The ‘Gay’ Train Journey On ‘Bandh’ Day

It was a day of ‘Bandh’. I had gone to a relative’s place. After staying there for the day, at night was gonna return home by train. All vehicles on roads had halted. However, some trains were plying.

So, I decided to take the train that night approximately after 9 pm. It was very difficult to reach the station as no bus or auto was available. Finally, I got a rickshaw to the station and almost missed the train. When I entered the platform, the train was already there and was about to leave.

So, I ran and got in the very last compartment. As it was bandh, there was hardly anyone on the train. Also, the train was headed for Sealdah station and during this time, the general crowd is on the opposite side. So, it felt more empty with only 3guys in the compartment.

I was standing near the door and trying to catch my breath. The train started and I was enjoying the cool breeze. In the meantime 2 of the guys also came towards the gate and slowly began a conversation with me. It was normal talks that happen on trains. Where am I heading? Why am I out on this day?

I asked them the same to them. The conversation went for some time and the next station arrived. It was empty and no one boarded in the last compartment. The train left the station and the guys said, “Let’s sit and chat.” We went and sat near the window.

Both the guys sat on either side. We were having some small talks. And suddenly one of them put his hands on my knees while speaking. He started rubbing from knees towards the inner thighs. I got the clue and felt excited and slowly my sleeping dick started to wake.

Both of them got the green signal and started rubbing my things towards the dick and kept on chatting with me. I placed my hands slowly on their dicks and started to rub. Then both of them started to unbutton my shirt and started to play with my nipples. It got me very excited and horny.

I unzipped both of them one by one and took out their dicks and started to give a handjob to both of them. They removed my shirt and both of them had one of my nipples in both their mouth. They started sucking them hard. I started to stroke their dicks hard and closed my eyes, enjoying every second of it.

While all of this was going on, the forgotten third guy came in front of me. He pulled down his pants and underwear and shoved his dick in my mouth. I opened my eyes and remembered there was another person in the compartment. I started to suck his dick while both my nipples were being chewed and sucked.

After a good sucking of 10 minutes, the third guy was about to cum. But he pulled out his dick. He then pulled me up and made me stand with my back facing him. I was facing the two guys who were sitting. He then pulled down my pants with the underwear.

I was already topless, and now I was completely naked in the compartment with 3 guys. The guy standing behind me rubbed his dick all over my ass from behind. He started to pinch and play with my nipples and licked my shoulders, neck and biting the ears occasionally.

The guys sitting in front started to lick my stomach, naval, legs, thighs. It all turned me on to extreme proportions. My dick was hard and erect like never before. After licking and playing for a while, the guy standing behind, grabbed both my ass and sat down in the seat behind and started to rim me hard.

He knew how to eat an ass and got me wet literally. Then I started to finger my asshole and rim me alternatively. The guys sitting in front still kept on licking and sucking my navel, nipples, thighs. One of them also gave me a sloppy blowjob, sucking my dick like a lollipop.

Being eaten by 3 guys in the ass, nipples, and dick was too much. I cummed hard in the guy’s mouth. He drank it all and still kept blowing my dick and it was hard again. Then the guy behind me was getting ready to fuck me. He applied saliva on his dick and my asshole.

He made me sit on his dick, with my back facing him. It took him about a minute to adjust his dick and put it all inside my ass. As soon as it entered. He started to fuck at a very fast pace holding me tight on his lap and continuously licking and biting my neck and shoulder area.

He seemed in a rush to fuck as if he didn’t get to fuck for a long long time. He kept ramming my ass even when the train entered the next station. No-one stopped their actions. Everyone was horny and didn’t care anything. No one boarded the compartment.

But while the train was leaving few people saw from the window what was happening in the compartment. As soon as the train left the station, he started to fuck even faster and harder. The other 2 guys were rubbing their dicks all over my body, stomach, nipples, face.

The guy fucking me said he was going to get down in the next station. So he fucked hard and cummed within the next 3-4 minutes inside my ass. He then pulled out got clean and was ready to get down. He said he takes this train every day. If I want more from him, I should catch this train.

The station came within a couple of minutes and he left. Then there was me and the other 2 guys. We all were headed for the last station to Sealdah. So we had approximately 40 minutes.

The guys then grabbed me and came towards the window and said, “Let’s start our threesome.” One of them laid himself on the floor and told me to get on him and ride his dick. I got on top of him in a cowboy position and slowly started to ride the guy.

The other guy sat on the seat and his dick was in perfect height to reach my mouth as we were on the floor. I took his dick in my mouth while riding the other guy. He told me to suck slowly. He loved getting his dick sucked softly and slowly. So, I took his dick and started sucking while playing with his balls.

The guy laying down started to pick up the pace and fucked hard for 5-7 minutes and stopped. Then the guys decide to fuck me alternatively for every 5 minutes so they can last longer. The guy who I was sucking pulled me up and made me sit on his lap facing him.

He had a big dick of 8-inches and slowly put in inside my ass. Then he started to suck my nipples and slowly kept fucking me. He liked to do it slowly. I sucked the other guy’s dick while he was doing me slowly. That was the first time I felt how great it can be while you are fucked slowly. It rubs the nerve endings for a longer time.

After 5 minutes he stopped. The other guy pulled me on his lap and went full gear from the very first second. He had a 6-inch dick and kept going very very fast. He held me tightly by grabbing onto by bubble butt and kept stroking his dick very hard. In between fucking he also slapped my ass.

All I could do was hold onto the other guys’ dick while he was pumping me hard on his lap. After 5 minutes, again the other guy pulled me back on his lap. He went slowly which he likes a lot to do. I felt awesome with the change of pace and dick size.

5 minutes of hard fucking with a 6-inch dick then 5 minutes doing it slowly with an 8-inch dick. It made me extremely horny and wanting more. I was in heaven being alternatively fucked like that. This went on for another 3 rounds playing musical chairs on their dicks.

After that, the guy who had a 6-inch dick finished by cumming inside my ass. Then the other guy had approximately 10 minutes till we reached the last station. He then got me in the doggy style and started his thing slowly. But then picked up speed and finally cummed in 7-8 minutes.

We all cleaned up as the train entered the final station in the next couple of minutes. A great experience at night while traveling in a local train, all thanks to ‘Bandh’! We didn’t meet after that and didn’t keep any contact details. Though it was good fun.

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