Gay Love With Friend At College Hostel

Hi readers, I have been reading various category sex stories on this site for a very long time and I want to share the experience that had happened to me. At present my age is 21 years but this happened when I was 19 years old.

Now, going to details at that time, I was studying inter 2nd year in residential Junior college and staying in the college hostel. As I was 19 years old only, I used to be very horny.

By the way, my name is Tej and the person with whom I am having an experience is my friend named Varun. I am 5 ft 10 in height and wheatish in color.

I am not fat at the same time not thin. I have big chest and ass. My chest can somewhat look like the man-boobs and my ass is very plumpy and sexy. My friend Varun is 6 feet in height with a thin but strong body.

This event happened during our second-year final intermediate exams and in my hostel room. There are just two final exams for subjects Physics and Chemistry with each exam having a day gap between them and after three day holidays for JEE exam.

To describe my hostel room, it is very big with 11 attached beds for 22 students. Varun does not belong to our room but as the final exams started, students used to study and sleep in their friends’ rooms.

I myself do not consider as a gay or bisexual but this event changed my perspective regarding my sexual behavior. As the Physics exam approached, we both studied and he decided to sleep in my room in my adjoint bed as the person in the adjoint bed went to his friend’s place.

So, after studying, we both slept in the bed. There were other students too in the room and the lights were turned off. I slept in a way such that my back was facing my friend’s front.

In the middle of the night, I suddenly felt something sharp touching my ass! But I didn’t care about it and continued to sleep. But it kept on touching me and I started to understand that it was my friend’s erect cock. He was hugging me in the sleep and there was a bed sheet covering him and me together making others unable to see inside the bedsheet.

He started to caress my body and was touching my hips. Then he started to lower my shorts. Now, my friend’s cock was touching my ass crack. He then moved his hands onto my chest and started to press them. I didn’t know how to react but I started to feel strange.

Varun then moved his hands towards my cock and started to press it. I felt very horny and began to like it. After some time of playing with my body, he turned me towards him and then planted a kiss on my lips.

It was just a touch of his lips on my lips but I felt his breath while he kissed me and I just wanted to experience more. But after kissing me, he turned aside and started to sleep. Though I didn’t like it, I want to experience more as it was my first kiss.

The next morning, we just reacted like it never happened at all and just acted normal.

After that day, there was a holiday and it was also normal. On the other day night, the night before the final intermediate exam, he came to me and then we studied and started to sleep on the same bed. This day, I wanted to experience more. So while sleeping, I moved my ass near his cock and made it touch.

After some time, he started to press my ass and play with my cock. Then I turned toward him, facing his face. I took the initiative and brought my lips towards his lips.

It was not a normal kiss, I just made contact of my lips with his lips and there was a small opening between his lips. That was my chance and I moved my tongue into his mouth and started to feel inside his tongue.

Then after kissing for five minutes, I moved my tongue out and started to suck his lower lip and then bit it. Then I started to kiss his whole body, his neck, chest and pressed his hips.

Then Varun took my hand and placed it on his cock and started to stroke my cock. We both played with our cocks and after that, we slept.

The next day morning, it was our final exam and we completed it. Then there were three day holidays and most of the students in our college went home. I stayed in my college and I was the only one in my hostel room left staying. My friend stayed too in his hostel room.

I wanted to experience more and thought it was a real opportunity for me. The bathrooms were common for the floor and not for each room. And our entire floor was nearly empty.

That day evening, I started to go to the bathroom for a bath and I found him too going to the bathroom. As we entered the bathrooms, we found that there was no one else in the bathrooms.

Varun got inside the bathroom and was about to bolt it, but I suddenly entered his bathroom and locked the door! I told him I liked it and I wanted to do more and then started to kiss him.

I put my tongue in his mouth and we played with each other’s tongue. Then we both removed our shorts and started to play with our cocks. It was the first time I was seeing my gay friend’s cock. His cock was 10 inches long and 4 inches thick. My cock was of 7-inch long and about 3-inch thick.

We were passionately kissing with our tongues playing each other and he started to press my ass. Then he lifted me with his hands on my ass and pressed me to a wall. I started to feel his breath. Our heartbeats were rising.

He then started to kiss my manboobs and played with them. After some time, he made my mouth open and pushed his cock into my mouth. It tasted salty but I liked his domination.

Varun pushed his cock into my mouth and started to mouth-fuck me. It was too huge for my mouth and it reached till the end of my mouth and up to my throat. He kept on fucking me and after 15 minutes of mouth-fucking, my friend released his load in my mouth.

With his cum still in my mouth, I kissed his mouth and we both swallowed his cum. After we took a good bath and planned to bang hard that night.

I told him to fuck me that night as I wanted to feel his huge cock and get dominated by him. We went outside the college premises at 7:00 pm. We went to a hotel and ate food. And then we walked and talked for some time.

We reached the hostel at 9:15 pm and entered my hostel room. It was fully empty.

We then locked the door from inside and started to kiss hard. We switched on the fan and AC in the room. We then removed our clothes and fell on my bed. He was on me kissing my mouth while I just lying down there still. First, he moved his tongue in my mouth and started to suck my lips. Then he licked my entire face with his tongue. I loved it.

My friend then reached my navel and started to kiss me there. And then with brute strength, he turned me upside down. Now I was sleeping with my back facing upwards with him on me such that his cock was touching my ass.

He started to kiss my back and play with my boobs. After some time, my friend tried to insert his cock into my asshole. But my asshole was very tight that my friend’s cock didn’t fit in.

Varun then grabbed some body lotion and applied in and around my asshole. Then he inserted his cock in my ass. I felt a sharp pain and I screamed. But he suddenly kissed me and covered my mouth. I was experiencing a mix of pain and pleasure.

Varun then started to ass-fuck me. After some time, I started to feel the pleasure and I was enjoying it. After half an hour, he shot his cum inside me.

Now I wanted to ride him. So I sat on his cock while he lying on his back and inserted his cock into my ass. Then I started to ride him.

He was moaning and I was shouting like, “Ha fuck me, fuck me, I love you”.

After another hour of assfucking, my gay Indian friend cummed in my asshole. I then came close and kissed him. And then we both slept together.

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