Kolkata Tour Done Right!

I had recently shifted to Kolkata and was awestruck with everything that the city offers. Being new in the city, I decided to try Tinder hoping to find someone, who would show me around.

I came across this girl who was quite a charmer. Well of course, this Tinder girl was pretty but she was amazing with the words too. The pleasantries were out of the way soon, and I asked her to show me around. She grew up in Kolkata so she happily obliged.

We met on the weekend and boy, she was hot! She must have been 5’4″, wore a black shirt, shorts and white sneakers and had a killer smile. I waved her from across the street, and she came over and gave a friendly hug. We hit it off immediately, and started exploring the city.

After roaming for an hour or two, I suggested we settle down for a beer. She took me to some bar and time just flew by. After a beer or maybe 6, I asked if she wanted to go back to my place and she said, “Why not?”

“Exactly, Why not!” I said, and called for the cheque immediately.

We hailed a cab and soon after we boarded, we broke in for a kiss! Throughout the journey, her tongue was in my mouth and my hand was inside her shirt. The driver watching us didn’t bother her, so I made sure he got a first class show! She later told me that it turned her on even more. Anyways, the driver did give me a five star rating. XD

I told her to walk in front of me, so I could watch her ass sway on the way. I opened the door for her. She walked in, turned around and gave a pretty cheerful smile, and dude! I fell for her, fell for her hard.

I got in, pushed her to the wall, and breathed on her neck. The sexual tension was pretty evident.

We both moved in for a kiss. It was like calm in chaos. We started with a soft kiss but in no time it turned pretty passionate.

I broke off the kiss and turned her around swiftly, raised her arms above her head and pinned them there. My other arm was exploring the sexy Kokata girl’s curves. I nibbled her ear, then to her neck and opened her shirt. Meanwhile, she started grinding her ass on my dick.

I opened up her shorts and took it off. I took a step back, and spanked her ass over her black panties. She looked back, giving me a sly smile, biting her lower lip, asking for more.

I pulled the bong girl’s panties off in one go, and slowly brushed my hands on her inner thighs. I could feel her breath getting heavier. The closer I got to the prize, the more restless she got.

I just brushed her clitoris and a loud moan escaped from her mouth. I slowly started playing with her pussy, pressing it gently and moving my fingers all over. I pushed her to the bed, and what a sight it was! This little bong, just in her black shirt, with her legs spread, smiling at me.

I kissed her again putting my hands inside her shirt to open her bra hook. I asked her to take her bra off and wear her shirt again. All this while, our eyes were locked into each others. I felt as if she was peeking into my soul. Damn, she is amazing, I thought.

I circled my tongue around her areolas and the horny Kokata girl titled her head back. My other hand found its way to her pussy.

I gently increased the pressure and played with her clitoris. Her moans were getting heavier and heavier. I could see her, tense her thighs, bring her chest up and there it was. I felt a gush of hot fluid over my fingers and a smile on her face. We kissed and she pushed me over. She made it evident that it was her turn now.

She gave me a kiss and pushed her tongue in my mouth while unbuttoning my jeans. She looked at my dick, thinking of it as candy. She used her tongue to lick the head and then took it in. She just took the head in her mouth and was using her tongue all over the head. It felt stupendous, pure bliss.

The horny bong girl did it for a while and then went deep to take it all in. She was good, pretty good. I pushed my dick inside her mouth to fill it in. She looked straight in my eyes, asking me, rather begging me to choke her up.

She gagged as it bumped against the back of her throat. She fought against her gag reflex. Her eyes teared up but she got it under control. I was amazed at her blowjob skills. I wanted to return the favor and told her to get on her fours. She did obediently.

I pushed it in and took it out, entering her more each time. I gradually build up the pace and soon her ass was moving in sync with my thrusts. She had an amazing bubbly ass and I just couldn’t resist spanking it red.

I pulled her hair back and kissed her. Her eyes were filled of lust. I could feel her tight pussy gripping my dick with each of my thrust. Her moans were getting louder as she arched her back. With every thrust, the sound of collision intensified the moment.

I turned her around and put a pillow under her back. I plunged it in with a hard thrust. I increased my pace as I wanted more of her.

The room was filled with moans, slurping sounds and sweat. Her eyes were working her magic on me. There was something about her that was messing up my head and turning me on. It was like I was a different person altogether.

The bong girl must have figured what was going in my head, so she smiled and pulled me in for a kiss. It was sort of a energy booster and I increased my pace. With every thrust she dug her nails in me, and it aroused me even more. My body tensed up. My moans made her aware that I was close to an orgasm.

She immediately took control and started to blow me off. I thought she might take me to the edge and make me cum on her hand or something. She swallowed it though, swallowed all of it.

It took me a while to get back to my senses. She was just sitting there sipping water, smiling at me. Staring at her I wondered, ‘How did I manage to get this lucky?’

She looked at her phone and had about nine missed calls from friends and family. It was already eleven in the night and she forgot to inform her parents. She somehow managed to get out of trouble and stayed the night. Me, I was just happy that I moved to Kolkata!

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