A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 33 (Deepika’s Threesome Journey -2)

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Deepika was confused, and she didn’t understand what was happening. Then the three got into the car and went home. On the way home, the two were excited and happy. Deepika asked Nisha about the lottery. She asked if there was any prize money for the lottery.

Nisha said that she’d know it when she sees it. They reached home. Karen went to her house and told Nisha that she’d be back in 10 minutes. Karen was hurrying, and she came back to Nisha’s house in five minutes. She was wearing a bathrobe, and she wore long leg socks.

Deepika was at the height of confusion. Nisha also came back to the hall with a sexy silky robe. Karen and Nisha were sitting on the sofa anxiously waiting for someone. Then the bell rang. Nisha looked through the camera and got so excited, and answered the door.

She came back with the same man who did the striptease in the club. He was full dressed this time. He said hi to the girls, and Deepika could slightly guess that the man was the lottery prize. Nisha and Karen sat beside him, the handsome stripper.

He talked for the first time. He asked, “So three of you?” Nisha replied, “Yeah, maybe two, I guess.” She looked at Deepika’s puzzled face. She brought Deepika to the other room and told her that the man was the lottery prize she won in the club. He is a gigolo.

Deepika was shocked and asked, “A what?”

Nisha said, “Don’t make it so awkward. It’s time to enjoy the youth while you can.” Deepika didn’t speak a word, but she just stared at her with an angry face.

Nisha told her, “Ok, if you don’t want to do it, you can just watch it.” Deepika didn’t answer her. But deep down, she wanted to watch them do it. Then Nisha left the room, saying, “Your wish, Deepika.”

Nisha told Karen, “Let’s do it on the couch.” Karen said, “Ok.” Then the man started removing his dress and went completely naked. Deepika went back to her room. But her dirty mind wanted to watch it. So she slowly peeked into the hall without Nisha noticing them. He was naked.

Karen removed her robe and was naked under with just her extra-long socks like a whore. She sat on the sofa, and the stripper sat on her lap and did a lap dance. Nisha brought a handy cam and started filming it all. She covered them from a different angle. She was still in her robe.

Then the man kneeled on the sofa. Karen held his big dick in her hand, stroked it slowly, and received it into her mouth. She sucked the cock very slow and smooth. Deepika by watching it wetting her panties. Nisha was filming it all. Then Karen licked his balls and played with them.

She seductively called Nisha to join her. Deepika was watching it keenly. Nisha mounted the cam on a stand, and she disrobed herself. She was wearing black lingerie and was hot as hell. She switched Karen, and now she started to give him a blowjob.

Karen grabbed Nisha’s loose hair and put it on her shoulders as she was sucking him. The stripper had a horny blowjob. Nisha sucked his balls and pulled them with her lips. Deepika was horny as hell and started inserting her hand in her pants. Then Karen removed Nisha’s bra and made her topless.

Karen pulled Nisha and kissed her deeply. Deepika couldn’t believe Nisha has become a lesbian. Then the stripper pulled Nisha and gave her a nice deep kiss while Karen stroked his cock. Karen removed Nisha’s panties and sniffed them, and threw them away.

She went behind Nisha and started kissing her ass, and slowly she opened her ass cheeks and started sucking her butt hole. Nisha was moaning and kissing the man in the front and getting her butthole sucked behind. Then Nisha broke her kiss, brought Karen’s face to her arms, turned her head, and kissed her.

Then Karen sat on the sofa and opened her legs, and was ready for the cock. He slowly grabbed her thighs and inserted his penis, and slowly pumped her. Nisha was kissing him on his lips. Then slowly, he increased his pace, and Karen moaned. His speed is high now. The fap sound of their skin was high.

Deepika lowered her pants and her panty and started fingering herself. Karen was moaning louder and louder. Then he switched position and made her into a doggy position and inserted his cock in her, and fucked her from behind. The fap sound made Deepika hornier.

She closed her mouth and masturbated, watching the scene. Nisha was watching then and kissing Karen when he fucks her. After 5 minutes of continuous thrusting, she pulled out his cock, brought it to her face, and stroked it faster to release his cum. She had white sperm all over her face.

Nisha licked her face and kissed her deep in the mouth. Then Karen’s mobile phone rang. She picked it, and it was her husband. He told her that he’d be coming home in an hour with the boys.

Karen hung up and told Nisha, “Shit, my kids are coming home early. Sweetheart, you must continue without me, I guess.” Then she kissed Nisha and said, “Hey, where is your friend? Why didn’t she join us?” Nisha replied, “Oh, she is too shy.”

Karen washed her face and went to her house. The stripper was taking a rest at the couch for Nisha to return. Nisha saw him. He smiled at her and said, “Do you want me to seduce your friend?” She replied, “Oh, not now. She needs time.”

Then the stripper said, “Oh, with that boobs of her’s she can make a man slave for life.” Deepika, who was watching and hearing all of it, was giggling at his compliment. Nisha then grabbed her tits and asked him, “How about these peaches?” He brought her close and ate her tits.

He brought his fingers to her pussy and circles the pussy lips. Nisha was growing impatient, and she told him to fuck like it’s the end of the world. He made her lay on the couch and was ready for the missionary position. He inserted his cock and started thrusting harder and deeper.

His motion made Deepika so horny. She masturbated faster and controlled her moans with her hand over her mouth. Nisha was getting nailed harder. Every thrust was deeper, and the pleasure was immeasurable for Nisha. He switched position to lie side by side behind her, lifted her one leg, and nailed her.

Nisha was moaning harder and harder, and then he changed position to doggy style. He nailed her faster and harder, and she was shouting like a dog. He grabbed her hair and pulled them when he fucks her from the back. Then finally, he pulled it out, stroked the cock, and released his cum over her face.

She liked them all and then she smiled at him. They both sat on the sofa, tired and naked. She asked him what he wants. He told her, “Your friend, upstairs.” Nisha slapped his thighs and said, “Naughty asshole, won’t you forget her?” He replied, “Not until I titty fuck her hard and raw.”

Hearing his words made Deepika hornier. She wanted to jump in right then and fuck him hard. But she couldn’t as she was married. The stripper left the house, handing Nisha a calling card, and told her, “In case your friend changes her mind.”  Nisha kept with her, and he left.

The time was almost midnight. Deepika slowly went back to her room and masturbated all night, thinking of the stripper. The night went by, and Deepika woke up early. She went to the balcony to see Nisha, but she was still sleeping due to last night’s sex.

Deepika thought of swimming, and she changed to her swimsuit. The laced bikini with a cheeky bottom. She jumped into the pool and swam like a mermaid. She then got out of the pool and lay on the poolside chair. She wanted to try the things Nisha did yesterday.

So she made sure no one is around. She removed her bra, and she covered both of the big boobs with her palm. Her hands aren’t enough to hold them. She made sure no one is standing on the neighbor’s terrace. She then removed the hands and slept topless, exposing her nude tits.

Any man would kill to fondle those big tits of hers. Since she was lying flat, her tits went a little sideways from her midriff. She felt the heavenly freedom. She passed on to sleep. Now she woke up and was shocked to see the black man was standing on his terrace and staring at her tits.

The man’s face was full of desire, and he drooled over her tits. Deepika, at first, wanted to cover herself. But as Nisha said, he was seeing them. So she wanted to exhibit her tits to him. She just carried on with her sunbath.

Now the other surprise happened when she didn’t notice Nisha’s husband Michael entering the house. Since it was a glass panel, she didn’t hear a thing. He came in and saw her topless and was shocked. He stood behind the glass door and stared at her tits for around 5 minutes.

He was just motionless. He entered the poolside. Deepika noticed him standing near her. She was wearing the shades, so no one can find if she was awake or asleep. She didn’t react as he has already seen her tits fully. She waited to exhibit a little longer.

Deepika became more bold and sexy. He was staring continuously at her boobs. Those water droplets in her breasts made him horny, and she saw his boner in his pants. He even unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, and stroked it. Deepika couldn’t control her smile.

She just thought of letting a hard-working man who never knew about his cheating bitch wife enjoy some little fun of her beautiful tits. He stroked, and suddenly he heard Nisha’s voice, put his cock back, and went straight back to his room.

Nisha came to the pool with her robe. She saw Deepika lying topless under the sun. She smiled at her and pinched both of her nipples. Deepika woke up with a little moan. Nisha looked at her and said, “Woah, look at you gorgeous, becoming bold by the minute.”

Deepika smiled at her and told her, “Oh, I slept…” and blushed. Deepika then wore her bra laces, and she sat upright. Nisha told her in secret that ‘her husband saw her topless.’ Deepika acted surprised, but inside she liked it a lot.

Then Nisha gave Deepika the calling card of the stripper. She said, “You got yourself an admirer of your body.” Deepika received it, and she acted as if she doesn’t care. Deepika wanted to enjoy the kinky stuff. But she didn’t want anyone to know it. So she planned to call the stripper secretly.

Nisha told Deepika that she would spend the evening with Karen and her kids in the park and asked if she would join. Deepika found it could be a perfect time to see the stripper. So she refused the offer saying she is feeling unwell due to the change of climate.

Nisha bought the lie. She then went with Karen the evening and let Deepika stay in the house. Deepika jumped like a child, and she dialed the stripper’s number. He took the phone, and she spoke with him, saying she was the friend of Nisha whom he screwed the previous day.

He was happy that she called him and told her that he is busy in a club. If she doesn’t mind, she can join her and gave her the address. Nisha used public transport to get there. It was a small club, and the stripper was waiting for the table inside.

He saw her and her removed his apron, and they both sat and were talking. She told him that she was there because her friend persuaded her by saying sweet words to him. Deepika told him that she was just married and didn’t want to jeopardize the marriage.

She told him, “Let’s just be friends,” and shook his hands. Then he told her that he only admires her breasts. He had never seen anything like it and praised all her boobs. She was blushing very much. Then he told her that the evening was a wet t-shirt party in that club.

It would be awesome if Deepika also participated in it. Deepika was nervous but also thought that it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance. She watched the whole club is filled with men. She asked him, “What should I do? I’ve never done this before.” He told her to come backstage.

There she saw a bunch of women getting ready for the competition. They all wore a white t-shirt and jean shorts. Some even wore a t-shirt and high waist thong. They all looked hot. Their boobs were all-silicon padded. She wondered if she’ll ever win competing with them.

But the stripper told her that she’d win as her’s is natural. He gave her a white t-shirt and a pair of Jean mini shorts. He told her, “Just sway the hips and give some sexy movements when you walk.” He also told her not to wear a bra or panty as her panty was a high waist one.

Deepika did what he asked, and she wore the white t-shirt on her bare body. Her nipples are pointy over the white t-shirt and well noticeable. She was so nervous as she was about to exhibit herself in front of an unknown crowd.

He said her number is thirteen. When her number is called, she was supposed to walk down the stage. The show started, and one by one, the numbers were called, the other girls were hot and a few blondes and brunettes. She was the last one to get on the stage.

All of them were standing on the stage, facing the audience in a row. An African American host who looked like a rapper held a mic. He was calling out the girls one by one to walk the stage. Three older men were sitting down near the stage who were the contest judges.

All the girls came one by one. A man poured water over their t-shirt, making them wet. Their t-shirts are no good at covering their tits. The whole crowd went wild. A brunette girl with a cowboy hat appeared to be the fan’s favorite. She had won many contests before. Her name is Caroline.

As soon as Caroline was called, she walked, swaying her hips, and her tits were bouncing when the water was poured. The audience went wild. She pulled the neck of the t-shirt. She bent down to show her cleavage except for her nipples to the judges and the audience.

She then played with her boobs. Then the last number was called. Deepika came forward, and the cat walked slowly. She was so confident, and when the water was poured, it showed her wonderful tits to the audience. The audience gawked at the beauty of her tits.

She slowly lowered her t-shirt’s neck and exposed her breasts, and jiggled them. The crowd went wild. Deepika was proud of her boobs and the audience’s response. She then went back to her place. Now the judges were about to say the results. The judges chose Caroline as the winner.

Deepika was badly disappointed. Even the audience was disappointed. The audience started to boo the decision and shouted the number “13.” Then the judges murmured something in each other’s ears. Finally, they decided to do the sudden death.

They called both Deepika and Caroline to stand side by side. Since the audience wasn’t satisfied with the judge’s decision, the judges will involve the contestants in few tests. Deepika wondered what kind of tests they were. But the audience was so wild when it was said ‘sudden death.’

Test one was started. Caroline removed her t-shirt and stood topless on the stage. Deepika was shocked to see her topless. The three judges, one by one, went behind her. They grabbed her boobs in their hands and pressed them to feel its softness. Caroline was steady and didn’t even react to it.

Deepika saw that these three old men must have groped more boobs than any man can imagine. They pressed the boobs and kneaded them. Then they grabbed her nipples in their hands and even tuned those nipples with their fingers. Then they all looked at Deepika as if they are expecting something.

Deepika hesitantly decided to remove her t-shirt and removed it. She covered her tits with her hands. The crowd laughed. This made her go bold, and she dropped her hands. The old men started to examine her breasts. They pressed her breasts and tuned her nipples.

Deepika got tickled, and she chuckled. Goosebumps appeared in her body. Then the judges went for the second test. They went to Caroline, and they started sucking each of her nipples for about 10 seconds. Deepika was like, “What the fuck?” Then they came to Deepika.

She was nervous, and she closed her eyes. They sucked Deepika’s breasts one by one, and Deepika moaned a little. She even wet her panties. Then the third test was they both were given a skipping rope and made to jump for a continuous 1 minute. They both started to skip.

The audience watched their breasts jiggling in the air when they skipped. After 30 seconds of skipping, Caroline stopped her skip, and hers was a silicon implant. Then Deepika finished the rope skip.

Finally, the judges decided that Deepika is the winner. Deepika couldn’t believe herself. She won the wet t-shirt contest. She was proud of her boobs, and as a result, she was given a prize of 5000 US dollars. Deepika became happier now.

After receiving the prize, she changed her clothes back, and she wanted to thank the stripper. He told her that he was so proud of her. She gave him a deep kiss on his lips. And said bye to him. She never knew his name so she asked him and he replied that his name is KEVIN.

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