The Desperate Housewife – Part 3

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Hi guys, Mike, here again. I am back after a long time. Yeah, I had the ups and downs of life as we all face now and then. But thanks to all the support that I have had so far from those who have connected with me. Thanks for checking on me.

I could have written more about Miti and me. But I was not in perfect shape or state of mind either. Now that I feel perfectly fine, I would love to share our experiences in the past few months. Then we mutually decided to stop what we started.

Miti, as I said, was a wonderful human who was naughty enough to make me go mad for her. She had an amazing aura that would make you notice her. She stood different from anyone around. Unfortunately, she was facing some physical attention issues, which brought us together.

After the second session, we must have fucked more than twelve times or so. But every session was something new for us. This part will be the second last of this series as we have decided not to meet again. I respect her more than ever as I am writing.

I left her house with a cup of coffee and uncountable kisses. I was smiling and tired yet wanted more of her at that same moment. One thing I knew, she will contact me again sometime soon. She was desperately unhappy with her husband failing to satisfy her.

Every day, I recalled the way she kissed me, her soft lips, and her essence. Her tits were perfect. Her thighs were soft, her red pussy lips. I wanted more of her every day.

Our next encounter happened quite early. One fine day I was busy helping my mother with some errands. My phone rang, and I was surprised she called me. She said, “Mike? Are you busy?” I quickly said, “Nah, I am absolutely free.”

My mother gave me a dead look. She thought I was setting myself free for some mobile games.

Miti added, “I am just tired. Talk to me, will you?”

I thought I was up for some heavy fucking dose, but it’s okay.

I said to Miti, “Yeah, we can. What’s bothering you?”

She said, “Nothing. I feel I need attention right now, but again I have a lot of work pending.”

I asked, “Do you want me to come over?”

She said, “You can, but let us not fuck today.”

So I went without buying a pack of condoms. It was nearly 2 pm. She welcomed me with not so welcoming and depressed smile. I simply nodded and entered. She was wearing a grey top and black pajamas. I just simply sat on the sofa while she closed the door.

“Just a minute, I will be back.”

I said okay and stared at her perfect medium-round ass as she went in. She came back after a few minutes and simply sat on the dining chair. She had her mobile in her hand, which she placed on the dining table, and said, “Thanks for coming.
I was a bit uneasy.”

I taunted I would have preferred thanks while leaving. She gave me a naughty lusty look and was probably lost in thoughts. I, on the other side, was simply getting excited. There was an awkward silence between us. I broke it and asked, “What happened? Why are you so low today?”

She took her time and stated, “I am just having one of those days where I feel- am I right or wrong?”

I got nervous. I didn’t want to stop fucking her. And it was visible through my expressions widened eyes. She laughed mildly after looking at my face.

She said, “Not us, kid, but about my marriage and then our decision to have a kid. Now I feel I am stuck. I am not unhappy but still, the fact that my days of blossom are getting wasted. I am tensed, my period cycle is fucked, I am losing weight.”

As soon as she said I am losing weight, I took a glance at her breasts. She noticed it, and quickly she warned, “I will slap, you jerk!” This also hit me like a bolt. I gave a weird expression, and we looked at each other and laughed. She said, atleast let me rant.

Her innocence was simply visible. I never saw this side of hers. I didn’t utter a single word! She asked me if I was hungry or wanted coffee? I said, “Coffee at 3?” She said, “I might eat you first, then coffee would do!”

I said, “I am waiting.” She called me a horny ass. I said, “How would I refuse you?” She winked, slowly got up from her chair, and closed all the curtains. Then she turned towards me, came near me, and sat directly on my lap. We were staring at each other.

She silently whispered in my ear, “I am not a thing to refuse,” and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her hips. Our kisses were wet. She was a wonderful kisser. Soft Slow perfect! My hands were inside her top from the back.

I quickly moved my hand over her bra strap. I started pulling the hook and slowly caressing her back. I gave her lips a small bite. She loved it and moaned softly and then went on to kiss my cheeks. She swiftly moved towards my neck. She gave me small pecks while I somehow managed to unhook her bra.

She was kissing me slowly on my lower neck. As soon as I unhooked her bra, she took my left hand and placed it on her right tit. She pressed her tit as hard as she could using my palm. My cock was bursting to come out of my pant even she could feel the bulge between her crotch.

We started dry humping each other. She was riding on me while I was pressing her tit. We stopped kissing for a while and looked into each other’s eyes. She said, “Eat me, eat my titties, milk them,” and she lifted her top. Without wasting any time, I pulled her bra strap down from her shoulder.

I slowly pinched her perfect nipple with my index finger and thumb. She moaned loudly and kissed me. She asked me to pinch hard. She was lactating as I felt few drops on my fingers. She grabbed my hair and made me suck her boob. I started sucking it hard. She was getting mad and wild both.

She stopped me and took her top and bra off! I could see her boobs swinging. Soft and delicious, I wanted to suck them to the fullest. She was pushing my face in her chest, making me suffocate. But I loved it! She told me to stop as she wanted to tie her hair properly, we took a breather.

I was observing her beauty while she was tying her hair. I glanced at her cute face, yummy boobs, and neat and clean underarms! It turned me on more. I quickly held both her arms while she was fixing her hair. She gave me a surprised look and smile. I kissed her in no time, and she didn’t resist.

I went down, kissing slowly near her left side boob, and stopped. Her eyes were closed. She was surely enjoying it. She opened them, and there were chills all over her body. I gave her a wicked smile and licked her armpit. She went wild. I did it a few more times.

Every time she wanted to break free and kiss me back, I let her loose. She was breathing heavily. Her eyes were full of lust, and with those lusty eyes, she said, “Fuck you, it was amazing. This is the first time someone has done such a thing to me!” And I am a clean armpit fetish guy. It turns me on.

She wanted more, so she grabbed my hair again, lifted her left hand, and buried my face in her armpit. I loved it. She loved it. We enjoyed it. She was biting my ears, licking my side neck, giving slow bites there all the time. I slowly shifted on her boobs and started licking those hard nipples.

They were harder than my dick. I started biting them. She had bite marks all over her chest, and she swiftly unhooked my pant. She grabbed my cock over my underwear. Miti wanted my cock. She wanted it badly. She was drooling over it. I could see it in her eyes.

She got up and sat on her knees between my legs, pulled my pant down along with my underwear. Then she firmly held my cock in her right hand and gently started jerking me. I felt I was pinned completely. I couldn’t move her motion was so perfect.

She was constantly looking into my eyes. She wanted to repay all the fun I gave her. She slowed the pace and placed a finger on my tip, and started rubbing the tip. I was on cloud nine, almost about to burst. I started moaning. She understood the signs and stopped.

My pre-cum juices already exploded, and I was breathing fast this time. We both looked at each other and smiled. She then gave me a flying kiss and rolled out her tongue to lick mine under cock. Her pace gradually increased, and she was sucking me.

I placed my right hand on her head and started to push her against my crotch. She almost started choking and was gasping for breath. She tapped my left lap, and I came to the senses. She taunted me while gulping, “Wanna choke me to death?”

I laughed and said sorry. She then took her pajamas and panty off. I was stroking my dick. I told her I don’t have a condom. She gave me a straight weird look and asked, “What? Why?” I answered, “I thought we were going to talk.”

With the same stare, she said, “Asshole, I think you are smarter than that.” I again said sorry. While rubbing her pussy, she said, “Next time, be a little responsible.”

She again gently made my dick wet with her spit and sat on me. Using her hand, she guided my dick into her pussy. As soon as I felt the warmth of her pussy I moaned. Miti unbuttoned my shirt and went on to kiss my chest. She bit me there, leaving a love bite, and was licking my nipple.

I was feeling every moment and every thrust. My hands were on her buttocks, lifting her a bit before every shot. I also manage to slide one finger near her ass hole. Quickly, she slapped me and said no. She instead insisted on grabbing her neck. I grabbed her neck and put my other hand’s finger in her mouth.

She bit my finger and started sucking it. Our speed was increasing. We both were having the best time. And this time, I couldn’t resist, and I came inside her. She felt it whole. We both were exhausted, and out of nowhere, she realized I did cum inside her.

That hit her like anything. She got up and inserted her finger inside feel only to feel the cum remains. Without wasting any time, she rushed to the bathroom to wash it off. I was sitting there. My hands were slowly stroking the shrunk dick of mine.

I somehow got up and went towards the bathroom behind her. As soon as she saw me, she slapped me as if I had cheated on her. She was still in shock. I apologized instantly. She said, “Are you crazy? You should have stopped.”
I said that I was pinned and had no control over me.

She added, “Do you want me to get pregnant? I haven’t fucked my husband for so long. If I get pregnant, what am I going to answer him?”

I couldn’t control it, and I laughed slightly. She slapped me again and said, “I am not joking, kid. What should I do now?” I got worried now and could not look into her eyes. I somehow wanted to escape her sight because of guilt.

But out of nowhere, she hugged me tightly. Tight enough to feel relaxed, she said, “I am sorry. I shouldn’t have hit you, and it’s not completely your fault.” I placed my hand on her back and hugged her back. We kissed then.

That was the actual moment where I felt something was building between us, something that would haunt us in the near future.

Later we just got dressed, she made us a filter coffee. It was nearly four, time for her daughter to wake up. We talked casually about our interests while drinking coffee. She didn’t even think twice to hold my hand in between.

I wanted to live that moment forever. Me, Miti, and something of us! It’s something that I have done after so long.

Thanks to the readers who are still in touch with me and motivated me to write again. Honest reviews are always welcomed. You can get in touch with me on hangout id mikepot666 or email me at [email protected]

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