Sex With Hot Maharashtrian Girl On First Date

I am a 28-year-old Gujarati man from a prosperous business family, born and brought up in a posh Mumbai society. My wife is 26 years of age from a middle-class Maharashtrian family, born and brought up in a Mumbai chawl.

Since my teenage days, I was always attracted to Maharashtrian girls because of their simple and traditional looks and culture.

Three years ago, I met my wife and this is the story that led to our marriage.

I had joined the family business immediately after graduation but was attending office part-time after completing my 12th. As ours was a joint family business, we had many business verticals ranging from construction to export/import, trading, owning factories, etc.

We had an office staff of about 50 comprising a mix of men and women and being based in Mumbai, most of the employees were Maharashtrian. I used to be fond of few women who I found attractive. I would flirt with them but always kept a protocol as I am from the family that owns the businesses.

One day I noticed a new girl working in the accounts section and upon inquiring I came to know that she is perusing CA and in the meantime is working in our office as an intern. I found this girl just perfect and had this desire to know her better.

As few days went by, I was getting more and more attracted towards her and was thinking about how to meet her outside of the office and take her out for coffee. I had this friendly office boy (Bipin) who would do my secret work like getting me cigarettes, movie tickets, magazines, etc.

I asked Bipin to find out if this girl (Neha) would be interested in meeting me as I am from a business family. I was taking a chance as many middle-class Marathi girls from Mumbai have a desire to get married to Gujarati or Marwadi boys from rich families and settle down with them. I was wishing that Neha was one of them.

Bipin was smart and knew how to talk and get things done. He was able to convince Neha and she was ready to come out with me for some coffee. Bipin arranged that Neha would go to the nearby local train station and I would pick her up from there in my car and we would carry on from there.

I got into my Audi car and drove towards the station, there I spotted Neha and stopped the car in front of her. I was so excited that I already started to get a mild erection but had to control such feelings as I was meeting her out of the office for the first time. I had set the A/C at 18 degrees and turned on some soft music to welcome her into the car.

Neha got in the car and I could see that she was in awe and nervous at the same time. She had never sat in a luxury car before. I asked her if there was any particular coffee shop that she would like to go to but she said that the choice was mine. I thought of taking her to a nearby five-star hotel’s coffee lounge.

Neha had never been to a five-star hotel before and she was clearly very excited to see and experience what it was like. We sat down at a table for two overlooking the fountain and waterfall outside the glass partition. A lady server whom I know came to take our order, looked at Neha and gave me a smile of approval.

I wanted the lady server (also Maharashtrian) to talk to Neha when she was alone. I told Neha that I have to visit the washroom and will be back soon. I went up to the server and told her to go to Neha and tell her things about me by which it would be easier for me to “patao” her. She smiled and told me not to worry.

She went up to Neha and started speaking in Marathi. Neha was astonished to hear her speak in her mother tongue in this five-star environment. She told Neha that she was lucky that I like her and she should do everything to make sure that she did not lose me or else in the future she will end up doing a regular job and miss out on the good life.

When I returned I asked Neha if she had any time deadline to return home but she said no, she has none. I was developing an erection just sitting and talking with her and really wanted to get to know her better. I asked if she would like to go for a long drive to which she immediately agreed. We left after I gave a generous tip to the lady server.

I took Neha to a place next to the sea where we could sit in the car and look out at the sea. This was an area where you would see some cars with young couples parked in such a way that privacy was ensured for everyone, this was an unwritten rule of this place.

I wanted to test Neha, so I moved closer to her and held her hand and to my surprise, she slid her fingers into my fingers and closed her palm and smiled at me. I got a tight erection and I moved towards her face to kiss her and she readily allowed me to kiss her directly onto her wet delicious lips.

I could not control myself as I started to hold her breast and started squeezing her tits one after the other while kissing her deep and feeling her tongue in my mouth. Neha went further and opened her front buttons so that I could start feeling on her cotton bra. I went ahead and put my hand inside her bra and felt her tight nipples.

I was in full erection and was leaking precum. Neha smelt so good at her armpits and was allowing me to do whatever I want on her. I removed one tit out of her bra and started to suck on it.

She took my hand and placed it on her other tit and wanted me to pinch on it. So I was sucking and pinching her tits and nipples and Neha was enjoying as much as I was.

My tight six-inch cock was struggling inside and was longing to come out in the open. I sat straight on my seat and hinted to Neha that I was taking out my cock. She smiled and looked towards my pants. I unzipped and pulled out my hot, hard and wet cock in front of her.

She held my cock in her soft hand and started stroking it slowly. With her other hand, she opened the buttons of my shirt and started to feel my nipples and chest. Oh, this felt so good. I positioned my seat to go all the way back and enjoyed every bit of it.

To my absolute surprise, without any hint, Neha went down and put my throbbing cock in her mouth and started sucking it. She was giving me a blowjob on our very first outing. This was too good to be true. She sucked tight and her warm mouth and soft lips were simply magical on my cock.

Neha sucked on my cock for some time and I was reaching the point of no return and was about to explode. I told her that this is it and I was about to cum. I sprayed out and was squirming with pleasure with each squirt of cum. I had the best ejaculation.

It took me few minutes to recover and in the meantime, Neha was wiping clean all my cum with the tissue papers in the car and giggling while she was at it. I was feeling so good and asked Neha why and how did she allow me to get sexual with her on our first outing. She replied that she had liked me the moment she had seen me but me being the boss in the office, was quiet about it.

She clarified that she was a virgin but she had been sexually playing with two other boys from her chawl and had watched porn with one of them and therefore knew all the things that boys want to do with girls and what girls should do to please boys.

Neha said that she always fantasized about dating a rich boy and today her desire came true. I told her that I like simple middle-class Maharashtrian girls and today even my desire came true. I like the fact that I can provide all the luxury to Neha and pamper her and in return, I got a dutiful wife who respects me and takes care of me.

After our marriage, Neha opted to be a housewife and was very popular with all the family members. She cooked good food every day and met all social and religious obligations in our family and with relatives.

Though we are a joint Gujarati family, we make sure that Neha does not lose her Maharashtrian identity and therefore at home, I talk to her in Marathi and assure her that she wears a Maharashtrian mangalsutra along with traditional sarees and jewelry.

Neha has sexually satisfied me every time we have sex. Her blowjobs have become divine and the sexually positions that we fuck in and role-plays that we indulge in are all making our married life Sexstatic.

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