LGBTQ Party In Mumbai

It was the last day of my Mumbai trip when I was invited to this LGBTQ party. I had to leave for Bangalore the next day. I wrapped my work early and left for the hotel. After spending a day and a night with Arun in a Navi Mumbai hotel, I had moved to Bandra.

During my stay in Bandra, I matched quite a few guys on dating sites but did not meet anyone. But, since it was my last evening in Mumbai, I wanted to have some fun and a good fuck.

For the last three days, I was chatting with Naman, a guy from Colaba, on Tinder. After some flirting on Tinder, I shared my number with him. When I reached my hotel, I received a text from Naman asking if I would like to be his date for a party.

It was an LGBTQ couples night in one of the hotels in South Mumbai. I was up for some fun and agreed to it. However, I told him, if I get a chance to flirt with other men at the party, I will. Naman agreed to that. The party was to begin at 9 PM, and it was still 5.

Naman asked me if I can come to his place before the party. I said I will get dressed there then. He shared his location and address. I took a cab to his place. I packed my dress, makeup kit, and stilettos.

Naman opened the door – a well-built tall guy in his early 30s. We greeted with a peck on cheeks as I went in. “Make yourself comfortable,” he said as I sat on the couch. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“Beer would be fine,” I said.

“In a minute.” He went to the kitchen, got two beers. We started drinking and got comfortable with each other in no time. He came and sat near me. We finished our beers and started making out.

We were kissing passionately, sharing saliva with each other, biting lips, moaning softly. Continuing the kiss, I got onto his lap, pushed myself more into him. I kept licking, sucking, kissing his face and lips. We both were horny now and enjoyed our lovemaking to the fullest.

That’s when the doorbell rang. We broke the kiss as Naman went to answer the door. Something he had ordered online got delivered. Naman looked at the time, and it was 7.30 already.

“We will be late for the party. Shall we get ready now?” he asked me.

Although I wanted to have sex but resisted as I did not want to miss the LGBTQ party. “We should. I hate being late,” I said.

“Then dress up, babe, real fast,” he said as he showed me his bedroom.

I wore a long tube top mini dress in white, matched it with a white thong and white transparent strapless bra, white stilettos, and pink nails. For the first time, I used eyeliner and wore black lip shade. I made my hair into a bun and was ready for the night.

Naman wore a dark blue suit and white shirt. He looked hot and sexy in that. Before leaving, Naman came close to me, looked into my eyes, and said, “You look beautiful, baby. I want to have you right now.”

He bent to kiss me. I stopped him, saying, “Hold your horses’, babe. I don’t want to spoil my makeup before the party.” I teased him a bit, kissed him on his cheek, and said, “Let’s go.”

We drove to the venue in his car. Loud electro music was being played at the party. As we entered, I did turn a lot of heads with my looks and walk. Naman looked at all the men ogling at me. He held me by my waist as we went to the bar counter.

As we stood at the counter, I gazed around. There were many hot, hungry tops around, some of them busy making out with other men and CDs. Looking at those horny men, I was getting turned on.

“What would you like to drink?” Naman asked me.

“Anything that gets me high and horny,” I said.

The Bartender served a special cocktail, “On the house,” to me. The Bartender winked at me as he passed the glass to me. I smiled back and thanked him. Naman stood near me and started to play with my face, hair.

Suddenly he held me by my waist and planted a kiss on my lips. I kissed him back, and we were involved in a lip lock for few minutes. We quickly finished our drink, grabbed another. We went to the corner of the room to sit on a couch.

We started making out on the couch again. Naman started eating my earlobes, licking my neck, kissing me. We both were turned on to the core and were kissing each other wild. Suddenly I felt a hand on my thigh slipping inside my dress.

I broke the kiss with Naman to look who that was. A middle-aged guy, smart looks, well dressed, came and sat on the couch. Naman and I were busy in a lip lock. I gave him a smile and went back to kissing Naman.

The third guy came close to me and started playing with my ass. Naman was taking good care of my mouth. But his guy started licking my neck from behind while feeling my ass and whole body. While kissing Naman, I took my hand to the 3rd person’s crotch and started feeling and squeezing him over his pants.

His cock seemed huge. Now I was sitting on Naman’s lap. The third guy was sitting beside him. I broke the kiss with Naman, shifted to the third guy’s lap, and started kissing him. He was a good kisser too. I started squeezing Naman’s cock over his trousers now.

The third guy stopped kissing me. Our lips were still close to each other. “You want to move this party to somewhere else? You can bring your boyfriend along,” he said.

“He is not my boyfriend, just a stranger like you,” I replied. “And I love fucking strangers,” I whispered in his ears.

“Let’s go to my place. Then where we can be more open. I am Luv, btw,” he said.

“Emma. But I want both of you,” I pleaded.

They both agreed. Naman and I drove in his car to Luv’s place while Luv came in his.

What happens next? Wait for the next part.

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