James’ Gets A Cumslut Facial!

James, who was to get a cumslut facial, was bent over a spanking bench, and his arms were bound behind his back. His feet, in 2-inch heels, were tied to the legs of the bench. The large ball-gag in his mouth dripped with saliva. He wore thigh-hi fishnet stockings and a tiny pink thong panty. He was helpless.

Garima rolled the spanking machine up behind James. The machine was a wheel of several leather paddles turned by a crank. Garima giggled with excitement as she grabbed the crank with both hands and began to turn it swiftly.

The wheel turned, and the paddles slapped James’ butt cheeks with a furious series of slaps that sounded like machine gunfire. The spanking she was administering to James was incredibly powerful. James blushed and moaned through his ball-gag.

His poor butt cheeks were pounded into complete submission by Garima’s Girl Power. Garima turned the crank quickly for several minutes. James’ sweet butt cheeks began to glow red as he rolled his eyes. The spanking went on for several minutes.

It was pure entertainment for Garima. It was a pure embarrassment for James. As she pumped the crank in circles, his ass cheeks took the spanking of the century. James blushed as his butt was spanked into total subjugation like it happens every day.

The daily spankings are part of what keeps Girl Power ruling James’ world. Garima laughed at his extremely embarrassing predicament. James’ butt cheeks burned with the heat of 1000 fires. Nuzla came walking into the room, accompanied by 28 Indian guys.

Nuzla laughed at James’ sore butt and blushing. The Indian guys stripped and formed a line in front of James. Nuzla removed the ball-gag so the guys could shove their cocks into James’ mouth one at a time.

James sucked, slurped, and slobbered on all 28 cocks as he guzzled down mouthful after mouthful of Indian cum. Nuzla assumed control of the spanking machine, and she turned the crank hard. The paddles slapping filled the room with the sound of machine gunfire.

The guy pumping his large cock down James’ throat made a loud ‘GUH!’ sound. James’ throat repeated the ‘GUH!’ sound quickly and sounded like a different machine gun in response. These sounds went on for hours and hours.

Both Garima and Nuzla laughed so hard together that they had tears in their eyes. The intense humiliation that James experienced was an authoritative display of undisputed Girl Power and was the comeuppance badly needed.

James had lied to both girls, and he was paying his dues for that. Justice was being served, and James’ extremely intense embarrassment was required.

The last 8 guys to fuck James’ slutty throat had all pulled out and dumped their cum all over his face. James had a two-inch-thick cum facial. The girls untied him and helped him stand up. He whimpered from butt pain.

Garima and Nuzla walked James out to one of their cars. James, only wearing the panties and stockings, climbed in the back seat with his glowing red butt pooched into the air. He said his butt cheeks were too sore from sitting down.

Fifteen minutes later, they all pulled up in front of a large sorority. A huge part with about 120 guests was about to start. Garima and Nuzla pulled James inside and put a short black taffeta skirt on him.

They then put a French maid dress over the top. The girls accessorized him with black lace gloves, a lace hat, and a ruffled leg garter. James was then released to serve as a French maid for the party. He cooked and cleaned for the girls.

At the end of the six-hour party, James was exhausted. His butt had been slapped or pinched more than 100 times. He had demonstrated how to give a public blowjob on 14 different guys.

Garima and Nuzla came and picked James up from the party and took him back to his place. Gathered at James’ apartment were 36 Indian men. James sucked off all of those guys with passion. Some of those guys delivered a brutal deep throating.

And two of those guys, Yadav and Manu, decided to shove their cocks into James’ mouth at the same time. Seeing his slutty lips stretched around those two large cocks served as a reminder that James is the cock-whore of India. His mouth was designed for Indian cocks.

James blushed as both cocks rammed his tonsils in unity. His eyes watered and crossed as he watched those cocks fuck his face. It was so embarrassing for James. In fact, the entire day had been a series of embarrassing encounters for James. This was his daily existence.

Both Garima and Nuzla felt incredible contentment at the display of their awesome Girl Power. It happened every night. A blushing James was sent to bed with very sore butt cheeks and a belly full of Indian cum.

Garima walked up to James and helped her slutty French maid up off of his knees. She lifted his skirt, grasped his tiny thong, and gave it a yank, delivering a slight thong wedgie. James was so used to Garima giving him thong wedgies that he didn’t even respond. She playfully patted his butt cheeks.

James bent over and grabbed his ankles. Garima seized the opportunity to punish James for his pathetic slutty ways. She spanked James’ right butt cheek firmly with her hand. His bottom popped with each swat.

Garima giggled as Nuzla joined her and started spanking James’ left butt cheek. Both girls smiled as they pounded James’ warm ass.

After ten minutes of spanking, the girls led James to the refrigerator. Garima pulled open the door and pulled out two raw eggs, and broke them both over James, head. Nuzla then grabbed the mustard and squirted James in the face. The yellow mustard clung to James’ face.

James thrust his hands on his hips and declared, “I only want to have cum on my face!”

Garima laughed, “Oh trust me, you cumslut! You will have cum all over your face!”

Garima then took a can of whip cream out of the refrigerator and loaded James’ face with whip cream. James slowly wiped the whipped cream away from his eyes. Both Garima and Nuzla laughed hilariously at James’ embarrassment.

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