Saima’s Sexual Adventure With Servants – Part 5

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Saima and her lover servant were exploring the joys of their erotic relationship in the bedroom. The rest of the servants and drivers were planning to take Saima out of the house for a new sexual adventure. They didn’t wait long and decided to interrupt the two lovers in the bedroom.

Hearing the knock on the door, the servant opened it and found his friends asking to take his nude bride out for sex. The servant knew he had no choice but to allow them in to avoid spoiling the night. He really wanted to continue the endless fun with Saima.

So he asked them to watch his wedding night sex with his beautiful naked bride in the bedroom. Then later, they can take her out for the night. The group of servants and drivers entered the bedroom and saw Saima completely naked on the bed.  She was smiling shyly as a newly married bride.

Her shyness, despite being completely naked, was a turn-on for most of them. They watched in awe as Saima’s lover servant moved to the bed and started kissing her lips. Saima responded with equal energy, and the two nude lovers started exploring each other’s naked bodies.

One of the drivers took out his mobile phone and started recording their sexual exploration. He told them that Saima and her lover servant should continue having sex while recording their wedding night in a video. The idea infused new energy into Saima and her lover, and they started making love passionately.

The servant laid Saima on her back and opened her legs. He started licking her pussy and inserted his tongue deep into her clean shaved pussy. Saima squirmed with pleasure and started moaning loudly. She could not control herself and encouraged her lover servant to continue the licking.

But the servant had to respond to his throbbing penis. He stood up and placed a pillow under Saima’s hips, and inserted his penis into her pussy. He started slowly, but gradually his thrusts became deep and forceful. Saima enjoyed feeling her lover’s big penis in her pussy.

She closed her eyes as she approached her first orgasm. The servant was not done, so he continued pumping his naked bride until he exploded his sperms deep into Saima’s pussy. Saima got up and gave him a smiling kiss.

The driver who was recording all this asked the lovers to move into 69 position. He was acting like some director of a porn film. The servant laid flat on the bed with his limp penis. Saima moved over him placing her pussy on her lover’s face.

She moved her face towards the servant’s limp penis and started flirting with it. She ran her tongue along the length of the penis and planted several kisses on the glistening top. Watching Saima’s loving performance, one of the bystander servants shot his cum that landed on the bed near her face.

Smiling shyly at the mobile camera, Saima licked the cum off from the bedsheet and resumed exploring her lover servant’s penis. Within minutes the penis became erect and saluted Saima’s beautiful glowing face. Meanwhile, her lover servant was licking her asshole and her wet pussy.

She pushed her ass on his face and closed her eyes, feeling the pleasure. The servant parted her hips and kissed her asshole. Saima raised her head with closed eyes and started sighing heavily.

She moaned aloud, “Oh! My love! Do it faster, please! Ah jaanu! You are the best! Oh! I cannot control it anymore! Ahh, jaanu, I love you!” In another shuddering orgasm, she released her love juices on her lover’s lips. The servant didn’t waste any bit and licked her pussy clean.

The other servants and drivers moved in and offered their erect penises to Saima. She started kissing those lovely hard cocks. She played with their penises and licked their tops one by one. Soon the servants started shooting their cum on Saima’s beautiful fair face.

Once they were all done, one of the servants suggested, “Let’s take this naked beauty out on the roads and fuck her in the open.” Everyone liked the idea, and Saima also felt excited to hear this erotic plan and said, “Let’s do it!”Her lover servant added to the idea.

He suggested that Saima should try to have some erotic encounters with strangers on the road. At the same time, they can record her video clips doing so.

Everyone liked the idea and started getting dressed. A couple of the drivers quietly brought their cars in front of the house, and they all settled in. Saima was not allowed to wear anything. She sat among the servants completely naked.

The cars raced to the city outskirts on the deserted road as it was already well past midnight. They parked under a bunch of trees in the darkness and switched off all the lights. Saima was told to move to the road and wait for any car that drove by.

She didn’t have to wait long as she saw a lone car driving towards her. So she started waving at the car with a smile on her face. As the car approached her, it gained speed and whizzed past her. She could see that it had a couple. The woman in the car was staring at her with wide, surprised eyes.

Saima was disappointed as she wanted to enjoy the night, but it was not easy doing this on the open road. In a few minutes, she saw headlights approaching her. This time she decided to just stand on the roadside smiling at the approaching vehicle. It turned out to be a van with a lone driver.

Saima could not believe her luck when she saw him stopping the van near her. Before he could ask her anything, Saima walked up to him and held her naked breasts towards him in an offering gesture. He responded with a smile and kissed her nipples as she bent towards him.

He grabbed her breasts and started squeezing them wildly as Saima started moaning. Hearing her moans, he said, “Come on! Let’s go and enjoy the night.” Saima ran her fingers through his hair as she allowed him to suck her swollen breasts.

She kissed his head and said, “Jaanu! Do it here! You suck so well! Please keep sucking my nipples! I love your hot mouth!” The van driver squeezed her breasts mercilessly and tried to pull her into the van. Sensing his intent, Saima called out to the servants.

As soon as the van driver saw the group of servants, he pushed Saima away and sped away. Saima realized that it was a dangerous game. She told the servants that she wouldn’t enjoy it anymore. The servants agreed, and they decided to return to Saima’s friend’s vacant house.

The adventure did not work for them. As soon as they reached the house, they carried Saima back into the house and started squeezing her hips and boobs. Saima responded to their love as she exchanged kisses with them. She was engaged in a frantic wet kiss with a servant.

Another driver parted her hips and kissed her asshole. Saima pulled his head into her ass with one hand while she continued flirting her tongue into the other servant’s mouth. That night Saima enjoyed non-stop sex with all the drivers and servants.

As dawn approached, the tired servants started leaving one by one. Soon Saima was all alone with her friend’s servant. She was madly in love with him. She kissed him with a smile and thanked him for the wonderful night. The servant carried her into the bedroom completely naked and laid her on the bed.

Saima pulled him towards her, and he joined her on the bed. The two lovers exchanged loving kisses and explored each other’s naked bodies as they slowly dozed off.

It was Saima who woke up when she heard her mobile phone ringing. The sun was up, and she found herself lying naked in her lover servant’s arms. She answered the phone as she felt her lover servant cupping her breasts. It was her husband, and he asked if he should pick her up from her friend’s house?

Her husband had no idea that she was lying naked in her unexpected lover’s arms. She assured him that she would get a taxi to return home.

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