My First Gay Experience

Hello guys, I am Mayank Aggarwal, age 20 and I am bisexual and a bottom. This story happened when I was 18 years old and was my first experience with a man.

So let’s start the story. It was the summer holidays, I was in my 12th standard, and in my neighborhood, there was a guy whose name was Shankar (name has been changed of course).

Shankar was 24 years old and was from Haryana, he was doing a job near my house and stayed just next to my house. In the summer holidays, I and my friend used to play badminton a lot and one day Shankar joined us and asked if he could play.

We said, “Yes,” to him and we began playing together. This was the routine for the next 4-5 days and everything was going fine and we were having fun.

On the 6th day, no one came to play and I was alone in the street calling my friends but all were busy doing some work and I was just going to my home, when I saw Shankar bhaiya in his balcony.

I waved out to him. He lived alone on the 3rd floor. He waved back at me and asked me to come to his house with ishara (signs). I kept my racquets at my house and went to his place.

He welcomed me in with a smile and asked me to sit on the couch. Shankar bhaiya and I were like friends even with the age difference because he also missed his family being out for work and I was happy to give him company.

Shankar bhaiya came and sat beside me and we started talking about general stuff like my studies, his jobs, his colleagues, about my friends and where they were that day, etc.

One hour passed talking generally and I decided to leave his house when I told him that I should leave he said, “Ki kya jaldi hai yaar? Main bhi bore ho raha hun, tu bhi ghar par bore hi hoga, yahin se apni home ko bol de ki tu mere ghar par hai aur woh kuchh nahi bolengi.”

I did what he said to do and then he asked me, if I have a girlfriend or not? I told him no because I never had one. I asked the same question to him, to which he said that he had one but broke up with her.

I asked him, “Why, what happened?” He said, “That she didn’t like his dick” and therefore there were many fights between them.

I was 18 and a little chubby at that time and had a small dick. I used to see a lot of porn and read stories here and I always wanted to see a dick in reality.

I consoled him saying that he will get a better one for sure. He said, “Thank you.” Out of curiosity, I asked him, “What was the problem, she had with his dick?” to which he replied,

“Mera lund na hi jyada bada hai na hi jyada chhota hai, medium hai but mera lund na mota bahut hai toh usko woh acha nahi lagta tha, pata nahi kyun.” Maine kaha, “Ohh.”

Main apne mann mein soch raha tha ki bhaiya se bolun ki merko apna lund dikhayein, fir socha nahi nahi agar bhaiya ko bura laga aur meri mom ko btaya toh meri Lanka lag jayegi.

Utne mein bhaiya kehte, “Kya soch raha hai.” I said, “Nothing bhaiya.” Woh mere se kehte, “Tu porn dekhta hai?” I said, “Yes but meri mom ko mat batana.”

He started laughing and said, “Pagal hai kya? Main kyun bataunga? Chal ab mere room. Saath mein porn dekhenge, TV par maine bahut saari store kar rakhi hai.” Main mana karta usse pehle, toh bhaiya ne mera haath pakad ke lekar bhi jaa rhe the room mein.

Main peeche peeche gaya and bhaiya ke bed ke ek side par baith gaya. He started inserting pendrive and was looking for suitable porn. There were tons of thoughts going through my mind, ki mera khada ho jayega porn dekh ke, toh bhaiya ke saamne kaise chhupaunga yeh, woh etc.

Jaise hi main thoughts se bahar aaya and TV ki taraf dekha toh it was a gay porn where a guy was sucking another guy’s dick. I was shocked to see this and asked, “What is this type of porn?” He said, “It’s gay porn. I love gay porn.”

I said, “But yeh thoda ajeeb nhi hai?
He said, “No…No watch it, you will like it.”

He came to bed and lay beside me and we started watching. With every passing second his dick rose and became bigger and bigger in his pajamas and formed a tent which was completely visible.

I was now more focused on his dick rather than porn. I told him that bhaiya apka tent ban gaya hai. Bhaiya  said, “Tera bhi toh bann gaya hoga?” Maine kaha, “Bhaiya mera toh bahut chhota hai aapse,”

Bhaiya kehte, “Acha toh mera dekhega?” I was in shock for 2-3 seconds and when I was out of it bhaiya has already removed his pants fully and his dick was in front of me hard as a pole.

His next dialogue shocked me even more, “Pakad ke dekh ek baar,” he said. Isse pehle mai kuchh bolta he grabbed my hand and placed it over his dick. I was shocked and was confused with this act of his but I didn’t let go of his dick from my hand as it was strangely feeling good.

He grabbed my hand again and started pulling it up and down which made his dick skin go to and fro. I never saw a dick like that it was not so big but it was fat, really fat. My eyes were glued to his dick and he knew that too.

Next thing he said, “Kaisa hai?” Main kuchh nahi bola bass lund ko ghurta rha. To which he said, “Chusega?” I came back to my senses and said, “Yes” I don’t know why I said yes, I never had any types of feelings for a man before neither do I right now but that dick made me crazy that evening.

I sat between his legs and started to gaze at his dick properly to which he said, “Dekhte hi rahega ya chusega bhi?” I gathered courage and moved my mouth towards his dick and put the tip in my mouth, ohh it was heavenly for me as well as him as he let out a sweet moan.

He pushed my head further and further deep on his dick and I was enjoying his every act. After 10 minutes of vigorous sucking action, I became a pro and his moans grew louder and louder.

He told me to stand up and he stood beside me as well, he said, “Aaj tu meri randi hai. Tu aaj 9 baje se pehle ghar nhi jayegi,” these words made me even hornier and I nodded my head in a yes.

He grabbed my shorts and pulled them down completely with the underwear in a jiffy and also pulled my shirt and banyan. I was fully nude and he was just in his banyan. I did the honors and pulled his banyan and we were both nude.

He pushed me on the bed and came over me and started sucking my man boobs as I told you all earlier, I was chubby so I have really big ones. I was on Cloud 9 and was moaning like anything. He came on top of me and kissed me on my lips we lip locked for 5-10 minutes and then cuddled like a mad couple as if this day would never come again.

He lay beside me and I was caressing his dick which was pointing towards the ceiling. He said, “Kaisa laga?” Maine kaha, “Acha laga bhaiya” to which he replied, “Abhi main cheez toh bachi hai.” I couldn’t figure out what is left and asked him the same thing.

He said, “Ruk,” and grabbed me by my waist and made me in bend in doggy style position, and I knew what was coming. I heard him searching for a condom and heard a sound of packet tearing.

The next second there was some creamy cream on my butthole (which was lube) and then he positioned himself behind me and was trying to find my hole with his dick. I grabbed his dick and directed it towards my ass hole.

He gave a slight push and the tip of his dick was inside me. OMG, that was painful as hell, I nearly cried and asked him to stop it but he didn’t listen and gave one more thrust and his whole dick was in me.

Tears rolled down my eyes as it was painful, he came near my mouth and lip locked me and was in the same position for 4-5 seconds then he pulled back and again thrust.

The pain was less now than before but it was still there. He started moving to and fro and I was in Heaven! He fucked me for 45 minutes in missionary, doggy, cowgirl, and then came on my man boobs to complete the best evening I ever had in my life.

This was my story. More coming with the same guy as we fucked a lot.

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