Ultimate Gay Erotic Fun With Strangers At Delhi Spa

I am 6 feet tall, very fair, slightly chubby guy with very little hair on my body. I am bisexual and this is a true story of the fun I had at a gay spa in Delhi.

I found out about XYZ (name changed) gay spa in Delhi and googled their site. They had an event every Friday called the “DARK FRIDAYS”. Being unaware but extremely curious, I decided to see the scene at around 6:30 pm on a Friday evening.

As I entered this spa on the third floor of a busy market building, I was greeted by a cute male receptionist who showed little interest in my presence though.

The receptionist told me that I had to pay an entry fee of ₹800 and would get unlimited access to steam, sauna, shower, and the dark room. As I paid the fees, I was given a locker key and escorted inside.

Inside the locker, I found a large towel, wrapped it around and kept all my belongings inside. It was then that the concept of the dark room hit me.

I entered a dark hall, dimly lit by candles with lavender fragrance all around. The fragrance itself was a big turn on. Inside was a big hall with basins and benches. I saw a couple of guys sitting in their towels and chatting.

The hall had doors that lead to shower space, steam room, sauna, and the dark room. I decided to visit the steam room first. As I entered, I saw a few guys sitting in towels talking discreetly to each other. Some of them glanced at me as I went inside and had a wicked smile on their faces. I sat in one corner alone.

After some time, a well-built guy came and sat next to me and asked me my name. He then asked me if this was my first time. I nodded.

Without wasting any time, he placed his hand on my thighs and started rubbing! It was an immediate turn on. I got goosebumps. He told me to relax and that everyone here was here to relax and have a good time.

Within seconds, his hands had reached my crotch and he was rubbing my cock very gently. I got an immediate boner. He felt it too and took my hand and placed it on his crotch above the towel. I could feel he was hard too.

While I was busy feeling his cock, another guy (wheatish complexion) came and sat next to me. This guy, without even introducing himself, started licking and kissing my neck!

This was a completely new experience for me and I was in seventh heaven. I turned towards him and he immediately placed his lips on mine. There was no wasting of time and immediately the battle of our tongues began.

The hunk then took my cock out of the towel and started stroking it vigorously. I got scared and put the towel back. Both guys laughed and told me it was all right.

The guy on my left took off his towel and there he was, sitting with his 6″ erection visible to all in a dim-lit steam room. I lost my shit and started stroking him. The three of us were sweaty because of the steam and the guys asked me to come to the dark room.

We wore our towels and headed towards the dark room. That was when in the darkness, things became crystal clear to me. It was a small room with AC, about 6 feet by 6 feet. It had mattresses and there was one small guy on his knees, sucking 3 others.

As we entered, the hunk pulled my towel and I was completely naked. The guys with me took their towels off as well.

The wheatish guy was immediately on the job. He pushed me to a corner and started biting my nipples. The hunk started kissing me. Their salivas in my mouth and all over my body had taken me to the next level. Involuntarily, I went down on my knees and faced the cum-oozing cocks of the guys next with me.

The hunk without wasting time shoved his tool inside my mouth. There was something about the saltiness of a stranger’s cum that makes you feel like a hunger ridden slut. I used all my saliva to lubricate his tool and started enjoying giving his tool the tour of my mouth.

He was quick and within 30 seconds, he had loaded my mouth with his thick salty cum. His moans were audible to the other guys in the room who had already turned towards me with their cocks in hand. Most of them were amazed to see a hairless chubby body.

The wheatish guy took over from the hunk and before anyone could get a chance, he shoved his cock in my cum-filled mouth. He was rough, going deep inside me with every stroke. I could barely breathe but the smell and taste of the cock were simply getting me more and more excited.

The hunk had left. But one guy from the other group pulled me up. While I was sucking the wheatish guy almost on my haunches, this guy sat behind me and started licking my asshole.

A dark room, the mixture of the smell of cum, piss, men’s sweat and a stranger’s tongue inside my ass while I had another’s cock in my mouth. All these had really really turned me on!

I could sense that the wheatish guy was about to come. I was ready to swallow. But he had other plans. He took his tool out and came over my entire face, moaning all the way till the end. This was it. The entire room knew the slut they had been waiting for had arrived.

The guy who was sucking cocks earlier came near me and started licking the cum off my face. We kissed in between swapping cum.

Meanwhile, the guy behind me was done lubricating my ass. He forced me to get on my knees, positioned behind and swiftly started poking his cock on my hole. I was way too turned on and at this point and it was all I wanted. I released a moan and he got his signal.

I could feel my muscles getting stretched and a little pain as a huge cock penetrated my ass. The cumswapper had left and another guy came in front with his cock hanging right in front of my face. I was moaning as the thrust behind me was getting violent and violent. The other guy saw the opportunity and was quick to put his shaft inside my mouth.

A DP by 2 strangers at a strange location got me so excited, I started releasing a bit of pr cum. The guy behind me suddenly grabbed my back and gave a loud moan. He got so deep inside that it pained like hell. But, suddenly, I could feel him releasing his come inside my ass. I had lost all senses.

The cock inside my mouth felt numb. The cock inside my ass had made my ass numb.

The guy from behind stood up, came near my face, thanked me and spat on my face to make me feel more slutty. The guy whose cock was in my mouth, took it out and went behind me to fuck my ass. He was quick too and by now, my face, my mouth, and my ass, all leaked cum.

As all of them left, I saw the cum-swapper back. He suggested a 69 and I immediately agreed. Seconds later, we were sucking each other’s cocks lying on the cum spilled mattresses. We almost came together. I came so much that the guy almost puked.

We laughed while sitting like two sluts on the ground in the dark room. We ended by kissing each other and cum swapping again.

I took a shower and while each and every part of my body ached, I managed to wear my clothes back. As I went outside, the receptionist winked at me and said, “We hope you had a good time. Hope to see you again next week.”

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