Role Of Akshay In Champa’s Career

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Many readers have appreciated my stories and requested me to write the next part also. So now I am going to narrate the next part.

In the first part of the story, I mentioned about two guys – Anand and Akshay. Anand was her agent to get contacts of high-profile guys. I narrated in the first part how Anand helped her to meet Peter. Now I am going to describe the role of Akshay.

Akshay is a well-educated young man of 30, not yet married. He is self-employed. He has his own office. It is a service industry catering to the needs of the people. He provides any service his clients are asking for, for which he gets reasonable service charges.

His service area includes real estate, travel agency, insurance agency, hotel booking, and many more. There is one hotel in the outskirts, 25 KM away from the city. This hotel was built in the midst of a greenfield away from the busy life of the city, surrounded by lush green trees.

The hotel was purposely constructed there for people interested in secret fun life. Young boys book rooms and bring their girlfriends. Married men book rooms and stay there for secret sex. Business establishments book rooms and arrange escorting girls for their customers mainly to finalize a business deal.

Very near to that hotel, Akshay’s farmhouse is located amid green fields. After finishing his office work, Akshay goes to the farmhouse for a night stay, mostly after 11 PM.

Akshay has a good rapport with that hotel. Often he gets calls from the hotel to provide ‘night service’ to some guests. Some men book rooms and hire escorts. Akshay provides escort service to the needy.

Akshay has a team of 8 escorts – 3 college girls, 2 working girls, 2 married housewives, and one divorcee. Whenever he gets a call from the hotel, he finds out which girl from his team is available and arranges her. He finishes this job and goes to his farmhouse late at night.

Peter was often booking a room in that hotel and hiring one or another girl from different sources. He had hired all the eight girls from Akshay on different occasions. Thus Peter and Akshay knew each other very well.

One day Peter booked a room and took Champa to that hotel. On that day, Akshay sees Champa. He feels, “Champa is the most beautiful girl. It will be good if she joins my team.”

The next day he called Peter and enquired about Champa. Peter said,  “Yes. She is a call girl. She is very good in bed. She can satisfy any customer. But she is available for high-profile guys only. You contact her husband.” Peter gave my contact number to Akshay.

The next day I get a call from an unknown number on my mobile. However, I received the call. It was from Akshay.

Akshay: Good morning, Vinay. I am Akshay.

Me: Good morning. I don’t know you.

Akshay: I am Akshay. I got your number from Peter.

Me: Good. Peter is my friend. Tell me, what can I do for you.

Akshay: Sir, I want to ask something. May I?

Me: Yes. When you are Peter’s friend, feel free to ask anything. No problem.

Akshay: Sir, I am providing room service to the needy guests in that hotel. It is the same hotel where Champa madam stayed with Peter a few days back. I happened to see Champa there.

Me: Yes. Champa had gone there with Peter. I know that.

Akshay: Sir, Champa is very beautiful and attractive.

Me: Hmmm. Thanks for your appreciation.

Akshay: Sir, I have a team of 8 girls who come on call and give service to the hotel guests.

Me: Okay. Good.

Akshay: Sir, I want Champa to join my team. She will get excellent high-profile clients.

Me: Hahaha. You ask her. If she agrees, I don’t mind. It is left to her decision. I don’t come in the way if someone’s dick is destined to enter her pussy.

Akshay: Really, Sir?

Me: Yes, really. It is her body. Her pussy, her boobs, and her ass. She should decide.

Akshay: Thank you so much, Vinay Sir. Can you send her to meet me? I will talk and convince her.

Me: I will convey your request to Champa. Rest is left to her.

Akshay: Thank you so much.

In the night, I told Champa what Akshay had told me. She neither showed any interest nor became angry. Her reaction was neutral.

After two days, Akshay made a follow-up call to me. Any business, for that matter, requires constant follow-up. I asked Champa about her opinion on Akshay’s offer.

Champa: I don’t know what sort of guy Akshay is. If he is a decent guy and gentleman like Anand, I can accept the offer. But he could be a third-class guy or a goonda also.

Me: You speak to Peter and find out.

Champa: Okay. It is a good idea. I will do it

Champa called Peter and discussed with him.

Peter: Akshay is a good guy. Gentleman. He is honest in his business, just like Anand. You can accept his offer if you are otherwise happy with it.

Champa conveyed her decision to me to accept the offer, and I passed on her reply to Akshay.

Me to Akshay: Champa has shown positive indications. However, her final decision will be after meeting you.

Akshay: Vinay, will you send her to my office today for a discussion?

Me: Sure.

Akshay: Then, let her come today evening.

Me: Okay

I informed the above discussion, and Champa said, “Vinay, Let me go there this evening. You accompany me. Let us go together.”

I drove Champa to Akshay’s office. Champa was dressed in a pink dress. The top was transparent to show her belly button and cleavage. The bottom was fitting well to show the round shape and size of butts. Even the panty lines and color were visible.

Akshay welcomed both of us and took us to his cabin. He was enjoying with his eyes the beauty and attraction of Champa. I was sure he was getting hard inside the underwear. After formal talks, Akshay said that he wanted to have a personal discussion with Champa. So I went out.

He asked her about her willingness to become a regular call girl. She said she is ready but does not want too many calls. Only occasionally, some calls are fine. He agreed to limit the calls to just 4 or 5 per month. However, he wanted to taste her first, and if he is satisfied, only to send her to his clients.

Champa agreed to this. After all, when she buys sweets from a sweet stall, she asks for a sample. She tastes the sample and then places the order. I returned home. Champa went with Akshay to his farmhouse.

Akshay fucked her in all possible ways, all positions, all angles, and all holes. He kissed her with love like his own wife and then with lust like a whore. He dominated her in bed like a hired bitch. She cooperated and enjoyed it fully. She had a sleepless night with Akshay.

The next morning Akshay called me.

Akshay: Good morning, Vinay.

Me: Good morning. How was your first night with Champa?

Akshay: Sir, Champa is excellent. I am 200% satisfied. She responds well to anything I do. She enjoyed me very well.

Me: Good.

Akshay: None of the other 8 girls on my team is like this. Champa is the best. She can satisfy any type of customer. In fact, I was searching for a lady of this type for my clients, and today I found. Now my team has 9.

Champa became a member of Akshay’s team. Now she is a call girl in that hotel. The first call from Akshay came to Champa on the very next day. She took a cab and went.

Through Akshay, she gets top-class customers, maybe 6 or 7 in a month instead of 4 or 5 initially agreed. Mostly all are full night cases and sometimes short period cases also for 1 to 2 hours.

Occasionally Akshay arranges fucking sessions with Champa for his very special clients in his farmhouse. Sometimes he sends her to some other hotels on request from his counterparts there.

There were occasions when she was fucked by a short-period customer. After that, she got another customer either in the same hotel or another hotel.

The specialty in farmhouse is a facility to the customer for outdoor fucking. The customer can take the girl outside the house and fuck. They can walk naked everywhere on the farm and fuck in an open field under the sky.

Customers prefer this on full moon nights. There is a facility for artificial rain also by pumping the water from the well. The client and girl can dance in the rain and enjoy.

Some customers take Champa for rain dance late at night when the weather is chilly. They dance naked and then fuck in the open. She enjoys everything. After all, Champa is a perfect whore. One can call her ‘Super Whore.’

Every customer has the right to choose his partner. Once in a way, it so happens that the customer rejects her. In such cases, Akshay does not disappoint her. He immediately contacts his counterparts in other hotels and arranges a customer in one or another hotel.

If that also does not work, he takes her with him to the farmhouse and invites his friends to fuck her. Champa is happy with Anand as well as Akshay. She is enjoying her life in the way she wants.

Dear readers, the third and last part of the story is over. Please give your feedback to me in my email [email protected] I will write a different story after some time after getting your feedback on these 3 stories.

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