My Unexpected Entry To Gay World

A very warm welcome to everyone in this story. This story is about me (let my name be ‘T’) and my best friend (let his name be ‘R’). This thing happened nearly 2 years ago when I was 19 years old.

First of all, we both are not gays. It was just something that happened due to hormones and our curiosities. Let’s dive into the story now.

So, I and my friend had got a college project and that too on the same topic. As we stayed nearby, we were excited that both of us had got the same topic. The deadline for the project submission was just a week after.

We both researched and found the content which was to be written and shared with each other. It was a big project so it took nearly 4 days to write and 1 day to find the content which was to be written.

We did our part but something which we both of us had forgotten was “pictures” which were supposed to be pasted inside the project. None of us remembered that thing. But, suddenly before the submission day, another friend called me and said, “How many pictures have you added?” To which I replied, “Hey man, nice joke!”

He said, “Bro, I am not joking. We are supposed to stick pictures too,” and I was like, “Fuck dude, I will call you later”.

Then I called my friend R and asked him. He said, “Yes brother, it is required. But I think both of us had forgotten.”

I said, “I can’t do it now because it is Sunday and all internet cafes are closed.” To which he said, “Yes, but don’t worry. I have a solution. I will call my uncle. He has bought a new printer two days ago and let get his permission first.”

I ended the call. After 5 minutes, my friend called and said, “Bro, I have taken permission from my uncle and now we can go to his office in the noon.”

“Okay, but it is Sunday,” I said.

“He will give us the keys,” said my friend. I felt relieved and informed my mom that I will be going out.

It was noon and the time was around 1 pm. I called him, “Bro, are you ready?” He said yes and we headed towards my friend’s uncle’s office which was nearly 2 km away from our house. We reached there and opened the office and went straight into his uncle’s cabin. It was not a big office, it just had 4 cabins.

Now, what happened was, I gave my friend the information about the pictures and he started to surf the internet and take the printouts. As there was free internet, I started watching porn while he was doing work! I didn’t have earphones so I asked him, “Can I go to some other cabin?”

He said, “Why dude, am I smelling bad?!”

I was like, “No, no. I just wanna watch something.” He understood what I meant. He said, “No problem, watch it here. I won’t get distracted.”

I looked at him and then started watching porn again. Soon, I started getting an erection. I tried to shake it a little inside my pants.

Within 2 minutes, my friend’s work was finished as we had only a few pictures related to our topic.

Then our conversation went like this –

R: Hey, show me too, let’s watch it together!

Me: Together? Okay, no problem. Let’s watch.
R: Yes yes, play it now.

I started playing it. We started to talk again while watching the porn video.

R: His dick is pretty big, just as mine.
Me: Ohh, that’s really nice.

R (looking towards my pants): Haven’t you got an erection?
Me: Yes. My dick is already standing.

R: But I can’t see. Oh, I think you have a small one.
Me: How can you say that?! Have you seen my dick?

R: Nope, but I think it is small and if you want to prove me wrong, show me your dick!
Me: Really, but I won’t show.

R: Now I think you really have a small one. Wait, let me check.
Me: You really wanna see my dick? Wait, I will show you.

R: Of course!

Then I pulled my dick out of my pants. My dick was 6.5 inches long.

R: You have a small dick.
Me: Let’s compare!

R: Okay.

My friend pulled out his dick which was only 5-inches!

Me (laughing): You really have a small one.
R: I know, I just wanted to see yours!

Me: Nice cover, dude.

Meanwhile, all this had started arousing me so much.

Me: Let’s give a blowjob to each other?
R: Really? But I don’t like giving a bj even though I can take one.

Me: But you have to do something and then it will be an equal deal.
R: I will give you a rim job.

Me: Okay, let me start.

Even though I hadn’t sucked a guy’s dick before, I put my friend’s dick in my mouth and started giving him a blowjob. To my surprise, he was enjoying my amateur bj. And within 2 minutes, he came!

Me: Awwwww, so fast?! Now, give me a rim job.

My friend pulled my pants down and asked me to get into position. Then, what I said surprised him a little.

Me: You have to give me a rim job for 20 minutes and then, you can cum on my face next time.
R: Okay!

He started giving me a rim job and he was even spanking my ass in between. It was really a heavenly feeling. Even I didn’t realize that 20 minutes had passed.

R: Get on your knees now and let me cum on your face.
Me: Bro, today? Let’s give each other a handjob and go!

But he was persistent.

R: Yes, today only. A deal is a deal.

Then my friend started to stroke his dick and even I started to help him. Soon, he came on my face. Even though I didn’t like it much, my hormones were still on the next level so I could not resist it.

My friend was a little exhausted and then he said asked me to wait for some time and went to the washroom. I too went to the washroom and washed my face. I came out and saw he was watching porn on my phone and getting his dick erect again.

I asked him, “You have come twice but I haven’t come even once.”

R: Let’s give each other a handjob and tomorrow you can have one more as I got 3 and you will have 2.
Me: Okay!

We went inside the washroom and started giving a handjob to each other. We both came at the same time. Then there was an awkward feeling between us. We silently took the printed pages and returned home while having a normal conversation. We didn’t talk about the act that day or even the next day!

The aftermath and the next part of whatever happened will be uploaded soon which is more interesting and fun! Till then, stay safe!

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Thanks for reading my story!

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