, I realized why she was not happy with her weak husband Vivek. Most of the time, my dick was in her mouth.

We were then planning to change position and that was when Vivek pounced on her pussy and started to suck while my dick was in Ashwini’s mouth. She was fully wet after a few minutes and now wanted a dick inside her.

The horny Indian wife put the condom on my dick in front of her husband and came on top of me. First, she kissed me, and then she put my dick slowly inside her. She slowly started jumping on dick. The room was soon filled with moans and the sound of tapping our thighs.

I told her to hold her pussy slightly higher so that I can fuck her hard. Ashwini did it and I immediately started fucking the unsatisfied married lady at a very high speed. The cuckold husband was surprised and commented that he had seen this kind of fucking in only porn.

The sound was loud since I was fucking Ashwini very hard. After a few minutes, I told her to lie down and I would fuck her in the missionary position.

Ashwini lied on the bed with her thighs openly inviting me and Vivek lying beside her. I brought my dick near her pussy and started teasing her. Meanwhile, Vivek was kissing her, she was very horny. And she was asking me to fuck her hard. I was just teasing her to see how horny the married woman was.

By then, she could not control, and she inserted my dick inside her fully and started to pull my hips toward her. I started to fuck her in that position for some time. She was very wet and she was pulling me toward her. I was tired after some time and we decided to change the position.

Now the final position, which was my favorite and which I was very good at. It was time for doggy style! The married lady was very excited as she never had sex in this position, as her husband’s dick would not reach her pussy correctly in this position.

I was out of the bed standing and sipping wine. She was already in doggy position with her hubby next to her and she was sucking his dick.

I came behind and started to insert my dick and slowly started to give hard thrusts. I held her hips and came to a strong position. I started fucking her hard and the sound of us fucking was like a machine working.

After fucking for about 15 minutes, I was about to cum. They both told me to remove the condom and cum on Ashwini’s belly. They wanted to see how much I cum.

So I removed the condom and stroked my penis and shot my cum, it was a huge load and it was thick. She wanted to taste it but wanted to play it safe. After this, I and Ashwini had a bath together.

And I had one more session with her. She was on top of me and Vivek sitting in a corner and stroking his dick. I fucked her hard again and her pussy was red like an apple. They both were happy and we 3 hugged together naked.

I left at midnight after a few romantic sessions. I had a few more sessions with the Indian cuckold couple after this and they were a happy couple to have a third person in their relationship.

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