Unmarried Maid Pounded Hard After Sponge Massage

I am married and have kids. I have never needed to look outside of my marriage for sex. After both of our kids started school, my wife wanted to focus on her career. She started a bio-tech startup and was getting busy. I was managing the household. Our current part-time maid was not enough and we decided to hire a full-time maid.

My wife selected Poorti after interviewing 20 maids. Poorti was a dull-looking girl in her early 30s, unmarried. However, she was super fast in learning stuff. In two months, the maid learned all the chores and gave me a lot of free time. She even did additional stuff like helping kids’ homework and pressing my wife’s legs. She was proactive too.

I never eyed the maid Poorti sexually till that time.

I was having some lower back pain and hence was unable to fuck my wife for a month or so. She was also busy. My doctor advised physiotherapy or some TCM treatment with medicated oil and a hot sponge.

My wife helped me a few times but she was getting super busy and had to travel. She told Poorti to help me out with the hot sponge. I had some hesitation but my wife told me it was ok.

On the day after the kids were asleep, I Skyped my wife, and then she instructed Poorti. Poorti massaged my lower back and gave me a hot sponge as per instruction from my wife over the video. This continued for three days.

On the fourth day, my wife was unable to come online. Poorti said, “Sir, I know now.” Incidentally on that day, I was coming out of a bath in a towel only and then lied down on my stomach. (Previous days, I was wearing an innerwear).

Poorti’s eyes had a small reaction but she didn’t say anything. The maid started massaging my lower back. She roamed my upper back too. I was pleased and asked her to massage my shoulders too. I asked her if she can give me a detailed massage and she said ok.

She traversed all over my upper body for 20 minutes. She then got up and left. I was kind of disappointed that she didn’t do the lower body.

Actually, she went and came back with more oil. Now my towel was already three inches down and half of my butt was visible.

She asked, “Where to start, sir?”

I said, “Below.”

To my surprise, the young housemaid removed the towel till my knees. My entire butt and parts of manhood were visible. It was the first time in 14 years I was naked with a woman who was not my wife.

Poorti looked professional as she massaged my butt like a pro. She often touched my asshole and balls but looked unintentional.

Now, I was turned on like hell! I slowly parted my butt with my hands signaling her to touch more off my asshole. The maid got the cue and poured warm oil on my asshole. I was expecting her to massage slightly on top but she surprised me by inserting her middle finger into my ass hole! I let out a moan.

She got worried and asked if it hurt. I said, “Go ahead.” She did an awesome massage for the next twenty minutes. Then I turned and lied on my back. Poorti displayed no emotions which was a shocker.

I asked her if she can massage the front also. She said ok and started slowly rubbing my shaft! The maid stroked my balls. She touched the spot between balls and asshole.

She skillfully used her nails, fingers and applied oil. I previously had been to massage parlors but never experienced a long massage like this. Poorti was also experienced in a way she knew when I’ll come and she immediately will release the pressure. I had intense orgasms without cumming which was kind of new.

After five attempts, the unmarried maid vigorously stroked my manhood this time and I shot a huge load! She wiped me clean and gave me a hot sponge also. Later, she asked if I wanted anything else. Now it was a peak tease for me as I thought she will undress. Poorti left and was behaving normally.

My wife came back and even after that, she gave this duty to me Poorti. Even when my wife was home, Poorti used to give me a massage and occasional handjob.

One day, my wife was also in the room. Forgetting that I was not wearing underwear, we proceeded for the massage. Now my wife asked me, “Is this how it is happening daily?” I said, “Sometimes.”

My wife asked Poorti if she was ok with this job. Poorti said that it was fine as long as it was after her daily chores. Both ladies silently exchanged glances.

My wife actually asked her about me being naked and Poorti said that she didn’t have a problem (without actually mentioning it).

My wife was watching Poorti massage my butt and she left to attend a call. The next week, my wife left for an expo.

After sending the kids to school, I started becoming liberal. I slowly was being in a single-piece all day. The first time, I called Poorti in and said, “Today no massage needed but can you help with something else?”

I told her that some part of my body was dry and needed moisture. She came with a moisturizer and I removed my underwear. She was about to apply that to my manhood. I told the maid that I wanted something cold. She brought ice cubes and rubbed them on my manhood. I asked her to bring the ice cream too and she applied ice cream over my tool!

I asked her if she likes ice cream? She said that she loves them. I told her that she can enjoy it. The first time I saw a bit of shyness in her and I told her that she should taste it before it melts.

The maid slowly started sucking the vanilla ice cream out of my cock. Her tongue was probably controlled by a machine. She put in so much rhythm that I came within five minutes! (Normally, I withstand 20 minutes of blowjob from my wife)

I slowly touched her shoulders and kissed her neck and removed her top. She was sweaty due to the work. Somehow, the maid’s sweat turned me on and I was hard again. I removed her bra and started licking her nipples. I was surprised when I removed her panties to see a perfectly trimmed pussy. I ate her for some time and then she told me,

“Sir, enough with the starters. Let’s go to the main course.”

I was thrilled and asked her where and how she want to do it. She told me, “Let’s do it on the kitchen top.”

I was worried that it will be visible to neighbors. She told me that that is where the thrill was.

Emboldened by this, I put the bold maid on the top and spread her legs, and inserted my tool into her unmarried pussy. She was tight as hell! I asked her if she was a virgin. She said, “No, but I haven’t had it in a long time.”

Slowly, I gained momentum and started increasing my speed. She was holding the kitchen window grills and moaning like anything. After about eight minutes of fucking in the kitchen, I told her that I was about to cum. She begged me to cum inside as she was very close to her periods. She told me that she came a few times already.

I peaked my speed and emptied myself in a few strokes. It was a terrific experience with unmarried maid Poorti.

Later, this continued. My wife slowly got a hint about this but never confronted me or her. She was kind of passively approved this until Poorti’s birthday. More in another episode.

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