Ava Fucked At A Dhaba – Part 2

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Yusuf moved away from me. He held his limp cock in his hand. His cum dripped from my face. He ruffled my hair like I was some dog who had done a great job. Well, considering what was to follow in the coming days, he wasn’t wrong about the dog part. I smiled and kissed his dick.

“If you are done with her, then let me have her,” came a voice.

I jumped in shock. My whole body shivered. I was shaken to my bones. The Dhaba owner and the young boy who served us biscuits stood in the corner. The owner was naked from down below and was stroking his cock.

The boy had his clothes on but rubbed his dick over his rugged pants. I looked at Yusuf. He seemed pretty chill at their sight.

“No, please no,” I cried.

“You are our little prostitute tonight,” the owner smirked.

“Yusuf,” I turned to the driver for help, “Say something. Please.”

“This is my dhaba, not his,” the owner snapped, “You are naked on my property. And I have recorded your little session with Yusuf on my camera,” he patted on the device sitting on the parapet next to him.

Until that moment, I had not noticed that movie camera.

“What do you want from me?” I cried.

“The same thing you gave Yusuf,” replied the owner. “You let me fuck you, or I’ll make a nice DVD of your video and sell it on the market.”

“Please don’t do that,” I begged.

“Then stop crying, and let me fuck you,” he repeated.

I remained on my knees and looked out into oblivion for some time as I weighed my options. To be fair, I had none. After long consideration, I agreed to his demand. He asked me to bend over the parapet, and I did. He spat on my cunt and rubbed it all over it with the tip of his dick.

I gasped. I was already aroused from my session with Yusuf earlier. His rubbing his cock all over my clit made me even wetter down there. I began to moan. My pussy had loosed up. He pushed his cock deep into me. His wasn’t as long as Yusuf’s, but it was thicker than his.

I buried my nails into the concrete parapet and let out a scream.

“Oh God! that’s so big,” I cried.

His cock was big, not in length but thickness. It was spreading my pussy wider than it had ever been spread before.

“You like that, slut,” the owner exclaimed.”Oh, God! Yes! It feels so good,” I moaned. He grabbed my buttcheeks with both his hands and began thrusting me harder. I screamed out loud. “Oh, God! Yes! That’s so good. Fuck me like that – ah – fuck me, give it to me, please, ahhh.”

“Here bitch, have mine in your mouth,” said Yusuf.

He slapped my face with his long circumcised cock and then shoved it into my mouth. My moans were muffled. The owner of the dhaba drilled my cunt while Yusuf (the cab driver) drilled my mouth. He pushed his cock deep into my throat and held it in place.

For a while, I thought I was going to choke on his dick. He shot his load in my mouth and pulled out. I gasped for air. His cum dripped from my mouth and on the parapet. The owner grabbed my waist and gave me three strong thrusts. With that, he shot his cum in my cunt. He pulled out and panted.

The owner was out of breath. He leaned against the wall for support. A few drops of cum fell off his dick and onto the floor. I turned, straightened my back, and slumped to the floor. I looked to my right. The boy who had brought us the plate of biscuits was standing by the camera and rubbing his dick over his pants.

“Come here, Babloo,” the owner waved the boy close. The boy moved closer. He felt ashamed. I could see the fright on his face. Another thing that I could see was the bulge in his pants. He scratched his dick and stood with his head bogged down.

“Take your clothes off,” the owner commanded.

Babloo looked at his boss dumbfounded. But the owner persisted. The boy hesitantly stripped naked. Then the owner asked me to lay down on my back and spread my legs. I wanted to question him, but the look in his eyes told me everything.

He made Babloo sit between my legs and helped guide his virgin cock into my juicy pussy. The owner helped him out at first. But after a couple of minutes, he was drilling me all on his own.

“How does it feel, Babloo?” the owner asked.

“Great, babu ji,” Babloo replied. “It feels so good.”

“Ahhh, yes, Babloo, oh yes,” I moaned.

Babloo grabbed my boobs and began drilling me harder. Milk started to ooze out of my nipples, but no one took notice of it. About five minutes later, I felt his cock tightening inside me. He made two strong thrusts and shot his load in me. He got up and moved away.

His limp cock was still dripping cum on the floor. I got to my feet and began picking up my clothes. Just then, the owner stopped me. He grabbed the pendant around my neck. (It had a picture of my ex-boyfriend and me.) He dragged me behind him.

He took me to the front of his dhaba and then inside. All those who were having their food stopped in their tracks and turned their eyes towards me. They were utterly shocked to see a naked girl standing in front of them. Their jaws dropped, and their eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

I was a fucked up mess. Cum was all over my face and also was dripping from my cunt. The owner pulled me towards his counter. Yusuf entered the dhaba behind us. Along with him was Babloo, carrying the video camera.

“Babloo. Join those two tables together,” the owner demanded, pointing at the tables in the middle of the hall. Babloo set the camera on the counter and obliged his boss’ wishes. The tables were put together, and I was asked, or rather ordered, to climb on them.

The owner stood behind his counter and declared, “5000 for anyone who wants to fuck this slut.” I looked at him, shocked. He had declared to sell me like a prostitute at his dhaba. By this point, I knew that protesting wouldn’t get me anywhere. I just had to suck it up and go along with it.

“5000 is too much,” protested one of the customers.

“It is not,” the owner replied sternly. “Look at this face,” he said, squeezing my cheeks, “these big and round tits,” he juggled my boobs on his palms, “this magnificent body,” his hand ran down my waist, my thighs and knees. “Look at her ass,” he turned me around and bent me over the tables.

He slapped my buttcheeks three times each. “And look at her fine and juicy cunt,” he spread open my buttcheeks and showed my cum dripping, well-fucked pussy to the entire hall. I remained bent over as the men inside the dhaba came over to have a closer look at my cunt.

They touched my pussy lips. Some even put their fingers inside. They slapped my boobs to watch them swing. The owner told them that his offer was final and non-negotiable. Some decided not to spend that much money on me and left, but most accepted the offer.

First, it was some 60-years-old man. He had wrinkles all over his body, but the man had some cock. It was big and fully erect. I went down on my knees and took his rod into my mouth. I sucked on it for some time before he asked me to bend over the table.

He wanted to take me from behind. He set his dick against my pussy and pushed it in. He looked in somewhat of a hurry and was fast from the get-go. My pussy was wet, but I wasn’t as aroused as earlier. And his quick fucking didn’t help either. I didn’t react much and let him do his thing.

Once finished, he left the dhaba altogether. Babloo was given the task of recording the whole thing on the camera. Next up was a big hunk. He was young, tall, muscular, and had a big manly tool like a flaming rod. He was, what I would call, a proper man.

He was the kind of man any woman would dream of having in bed. My man knew that I wasn’t turned on; so, he decided to change that. He asked me to lay down on my back. He buried his face between my legs and began licking my cunt. The way he moved his tongue around my pussy was something else.

I can’t even tell you the feeling I had at that moment. It didn’t take me much time to get aroused, and I let out a soft moan. He continued, and I was losing my mind.

“Please, fuck me now, fuck me please,” I begged.

The man rose from between my legs. He pulled me closer. My pussy was over the edge of the table. He pushed his giant, circumcised cock in, and I screamed in pleasure.

“Oh baby, oh yes, like that, like that,” I cried.

His cock drilled my pussy like a screw moving into a wood. I was moaning uncontrollably with pleasure. He was doing me good. After fifteen minutes, he asked me to switch positions. He laid flat on the table, and I climbed on top of him. I guided his dick into my mommy-hole and began bouncing on it.

My boobs bounced up and down like balloons. They were flapping against my ribs. My eyes had rolled back into my head. I was mesmerized by his fucking skills. The man was a pro. Others looked embarrassed by this. Not only his skills to pleasure me, but his stamina was putting them all to shame.

It had been over half an hour, and he wasn’t anywhere near cumming. We switched positions once more. He picked me up in his massive arms, carried me away from the table, and pinned me against the wall. I moaned out loud.

He had not said a word that far but man, his cock had made me forget everything. I had not even realized that Yusuf had left. Yes, he was gone, and I was left at the mercy of those men. Thankfully, I wasn’t carrying any luggage at that time, and all my belongings were left at the dhaba.

An hour had passed, and my man had still not cum. He carried me back to the tables and took me in doggy this time.

“You like it bitch, you like my dick,” he finally said something.

“Yes baby, yes, I like your dick. I love it, ahhh, drill my hole. You got the best dick, fuck me,” I moaned.

“Ah, I’m about to cum,” he grunted.

“Please cum in me, baby, cum in me, give me your seed, give me your baby,” I cried.

With that, he shot his massive load in me. No, I did not get pregnant. But to be honest with you guys, I did have the crazy idea of having his baby for a brief moment. I did think of the possibility of raising the child born from such a manly seed.

I went down on my knees and took his big shaft into my mouth. I sucked all the remaining cum on the tip and licked it clean.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“I am Saif,” he replied.

“That was a great fuck,” the owner said appreciatingly. “Your driver has left. You are left with us now. We’ll drop you home but only after you have done what we would ask you to,” he added strongly.

“What do I have to do?” I asked sharply.”Be my dhaba prostitute for the next whole week. I’ll make money off you, and after that, you can leave,” the owner proposed.

“If you let Saif fuck me for free whenever he wants, during that whole week, I’m ready to be your prostitute to be sold,” I answered.

I stayed with him for the next whole week. There was a hut in the fields, behind his dhaba. He arranged for a couple of cots there. He would send his customers my way all the time. From 4 in the evening till the sunrise the next day, I was getting fucked.

Saif would be the last one to come in. He would put perfect icing on yet another day of fuck. After a week, I was allowed to leave, and Saif was the one who offered to take me home.

So, friends, this was the 2nd part of the story of my fuck at an Indian dhaba. I’ll be back with the 3rd one soon. What do you think about this one, do let me know. My id is [email protected]

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