These Are The Kind Of Friends I Want

Hello friends, I am a big fan of XIS. I am Pravin, 29, from Tamilnadu, working in Bangalore. Trust me or not, I am still a virgin guy. I think I am bisexual and submissive. I like cuckolding, humiliation and femdom, etc. Before going to the story, let me tell you it is not a real story. It is fake, all my fantasy.

The characters in this story are Mohammed (26) and Suhana Parveen(23). Mohammed is my roommate. We are staying in PG. Suhana is his girlfriend. She is staying in also in nearby Girls PG. We used to go out for dinner sometimes and talk about lots of things. One day I took leave and stayed home.

Mohammed: You are not going to the office today?
Me: Nope.
Mohammed: Why?
Me: Nothing, simply took leave, feels boring.

Mohammed: Me too, da.
Me: Then you also take leave.
Mohammed: I am thinking too.

Then he called his office told them he is not able to come today. They said ok. Then we started doing our work. I was watching youtube videos. He was checking his girlfriend’s pictures and Facebook on his mobile. He called his girlfriend and said he is not going to the office today.

If she can she also take leave, so they can go somewhere. She said that she is on the way to the office. If she can, she will take half a day leave. We were simply relaxing. Almost 10 am and everyone around went to the office, it is empty.

Mohammed: Can we play cards?
Me: Sure.

We started playing cards. We used to do 10 Rs or 20 Rs bet match. Since only 2 persons are playing it was easy to win. We both started to win and lose going like that. Time was going fast. We started commenting on each other telling stories to one another. Mohammed is a medium height guy, I am a tall one.

Mohammed: You are a ‘Complan’ boy right? How you became tall?
Me: Joke ah, I will laugh tomorrow.
Mohammed: No, seriously, you can try that to grow your dick too.

Me: I already have a big one. You try to grow yours, you need it. Otherwise, your girlfriend will get mad, to see your small one.
Mohammed: I don’t need it. Mine is bigger than yours
Me: No. Mine’s bigger.

Mohammed: ok let’s see who’s having bigger. What is the bet?
me: Bet?
Mohammed: Yes, what bet?
Me: You tell?

Mohammed: The Smaller guy has to suck other guy’s dick.
Me: What? No.
Mohammed: Why? Already accepting you are small?

Mohammed: Then accept it.
Me: Ok let’s see.
We removed our shorts and inners. Mine is 2 inches in normal and 5 inches in erection.

Mohammed: See it is smaller. I am already having a big.
He is in normal state 5 inches, I thought it is already semi-hard, but not bigger than mine when it grows. So I told, “Wait till mine gets erection we will see.”
Mohammed: Let’s see then.

We started to masturbate a little bit. Mine became full hard 5 inches. But he has grown more almost 9 inches. I am seeing his dick twice than mine and thicker than mine.
Mohammed: Let’s compare now.

He took a measuring tape, it was 9.5 inches and mine was 5.2 inches
Mohammed: You loser come suck my dick.
Saying this he pushed me to the floor. I sat and he sat in the cot. I am looking at his dick. It is like I have seen in porn movies. A very big dick with 3.5 inches thick.

Mohammed: Come on suck it.
Saying this he pushed my head. I started sucking his dick. I started sucking his head and slowly in deeper. I also held his dick and masturbated. He removed his t-shirt. He has an athletic body. I also to kissed his dick, and sucked his ball.

Mohammed: Do you like my dick ah?
Me: Yes, I never have seen this big dick in real.
Mohammed: Then take it fully.

Saying this he again pushed me deeper. It is very hard to take, he held me for 5 seconds then released me. I am taking a breath, then again start sucking. Suddenly we heard a voice, “You guys are having so much fun ah?” We looked at the door it is Suhana.

Me: Oh no. It is not…
Suhana: Why are you getting tensed? Chill.
Mohammed: When you came?
Suhana: Now only.

Saying this she came near me and held his dick in one hand and pushed my head with the other. Again I started sucking his dick. Then I again held his dick, she started to kiss Mohammed. She was wearing a hijab and abaya. While kissing he starts pressing his boobs and removing it.

I am seeing them while sucking his dick. They kissed for 5 minutes. Suhana looked at me. My mouth covered with his pre-cum and my saliva. She smiled at me called me using her finger and kissed me. She licked all the pre-cum from my lips and held my face.

She spat into my mouth and made me swallow it. Then she again kissed Mohammed a few seconds the start removing her abaya and hijab. Inside she was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Mohammed pulled her t-shirt, she is not wearing any bra.

He sucked her both boobs for a few minutes and pressed it hard. She removed her shorts and start removing her thong. I was facing her ass. I went near and sniffed it.

Mohammed: You like it?
Me: Yes.
Mohemmed: Lick it and make it ready for me.

Saying this he sat on my cot and started masturbating. Suhana sat on his cot and spread her legs. I start to lick her ass hole. It felt toxic. I can smell it. I am loving it. I kissed her ass bun all over and kissed her hole. I started to lick her. It is tasty.

My tongue goes easily. I realized he is using all her holes.  I spread her ass and start sucking her inner walls. I even teased her shit. It went for 5 minutes, all the time she was moaning, then she got excited.

Suhana: Mohammed please fuck me. I can’t wait for it anymore. Please, I beg you. Fuck my ass. Please.

He had an evil smile on his face. He came near me holding his big dick and saw me. I start sucking it, applied my saliva in it, then he entered his ass. She started shouting. I went near her and start kissing her deeply and sucked her tongue. Her moan got reduced. She pushed me to her pussy to lick it.

I was licking her pussy while he tore her ass. He fucked her for 5 minutes. Then he told her to change into the doggy style. So I played on the bed, Suhana placed her pussy above my face. Mohammed came to one corner on the bed. And start fucking her ass again.

His balls are touching her pussy and I am licking it. Her juice flows from her pussy and I am drinking it. At the same time, she starts masturbating me and sucking my 5-inch dick. I feel like I am in heaven.

Suhana: Are you a virgin, Pravin?
Me: Yes dear.
Suhana: Wow.

He fucked her for almost another 10 minutes. She cummed on my mouth. I drank all of it, within the next few minutes he was going to explode.

Mohammed: Where you want my cum bitch?
Suhana: In my mouth.

He cummed on her mouth. She took few in her mouth and start playing with his cum bubbles, it spread all over her mouth, upper and lower lips. He gave his dick in my mouth. I start sucking it and cleaning it. I can feel it, it is shrinking. After I finished, he sat on my cot.

Suhana smiled at me. I went near her and started kissing her passionately and deeply. Sucking her both lips and licking all the cum. And we played tough kiss with cum and shared it. See this Mohammed called us, “Cum whores.” We played and kissed each other for 5 minutes like little girls with cum.

Suhana: Mohammed, I want Pravin to fuck me.
Mohammed: I know you want to fuck a virgin guy, take him. But don’t complain if you can’t feel him.

I don’t know.  Can I feel happy that I am going to a beautiful girl or feel sad I got humiliated in front of a beautiful girl? But hearing this, she started kissing me, made me suck her boobs. I bit it like a child and sucking one while I massaged another one. I exchanged it after a few minutes.

After a few minutes, I went below again kiss her pussy and insert my dick. It went in one push, but it is tight. My dick skin tore. She held my ass with her hand and made me fuck. She even spanked me after 2 or 3 minutes. I started fucking her. I fucked her pussy for 15 minutes. Then we both reached climax at the same time.

Me: I am going to cum
Suhana: Me too, cum inside me.
Me: Ha, yes.

I cum inside her pussy, and I felt on her and I whispered in her ears, “Thanks for taking my virginity dear.”
Suhana: It was my fantasy to fuck a virgin guy, you made it real. Thank you.

Saying this she kissed me again. We both went to the bathroom. I helped her to clean my cum. We dried and came out of the bathroom nude. Mohamed was sitting in my bed with again full 9-inch dick.

Mohammed: Come on, sluts, start your job.

We both sat on the floor, start sucking his dick. We shared his dick and we sucked his balls for the next 1 hour. He cummed on our face thrice. Even it gets shrunk we keep on sucking it. We shared his cum. Then we wore clothes. Then Mohammed told Suhana how it all happened.

Suhana: Pravin, you are bisexual, right?
Me: Yes, I think so. Why?
Suhana: Why you are not loving anyone?
Me: I am ready to love, but where is the girl who loves me?

Suhana: What kind of girl you want?
Me: Open-minded, lovely, caring and beautiful.
Suhana: if she likes to fuck other guys will you allow it?

Me: yeah I am ok with it. Even I will join them if they don’t have any problem as we did now. I only want her love and affection for me. Sexual thing her wish.
Suhana: Hmm, you will soon get one girlfriend, I will pray for you.
Me: Thanks.

We became close friends. From that day on-wards Mohammed made me suck his dick whenever he wanted. If we meet Suhana, she sucks me. She allows me to fuck her even if she didn’t feel my dick inside her pussy. We share Mohammed’s cum. She also comes to our room to make me lick her feet.

I love it when she wears shoes, with that stinky smell. Ok friends, I am ending this story here. Give me your feedback about the story. Give your comments. And if you want to contact me you can come through these addresses. [email protected],  [email protected],,

To be frank I am seriously in need of friends. The story may be fake. But I like to have friends, a bestie like Sahana and Mohammed. If anyone is interested, ping me. Not only for the virtual world, I like to meet them in the real world also. I like to have friends. I am feeling so lonely in Bangalore. Thank you.