My Hot Neighbor Aunty

Hello My dear readers. I am going to post my first story.  I have been following and reading almost all the stories in various categories like Couples, Office, Neighbour from this website for several years. This website has helped me understand various methods to seduce and finally succeed with one.

Let’s get into the introduction of the characters. This incident has happened between 2 characters, me and my neighborhood aunt.

Based on my work, I, Rajesh, 26 years old, would be shuffling between Chennai, Visakhapatnam, and Bangalore (sometimes). Medium built with 6 inches long thicker dick which can feel each and every part of my favorite g spot.

Now, coming to my favorite aunt, she lives next to my house. Her name is Vijita aged 45. But she looks like she is 30 years. She is 5.5 inches tall, somewhat plumpy, lemon color body but the body fats are perfectly structured.

I started to live in the house next to her in 2011. But I had never seen her because mostly I wasn’t at home. My family and their family had maintained a good relationship. Sometimes she used to come to my house and talk with my mother and vice versa.

This was continuing for the past 5 to 6 years. She used to live with her mother and her only daughter. I came to know that her husband has divorced her. Since the lockdown started, I started working from home.

One day, while I was working, she brought mint-paneer biryani to my home. She had tried it for the first time and asked us to tell her how she did. At that time, I didn’t have any feelings for her. I enjoyed the biryani. While returning the dishes, I complimented that the biryani was very good.

I told her that when she tries next time, make some more so that I will have the entire biryani. She laughingly commented that it will not only be biryani, but also full meals from my side. I had a small doubt whether she meant double meaning or single meaning.

When I have to go to the main road, I have to pass her house. So when she stood outside or did some work in the front parking lot, she used to greet me. She also asks me to bring some items if I go to a nearby shop. This was going on for the next 2 to 3 years.

One day she was going somewhere. I was amazed to see her in a saree. I had never seen her in saree. She was wearing a self designed blue saree with flowers with a matching blouse. But I wasn’t sure whether she wore a bra or not. I was standing there, my jaw dropped.

I came back to senses when she waved her hand and asked what happened. I shook my head and returned home. She smiled and left. That night I masturbated thinking of her and slept. From then on my feelings and view of her changed.

Whenever I saw her in a saree, I commented on her as beautiful or gorgeous with my hand signals. She used to acknowledge with a smile. From the set of sarees she had, a red color semi-transparent saree would be suitable for her. I also had said the same to her.

One day she came to my home. Her daughter’s laptop was not working properly, and her daughter had some important classes to attend. I went to her home along with her to rectify the problem. She and her daughter were very happy as I was helpful.

Then her daughter went to her bedroom to attend classes. She asked me to stay for some more time. She was wearing a low neck nighty. So we started discussing random things like movies, actors, actresses etc. While discussing all these she suddenly kept her hands on my thighs just near to my crotch.

I thought she kept it randomly but she started rubbing to and fro slightly. With that movement, my dick started to come to life. Suddenly she bent down to pick up the TV remote to switch it off. She wasn’t wearing any bra and the whole mountains were visible. It made my dick come to life at a faster rate.

Since I was wearing track pants, it was difficult to control my hardness. To my luck there was a small pillow on the sofa. I took the pillow and covered it. She understood what was happening as my facial expression changed, and I could not answer her fluently.

She controlled her smiles and continued the discussion. Then the discussion diverted to my life, girlfriends etc. She asked whether I had any girlfriends in the past. I said no. She asked, “Why?” I blurted out that I am currently interested in elderly women.

Then I realized what I said and cursed myself. She started asking what I like in elderly women teasingly. I understood I cannot get back what I said. So I started replying. That I like everything,  the way they speak, the way they take care of others, their way of dressing and the way they tease with a wink.

While saying these I also kept my hands on her thighs to test my luck. As expected she did not say anything to that. She was continuing the discussion about my life like how I should treat my wife. But I was able to see changes in her facial reaction.

I understood that she also had the same feeling which I had developed for her. While talking I slowly moved my hands towards her hip and tried to touch her hip. In the meantime we came slowly nearer like kissing. But suddenly there was a gate opening sound and we parted.

Her mother returned home. I cursed her for disturbing us and saw my lovely aunt. She also showed some annoyance in her face. Then she saw me and we both giggled. I am now very much confident that one day or the other I am going to pin this neighbourhood aunt.

Before leaving she asked me for my number so that she could WhatsApp me. Then I got back home thinking about what had happened today and I got busy with my work. I was about to go to sleep after my work got completed. I got a message from an unknown number.

When I saw the display pic, I understood that it was my aunt. But I thought I would play with her with messages for sometime. Here was the conversation

She(S): Hi

M(Me): Hi, who is this?

S: You forgot me already?

M: (Faking like I just now remembered) Yeah Yeah, how can I forget you. But is that you in the profile pic?

S: Yes, it was me, but it was taken before marriage. How was I then?

M: You were beautiful.

S: Now, am I not beautiful?

M: You are not only beautiful but hot!

There was no reply from her. I cursed myself for sending that. I was waiting for her message and slept. The next day there was a Good Morning wish from her. I felt happy after seeing her message. We continued to chat whenever we were free.

After 3 to 4 months, the day came. One Sunday, my parents and my relatives planned to go shopping since it was festival season. Since I had enough clothes, I wasn’t interested in shopping during the busy season. I said to my parents that I had other work to do.

But truly, yes, I have one important job with my lovely aunt. After my parents left, without wasting any time, I freshened up and went to my hot neighboring aunt’s home. I knocked on her door. When she opened the door, I was astonished to see her in silky dark color nighty, revealing her boobs.

I was able to see the shape of her nipples over her nighty. I was standing there staring at her boobs. She snapped me out and asked what had happened. I said that my parents and relatives went shopping. She asked me why I didn’t go with them. I said I had some important work to do.

She teasingly said she knows what is important work. I showed her a blank face. But inside I was very happy that she understood. To my luck, no one was at her home. When asked, she said that her daughter and her mother had gone to their village. They would return after 10 days.

I was very happy after getting to know about that. We were discussing movies and politics. After some time, she said she would make tea. When she got up and turned towards the kitchen, her nighty cloth stuck between her ass cheeks. She didn’t even think to adjust her dress.

While she started walking, her ass cheeks were bouncing rhythmically. This made me hard. After 2 seconds, I too followed her to the kitchen, answering her random questions. I sat on the slab adjacent to the stove and continued our talks. She boiled the water and opened the container, which had tea powder.

But it was empty. There was a new tea packet on the shelf, but she was unable to reach it. I understood that. Before she could say anything, I went behind her and reached for the packet. I stretched myself. I held her shoulder for support and made her ass crack feel my hard dick.

It was hard all this time because she displayed boobs. She slowed down her talks, and her breathing increased. I understood that she was aroused and made sure not to lose this chance. Even after handing over the tea packet, I still stood near her such that my hard dick touched her ass crack.

I was breathing near her neck. Because of this, her breathing intensity increased. I gave her a peck on her shoulder and licked her ear. She was just standing there, eyes closed and enjoying. I turned her around, held her face, and brought her face near to me.

She neither approved nor resisted. She just opened her eyes to see what was happening. At the same time, I kissed her lips. It was a hot atmosphere where the water was boiling. I was kissing my hot neighbor aunt. She, too, started reciprocating. I started sucking her lower lips.

She was going mad because of that. She started holding my hair and started caressing all my back. She was pulling me tighter into her. We had a french kiss for about 5 to 10 minutes. While kissing, I started feeling her back and started squeezing her ass.

We took a break for a few seconds. We looked into each of our eyes and again started kissing madly. I switched off the stove and made her sit on the slab. I started kissing her lips, neck and started sucking her ear. Simultaneously I started squeezing her boobs.

She crossed her legs behind me and started moaning. I carried her to the bedroom and threw her on the bed. I removed her nighty completely. As I guessed, she wasn’t wearing any inners. But I was very much astonished about the size of her boobs.

It was huge which could not be held in one hand. I started sucking the left boob and nipple and squeezing and pinching the right boob. I was biting her nipple hard. She was enjoying, moaning, and was moving on the bed like a snake.

While pinching and squeezing her 2 boobs and nipples, I went down to her semi-shaved pussy. I started treating it with my tongue. I started to bite the pussy lips and started inserting my tongue. She was moving her hand through my hair.

At one point in time, she held my head stronger towards her pussy and started moaning. She told me to get in deeper. She started to suffocate me by closing her thighs. Her moaning sound increased and released a flush of cum on my face. I licked clean her pussy and saw her through her boobs.

She was trying to catch her breath. But that sight was unexplainable. Again I went near her and kissed her lips so that she could taste her cum. She started licking all over my face and whispered “Thank you” in my ear. She bit my ear lobes. I understood her satisfaction.

I laid next to her to rest for some time for the second session. I made her sleep on my left chest so that I could treat her left boob. She laid her head on my chest. Then she saw me, and slowly she started to massage my dick. She simultaneously started to lick my nipples.

I was enjoying this, and my semi-hard dick started to rise to full length. I started to finger her pussy. I inserted my middle finger and started moving in and out vigorously. She enjoyed it too. We were masturbating with each other. I told her that I was cumming.

She suddenly went near my dick and started giving me a blowjob. First, she took it slowly. Then she started taking it deeper. I held her hair so that she could enjoy giving me a blowjob. I started to mouth fuck her and gag her. Then she started sucking my balls and playing with my dick.

I, too, sometimes slap my dick on her face. For the final time, she spat on my dick gave me a handjob. Then I kissed her and bit her lips. I squeezed her boobs, started giving massages, and started pinching her nipples. Meanwhile, she took her dick to give me a vigorous blowjob.

Enjoying and at the same time was playing with her nipples. I held her hair and started fucking her mouth, deep throating her. After a few minutes, I cummed in her mouth. She drank it completely without wasting a single drop. Then she slept beside me. We both were catching our breaths.

After some time, I pulled her upon me, and she understood what I wanted. She kissed me and slowly started to move her hip forward and backward on my dick. My dick started to grow, and she started taking the dick in her pussy. It was semi-tight.

My dick was able to feel every inch of her inner pussy skin. She started riding slowly, and she started to moan. I started to move my index finger slowly and sensitively from forehead to nose to lips. I stopped just in the middle of the cleavage. This made her hornier and increased her speed.

I, too, started to squeeze her boobs and nipples. She started to moan, “Oh my god! I am going to cumming,” and she came. I signaled her to slow down as I was about to. She made a question mark on her face. Then I made her lie down without removing my dick, kissed her lips, and licked her ear lobes.

The best part of her whole body is her boobs. I started to kiss her boobs and lick her nipples. I was tickling around her nipples with my tongue alternatively.

Simultaneously I started to fuck her in a missionary position. I slowly increased my speed. The effect of treating her boobs and nipples with a tongue made her horny, and she started to moan. I increased my speed, and after a few minutes, she cummed.

She was still wondering that she had cummed twice. But I haven’t cummed, not even once. Then I made her raise her with my dick still inside, and we started to kiss. I squeezed her boobs and nipples. While fucking her, I kissed her neck and gave her a hickey. Then I made her turn around, and we started fucking.

The main erotic thing was the mirror exactly facing the bed. The reflection of us fucking each other made us hornier. We were fucking for the next 10 to 15 minutes. I started kissing her shoulders, licking her neck and squeezing her boobs and nipples.

Then I made her bend in the doggy style and started riding her faster. She started to moan, “Oh my god. Fuck me harder, Raj, fuck me. Tear my pussy.” The whole room was filled with her moans and our fucking sound. After a few minutes of fucking, I said, “I am cumming.”

She moaned to fill inside her pussy. I came inside her pussy. We cuddled and slept without removing my dick. After 1 hour, she woke me up nude. By seeing her boobs, I pounced on her boobs and started sucking her boobs. While sucking her boobs, she moaned and asked, “Are you gonna leave me or not?”

I said, “Who will leave this type of sexy beautiful gorgeous hot woman alone? If I had married you, I wouldn’t have left you.” Then we planned to move to the bathroom to shower together. But unfortunately, I got a call from my mother that she had returned. My excitement level went to 0.

My aunt understood, and she started giving me a blowjob when I was on the call with my mother. That experience was unexplainable. My mother asked me whether she should bring any food. I replied, “No, mom, just now, aunty and I had a nice dinner. Now I am full.” We both giggled.

After I disconnected the call, we ate quickly, and I returned home. After my mother went to sleep, I started to chat with my aunt. She complained about how I treated her boobs and pussy, stating that it had become sour and painful. I asked whether I could come and give her a massage.

She said that this idea is good, and the next time we meet, I have to give her whole body a massage. She knows that I know some of the massage techniques that can make anyone feel relaxed. Later on, we discussed how to have our session, and we came up with a list.

Oil Massage
Date Night Candlelight dinner
Threesome with her sister

That’s all, my dear readers. Please let me know your reviews about my crazy dirty sex with my neighbor aunty. Please reach out to me on Insta @rajeshkrishna00007 or Hangout or email [email protected] Our relationship will be maintained secretly.

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