Hottest Bi-Cuckold Sex Experience in Mumbai

Even married couples have their fantasies and want to explore it when they feel safe and discrete. Bisexuality and cuckoldry and also integral parts of this story.

Humans tend to totally surrender to sexual experiences when they feel they have met the right partners and also when they feel the interests match. What is important is that you look for it and be willing to explore

I have always been curious to meet couples and explore sexual adventures. I have been fortunate to meet with a few straight couples in the past and the experiences were truly amazing. Hence I decided to keep hunting on dating apps (as sadly, Craigslist has been banned in India).

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am 5’10, slim, runner, 8-inch thick cock.

After a few months of hunting on multiple apps, one fine day I get a message on one of the apps.

We introduced each other. The person who was messaging me was the husband. He was in his early 50s. Originally from Gujrat but has been living in Mumbai for a long time with his wife.

We got to chatting and I realized that he was a cuckold who wanted to meet a well-mannered guy who could have wild sex with his wife. We chatted for a few days post which we shared telegram Id and skype id.

One fine day he called me on skype and to my surprise, his wife was there with him. His wife was dusky, in her mid-40s, fit for her age. I could not see her body much as they were sitting. We chatted for a while and got comfortable and towards the end of the call, we decided to fix a meeting at their house in Khar.

Finally, the day of the meeting came. My heart was pounding. I took an Uber and left for their house. All through my Uber journey, I was thinking of how the meeting would go.

Finally, after 40 minutes of Mumbai traffic, I reached their apartment building. I went to their floor and rang the bell. The husband opened the door with a smile and shook hands with me. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. They had a beautiful 3 BHK house.

My eyes were searching for his wife. I think he noticed it, he gave a smirk and said, “Don’t worry, she is taking a shower and will come out soon.”

He invited me to the living room and asked me what drink would I prefer. I initially hesitated but then finalized on a beer. He went to his well-stocked home bar and picked up a beer and also fixed a glass of scotch for himself. He then passed the beer on to me and we started chatting.

To be honest, the beer calmed me down a little. He told me that they both were also nervous and that while they have always fantasized about a bi-cuckold experience, they have never done it.

While this conversation was going on, his wife walked in from the bedroom with a smile. She was wearing a nighty which really gave me an idea of how big her breasts were. She was also wearing a golden mangalsutra around her neck. Her feet were so beautiful with her nails painted in glossy brown and had anklets on both her feet.

We shook hands and she sat right next to us. There was a minute of tension and awkward silence which then was broken by a shocking question from the husband. He asked, “Is it ok if we see your cock?”

Both I and his wife were startled. But I was already turned on looking at her that I unzipped my jeans and took out my semi-erect cock. Both of them let out a gasp which made me feel good and dominant.

Within no time, I felt her hand coming and touching the precum on the tip of my cock. The wife took the precum on the fingertip and licked it. Her cuckold husband was just watching from the couch on the opposite side.

This act of her made me really turned on. I gently grabbed her and brought her mouth to my cock. She initially licked my cock seductively from the tip all the way up to the balls. Then she got off the couch, went on her knees, and pulled off my jeans. And all of a sudden, she directly started deep throating and gagging on my cock! Gosh, that feeling was out of the world!!

I started moaning and growling. I grabbed her head and forced her to take my cock in further. Then I moved to lift her nighty. Surprisingly, she wasn’t wearing any panty. I started spanking her ass cheeks which she really liked and made her suck me even wilder.

Then I just pulled her face to mine and kissed her wildly. I kissed her lips, her eyes, and behind her ears. Her moans were so hot!

I swiftly took off her nighty and there she was, totally naked. I pushed her onto the couch and dug my face deep into her dripping pussy.

I love eating pussy. I started licking her madly while I pinched her nipples. Her feet were on my shoulders with her legs spread wide. I then took one of my fingers and licked it while looking straight into her eyes and then put the same finger in her mouth which she licked as if it was my cock. I then put that finger in her. She let out a big moan.

The finger went in so smoothly as she was so wet. I added another finger. Then, another. And soon, I was fisting married Indian woman. Her eyes were rolled up and she was moaning so erotically.

I then went again to eat her and soon she squirted right into my face. That was soooo hot! Her pussy juices were on my lips and were dripping down from my chin. She was shivering for about 30 seconds post squirting.

Suddenly, something strange happened. I felt some wetness on my cock. When I looked down, I saw that her husband was sucking me madly! I was taken aback but he was sucking me so well..almost worshipping my cock!

I let the bisexual Indian husband continue and in my mind, I felt, “Now the session is on!”

I went on to sucking the married woman’s big dark nipples, both of which were so sensitive that she kept moaning. Her husband then stopped sucking and grabbed my cock in his hand and slid it into her pussy! She let out another big moan and her entire body came up. That was when I realized that she has never experienced a cock of my size.

I started fucking the bisexual wife’s shaved pussy in missionary position while looking into her eyes. I then took one of her hot feet and started licking her toes. She was really enjoying this.

The dominant person in me asked the husband to go sit in the corner and watch me fucking his wife! She was moaning and telling her husband, “Darlinggg..he is deep in me! Thank you for bringing him in.”

I then turned her around and started fucking her in doggy style while pinching her nipples from behind. She was shaking but didn’t want me to stop. When I took my cock out, it was wet.

I used that wetness to then slide the cock in her ass. She was shocked and was in slight pain but was so turned on that she let me fuck her for the first time in her ass. I could also see the shock in her cuckold bisexual husband’s eyes.

I then asked the husband to come and eat his wife’s pussy while I fucked her ass. I kept drilling her ass and then kept switching between her ass and her pussy. And every time I switched, I put my cock in his mouth and then switched.

This went on for another 15 minutes when she begged me to please feed her cum. I asked her where did she want my cum. She said she wants it all in her mouth. That turned me on even more that I fucked her even harder.

I could feel her thighs shaking and so with a loud moan, she squirted all over my cock. The rest of the squirt was dripping onto the husband’s face. This was so hot that I also felt like cumming.

I then stood up and she too realized that I wanted to cum. She quickly came onto the knees on the floor and I blasted my heavy load into her warm mouth. She coughed a little but collected all the cum in her mouth without wasting a drop.

What I saw next was even hotter! She then kissed her husband passionately and the bisexual cuckold shared and drank my cum.

All of us were tired, so we sat down for a while, had a few drinks, and had a couple of more sessions at night. This was by far my hottest experience with a couple. We are still in touch and meet once in a while.

I hope you all enjoyed my bi-cuckold experience in Mumbai.

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