Ava Fucked At A Dhaba – Part 1

Hello fellows, I am Abhigya Ava Sharma – Lynn. For those of you, who are wondering what kind of a name is this, I can understand your dilemma. I am a mixed-race woman. My dad was from India, and my mom was a white and blonde American.

I was born in the USA and lived there until the age of 14. It was then when my father decided to move back to India. My mom, being the loyal and caring wife she had been, left the country she had spent her entire life in (until that point) and moved to India.

I did the rest of my schooling in India and then moved to Britain for my higher education. Later, I married an Australian guy and moved to Australia with him. That’s where I currently reside.

I am quite an adventurous fucker. I like weird things about sex. And I could safely say that I have passed on those genes to my kids as well.

I am now coming to my story. The incident that I’m going to tell you guys about happened when I was in college. It was many years ago. I was an undergraduate student. I used to have a boyfriend, and we were quite happy.

Until 1 day, one fine evening, he decided to end things with me. He said mean things to me and told me to get out of his sight. I was heartbroken. I cried my heart out. I even begged him to give us a chance. But he had made his mind up.

I walked down the stairs of his apartment, left the premises, and hailed an auto. The auto took me to a taxi stand. From there, I took a taxi to my city.

My then-boyfriend was older than me. When I was in my first year, he was in his final one. After he graduated, he got a job in a different city. But the city wasn’t that far from our university.

It was around a five-hour drive from one location to another. I often made that journey over the weekend. And sometimes, he came over to my apartment.

The taxi rolled out of the parking lot and made its way towards the highway. My tears burst out from my eyes. I was inconsolable. I buried my face in my palms and cried my heart out.

The driver noticed my sobbing, but he said nothing. About two hours out from our initial take-off, he stopped by a dhaba. It was then when he first spoke to me.

“Madam – are you ok?”

“Yes,” I sobbed, shaking my head.

“You say yes, but you are shaking your head in no,” said Yusuf.

“Just let me be,” I replied quietly.

“Treat me as your friend, madam, and share your problem with me. It will help.”

“My boyfriend ditched me,” I burst out. When he asked in that polite manner, I couldn’t stop myself from sharing my feelings. “I loved him so much, and he just left me.”

“It’s ok, madam. It’s ok,” Yusuf said softly.

“Easy for you to say,” I snarled.

We both stayed silent for some time. I kept on crying, and he stared at me. After a few minutes, he drew a long breath and said, “Why don’t you have some tea. It will make you feel better.”

“Ok,” I wiped my tears.

We got out of the car and made our way towards the dhaba. A big, middle-aged man with grey in his hair and beard was sitting behind the counter. He eyebrowed Yusuf, and the driver held up 2 fingers.

Yusuf ushered me to the back. There were no windows and doors over there. A long parapet ran the perimeter of the dhaba. Beyond it was never-ending fields and farms. The dhaba wasn’t empty, but there weren’t many people there. Why wouldn’t that be the case? It was night, after all!

“Wait here, madam,” said Yusuf, and he left.

He returned after some time with 2 mud-baked cups in his hands. He handed me one and sat on the parapet next to me. I slowly brought the cup to my lips and took a sip. A young boy brought us a plate of samosas.

With each sip, my sobbing grew louder. I told him my sad breakup story, and he listened with patience. As I continued to cry over my ex-boyfriend, Yusuf inched his way closer to me. He first put his hand over mine and kept it there.

At that moment, I didn’t realize it. He noticed that I wasn’t reacting negatively. He moved his hand up my arm and around my back. He rubbed my back to console me. I reacted to his kind gesture by resting my head on his chest.

What can I say? I was shattered at that time, and a kind and friendly gesture from a man made me feel safe. Gradually, his hand moved from my back to my waist and then to the side of my thigh. I was wearing a tight denim skirt. He gently caressed my bare thigh.

I leaned onto him even more. My eyes were shut. I was biting my lips as he moved his fingers around my leg. My heart raced, and my breath quickened. I didn’t even realize that I was no longer holding the cup in my hands.

My hands moved around his face. My head rose. Even with closed eyes, my lips found their way to his. They locked. We kissed passionately. He shifted and then stood up. Yet, our kiss didn’t break. He placed his hands on my legs. I spread them open.

He pulled me closer. Now our kiss broke as he moved onto my neck. I bit my lips again. He moved his hands around my waist. I shot my arms up. I was wearing a crop top back then. He was very smooth with his fingers and removed my top flawlessly.

I had no idea whether it was right or wrong. All I knew was that that passionate kissing and intimacy was changing my mood. He kissed me again, but it was shorter this time. He kissed my cleavage, bit my navel, and moved between my legs. He sniffed. I was wet down there.

It was something he noticed even with my panties on. He undid the side zipper of my skirt. It came off like a napkin was unfolded. I was in my bra and panties before him.

I held myself in balance with the help of my hands planted firmly on the parapet as I leaned back on his cue. He pushed his fingers underneath the waistband. He pulled my pantie down slowly like he was unribboning a gift. He straightened himself and kissed me again.

There was a broad grin on his face. He plunged his head down between my legs once more. I felt his tongue touch my clit. Oh! It was sending me into a frenzy. I was losing myself. He moved his tongue in circles. I bit my lips to hold back my moans. But my body was warmed up for even a bigger game.

I grabbed his hair and pulled his head up. Yusuf straightened. He dropped his pants and his underwear. He had already unbuttoned his shirt while he was licking my pussy. I pulled my legs up and braced my heels on the parapet. My cunt was wide open before him.

He held his long circumcised cock and gave it 3 whacks before pushing it into my pussy. I gasped. His dick was bigger than my ex-boyfriend’s. He held me tight in his arms and began thumping me.

“Ahh, ahhh,” I moaned as Yusuf undid my bra and set my big boobs free.

“Ah, Madam, you are so good,” muttered Yusuf.

“Ahh, then make me better,” I cried with pleasure.

“You like my cock, madam?”

“Yes, yes,”

“Is it better than your boyfriend’s?”

“Yes. It’s great. It’s great.”

“Oh, Madam, you are so good to fuck.”

“Ah, then fuck me.”

“Yes, Madam.”

Yusuf seemed like an experienced fucker. His cock roared inside my pussy for a good 40 minutes before it burst and shot its load in there. I told him to sit on the parapet and let me go between his legs. He did. I took his limp circumcised cock in my hand and put it in my mouth.

There was still some cum on the tip. It was warm and sticky and salty. I licked it and swallowed it. I moved my head up and down. His cock was in my mouth. In a short while, his stick was ready for action once more.

I told him to lie down on the parapet. It wasn’t too high. He did it with his legs on either side of it. I climbed onto him. My legs were able to touch the floor on either side. I took his cock and guided it inside my pussy. I bounced on his stick. My big round boobs jiggled freely as I hopped on the stick.

“Oh, madam. You are so great at this. I wish you could teach this to my wife,” Yusuf said.

“Send her to me, and I will,” I replied, laughing.

“Your boyfriend must be an idiot that he left an item like you.”

“Let’s not talk about him,” I urged, bouncing on his tool. “Oh, Yusuf. You fuck me so good. ahhh. Your dick is so good. Oh fuck,” I moaned.

He held on for more than an hour this time. When his cock began to tighten inside me, I got off of him. I went down on my knees and asked him to give me a cumshot. He sat his cock on my face and jerked it. His dick shot a load of cum all over my face.

So, friends, this was the story of my sex with a taxi driver in a dhaba. This is just the first part of it. There is another one to follow soon. What do you think about this one, do let me know. My id is [email protected]

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