Midnight Fun With My Roommate

This story of midnight fun happened when I was working and was staying with my friends. My name is Jona, and I am a 6-foot-tall and fair-complexioned guy. I have a thick 6″ dick.

It was a normal night where we were sleeping in the common area of the room. Usually, our friends would be sharing the room for sleeping. Around midnight, I got some feeling that someone is running their hands over my shorts.

First, I ignored it, but it happened again. I could not control the feeling I am getting due to this. I was feeling a little bit scared to act on it too. So, I let it slide. I was enjoying and opened my legs a little wide, and suddenly he stopped.

The next morning, he acted as nothing has happened. And things were going normal for some time. Again, we were sleeping next to each other on some other day. I started to get that feeling that someone is caressing my legs.

It was him again, and he went for my dick and got hold of it. I was getting a great feeling. It was happening after a long time, so I was enjoying it. It’s all happening in the common room where other friends are also staying.

He was giving a nice massage for my dick, and I was feeling awesome. Then he started to suck my nipples a bit which was sending shocks in my body. My roommate’s name is Kundan, and he is a little shorter than me and lean. He might be having a 5″ dick, I suppose.

It was time for me to have some fun. So I reached for his dick, and it was already hard. His was a circumcised dick, and mine was not. I could touch the head of his dick with my hands, and it was hard.

I stopped his hand from moving my dick as I was feeling about to cum. I slid down on him so that no one is aware of this. He was wearing a lungi, so I lifted that, and it was just open in plain sight.

I started to lick his dick head with my tongue and was beginning to like it. It was my first time, so I was not sure what to do. Then I started to put his dick inside my mouth and started to taste it. It was an amazing feeling.

I started giving him some strokes with my mouth, and my hands were running over his thighs and upper body. We were both enjoying this despite other guys sleeping in the same room.

He again started giving me some strokes with his hands. I was about to cum, so I stopped him as it’s not the place to leave cum trials. I held my dick with my hands and shot a load covering my penis head with skin. I ran to the restroom to get it cleaned.

The next morning, we acted like nothing has happened and were just talking as usual. Both of us never really thought of talking about what had happened. But I enjoyed how things were going.

A few weeks later, it happened again. I went and purposely slept next to him during the midnight when everyone else is asleep. As he was also sleeping, I was just taking a look at this body.

He suddenly turned to the side and was not aware that I am there. He was still sleeping. I put my hand inside his lungi again and started to stroke his dick. Slowly, he was turning hard, and I could see that his breathing increased.

I went for his balls now and started playing with them. He does not have much hair on it, so it was smooth. I was caressing his legs with my hands to turn him on. Slowly I realized his dick is getting harder, and he must be enjoying this.

Suddenly he started to suck my nipples again. It was sending shocks again throughout my body. As he was exploring my nipples, I had another idea. So, I took his hand, and we walked to the kitchen where no one will be there.

I kneeled in front of him and started to suck his dick really well. He was enjoying this without any moaning. I never knew dick would taste like this. Then I pulled my shorts down and turned my ass towards his dick. I wanted to see the feeling of his dick in my ass.

He also had a thick dick, so it was never easy to get inside. I tried by guiding his dick at the crack of my ass, but still, it wasn’t going in. He just dry humped me for a few minutes. We both could not even moan as there are other people in the next room.

I applied little saliva on my crack and kept one of my legs on top of the slab to allow more room. He tried to push his dick in again, but just his head was rimming in my ass crack. He was also stroking my dick with his hands which was making me harder.

I moaned a little with a low voice as his dry humping and stroking of my dick gave me huge pleasure. I was about to cum. I held my dick in my hand so that I do not spill. I released a load of cum on my hands and went to wash it.

We went back to bed. I slid down on him, took his dick in my mouth, and started giving him a nice blowjob. I liked the taste of his dick, so I was truly enjoying it.

Finally, after few minutes, he shot a load without any warning. So I ended up catching his cum in my mouth. It was warm, but I could not swallow it. I ran to the bathroom to get myself cleaned. Wow, it was a great experience.

After that, we enjoyed it in few instances, but we never talked about it anytime in the morning. Till now, we never talked about this, and we never tried it again.

I hope you guys liked the story of my first gay experience. Please post your feedback to [email protected]. Until next time.

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