How I Turned Into A Sexy Cross-Dresser

Hello Everyone, I am AJ. I am a smooth fair guy. Bottom by liking. I love to be a slutty girl for good-looking decent guys. Now let’s get to the story about me being a cross-dresser.

I met a married guy who was top by liking via online. Two weeks passed since we started chatting. I wanted to explore more and meet in real. So I messaged him and asked him whether he is free that weekend. He instantly replied saying he wanted his cock to be sucked nicely and wants to eat my lips.

I was blushing on hearing that. He told me a surprise is waiting for me. We planned to meet that weekend. Finally, Saturday morning came, I shaved from face to legs. I took a bath and applied lotion and perfume. I got ready, felt so naughty, and took a cab to reach his place.

He opened the door and pulled me in quickly. Without wasting any time, he kissed my pink lips and started to eat them. I started to get horny. His tongue deeply reached mine and caressed. After a few minutes, he pushed me down.

I knew what he wanted. I slowly caressed his shorts and pulled them down. Kissed his cock with underwear and smelled it. He didn’t wait much longer, took his cock, and shoveled it into my mouth. I closed my eyes. He started to fuck my mouth.

I understood he is horny as hell. So I tried to take his entire cock inside my mouth. He started to fuck my mouth as if its a pussy. It reached to my throat, not able to breathe but at the same time felt like a real slut and horny.

After a few minutes, he gave me a break and kissed my lips again. His cock was shining with my saliva. He undressed me and saw my body was fully smooth and fair as a girl.

He smirked and said, “You slut, you came well prepared!” and spank my ass gently. I winked at him and said, “You have awoken the slut inside me by your chats and messages.”

He gave me a sexy red bra and thong to wear and said, “It is time for your first, virgin fuck.” I wore them and looked into the mirror. I admired my sexy and slutty look. He took me to his master bedroom and put me down.

There we started the 69position. He came on top, and his cock went smoothly inside my mouth. He pulled my red thong and took a lubricant, and applied it on my smooth ass hole.

He applied generously and slowly inserted his one finger, and I felt jerked. Slowly pushed his finger fully and pulled it out. After a few mins, his finger is now traversing smoothly. I was sucking passionately his cock in the meantime.

He pushed now two fingers and slowly stretched my ass hole. It started to hurt a little. He applied some lubricant on his fingers and my ass hole. Now his two fingers are going in and out in my ass hole.

“Your pussy is so tight, my sexy slut,” he told in a happy tone and continued. After a few minutes, his three fingers started to stretch my ass’s inner walls. And his cock is ready now with my saliva as lubricant.

He wore a condom. I was in a doggy position, and he pushed cock inside my ass at one go. I felt great pain, and tears started to roll. He stayed put like that and massaged my nipples, and kissed my ear lobes.

He started to move gently and fuck my virgin ass. Soon after the pain subdued, it started to feel good each time his cock went inside.

He picked up speed. And the quiet bedroom was full of my moans and his grunts. After 10 minutes, he started to reach his climax and release a load of cum inside my ass. It felt so warm inside my ass.

We both got tired and lay down for a few minutes. He hugged me and said that it was the best fuck, and my ass is so tight like pussy.

I got up and cleaned myself. I was looking in the mirror. My ass was red due to spanking while he was fucking me. And a few love bits on my lips. I felt like a real girl. I came out, and he was lying in bed, holding his hard cock.

I asked him, “How come it becomes so hard so quickly?”

He said, “Seeing your bubbly white ass and pink lips, it got hard in no time, babe. You should be born as a girl. By mistake, you were born as a boy. Don’t worry, you are my slut from now on. I will make you more slutty,” and he laughed.

Saying that, he took me to shower. Under the shower, he started to kiss my lips and earlobes again. Sucked my nipples and gently bite them. I moaned like a girl. That made him hornier.

He sucked my wet nipples and bit them a little hard. I jumped, saying, “Bite like a dog.” He laughed and told me what a dog will do and where it would bite. He made me turn towards the wall and slapped my ass. It started to jiggle.

He said, “You have an aunty’s ass. Lovely!”

He started to lick my ass hole with his tongue. I was in heaven. His tongue was fucking my ass hole without a gap. I couldn’t stand it due to excitement. So I held the shower pipe for support. Then finally, he let go of my asshole.

And he pushed his cock this time. I shouted, “Condom!” He said, “I want to fuck you raw. Don’t worry, I am clean will show my test result later.” That felt good and different. Believe me, guys, getting fucked without a condom was an awesome feeling.

He started to increase his pace. Under the cold shower, we were getting hot due to fuck. Finally, he said, I am going to cum. This time I kneel and take this cum fully without wasting a single drop. I cleaned his cock with my tongue. It smelled different with his cum and my ass smell.

After that, he helped me clean myself, and we had a shower together. We had one more round that night in a missionary position.

I hope you liked the story about how I became a sexy crossdresser. Stay tuned for the next part where he made me dress like a slutty girl. We also did a CD photoshoot and had more sex in new fun ways.

Meanwhile, any good-looking decent married top with a safe place in Bangalore can offer me girly wear, make-up items, and accessories and connect me via my email. It is [email protected]

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