An Erotic Encounter With A Co-passenger

I was sitting in the coupe of the first-class compartment of Delhi-bound train to attend a 3 days’ international seminar. I was thinking about the 36 hours long, boring journey. The train was slowly chugging out of the platform after 15 minutes delay.

A neatly dressed, tall, charming guy( 5′ 10″ or so) in the mid-30s wearing a jerkin and luggage in both hands rushed into the coupe. He settled in his seat and started the conversion by introducing himself.  He was Sundar( my namesake), CEO of a reputed firm in Bangalore.

He remarked, “What a boring long journey! I was forced to take this. Due to the sudden decision and the heavy luggage of the company’s promotional products.” I stared at him and smiled saying that he had just reflected my thought about the journey!

I observed him sweating profusely even in the cool weather. He was narrating the ordeal he faced in reaching the station. He removed his jerkin to cool himself. The contours of his immaculate strong gym-toned physique were highlighted through his sticky, thin sweat-soaked t-shirt clinging to him.

Soon, I gathered that we had common interests such as music, movies, and sports like cricket and chess. After an hour or so, he asked me if we could play chess(our passion), puling a magnetic foldable chess board out of his backpack. We ended up winning one game each.

The third ‘decider game’ was linked to a bet by him. The winner will have to give a treat of the loser’s choice. As expected, I won it after a long-drawn fight. He hugged me lightly in appreciation surprising me.

We continued our chat about family life, kids, love (his was love marriage, he told), etc while sharing the ‘home-packed’ dinner. Later, I was working for some time under the reading light on my conference paper. Even after I finished my work, I found him glued to the monitor of his laptop with headphones on.

His reactions appeared somewhat weird to me. Moving closer, I glanced at the monitor thinking that it must be something official. But I was shocked to observe that he was watching a porn video!

For the first time, nearly after two decades, I felt something strange in me. The desire and urge for a cock were overpowering me. I was squirming in my seat! I was trying to suppress my emotions with great difficulty. Without realizing that he was also watching me with his lust-filled eyes.

The sober blue light in the compartment augmented the romantic mood in him. I hung my face down in shame and moved away from him silently to read a novel.

Suddenly, out of the blue, he asked, “Can I call you Anna? Why are you feeling so shy? I was about to ask you for the treat of my choice that you owe me.”

“Why not? But, I have only chocolates to offer you right now. We will meet for a bigger treat(lunch/dinner) in Delhi, bro,” I told him.

“You’re so sweet, Anna. If I tell you what I want, promise me that you won’t mistake or get angry, ok?” he said.

“Yes, of course, if it is only within my capacity. Don’t ask anything that’ll upset our mood,” I replied.

He hesitated for a while and pointing to the monitor, asked me softly, “I feel like having an action game other than chess. I’m taking the liberty in asking you thinking you are also interested. Yet, the final decision is yours.”

I was confused initially, but was startled at his boldness of asking for a game of love! I remarked curtly, “What a crazy idea, bro! You must be kidding, for sure,” moving away from him. Unable to figure out what went wrong with him.

But, he moved closer and with his arm over my shoulder. He pleaded with me not to go back on the promise and disappoint him. I was aware that such requests were after all, not new to me. But still, I turned my head away in guilt and shyness.

He was adamant in pestering me for the ‘treat’. I realized that my initial resistance to shy away from him was melting faster. He took my silence for granted and was trying to hug and kiss me. I felt electrified, but I extricated myself from his clutch.

“It is not correct, bro. We were strangers initially and are good friends now. I don’t want any complication.”

He turned deaf ears to my request and resumed his forceful act on me. He mentioned that we’re left to ourselves to do anything undisturbed which made me wilt under pressure. He was so much determined to drag me into the ‘game’. An uncontrollable urge for a play was engulfing me also like a wildfire.

Finally, I decided to give it a try for whatever it was worth. His face brightened like a 1000 watts bulb. I hugged him softly and asked him to brief me about the game, just to tease him. He was overjoyed, breathing heavily in delight and burying his face on my chest.

He declared, “Anna, c’mon! quit acting. You know it too well and whatever you do would please me. Let’s start, ok?”

It was around 11 pm and the commotion in our compartment had subsided, save for the rocking motion and rhythmic sound of the speeding train. With all the inhibitions totally gone the floodgates opened. We were in each others’ arms, him running his fingers eagerly to feel all over me.

I was thrilled and was unable to control my emotions any longer. I french kissed him with a good response from him. He yielded to my feather touch and I slowly undressed him leaving him only in undies. I was appalled by his well-chiseled body, strong biceps, flat abs.

I was exploring the beauty with my palm and fingers. He was shivering uncontrollably and developed goosebumps in ecstasy. He was fully erotic, flying high with his eyes closed. I made him lie on the bed on his back. I exhibited all my skills to heighten his mood.

Slow and steady licking of his pecs, sniffing his bushy armpits inhaling that exotic man scent. Sucking the inviting perky richly colored cherry-like big nipples, and further down to bellybutton and bulging crotch. He was writhing in pleasure, biting his lips and was pressing my face to his love kit.

Understanding his erotic desire, I slowly flipped his rockhard, thick veined, dick shining with precum, out of its captivity and caressed it gently. He moaned a bit louder. I stroked his monster boner (8″ and equally bulky) teasing the big purple bulbous head which was staring at me like a hissing snake.

I ran my fingers over the dense pubic hair, tickling him. My uninhibited licking, sucking and jerking off his anaconda, rendered him to tremble like a leaf. I was treating it like a lollipop. Sucking it with loud slurping noise from base to the tip, with intermittent sucking off his balls, enjoying it to the core.

Our testosterone levels had soared up by now, rendering us greedy for more excitement. He mentioned that he was breathless. He was feeling as if he was in already in 7th heaven with my extraordinary sucking skill. Suddenly, he got up, with his cock still in my drooling mouth.

He was telling me that it was his turn to return the favor. He wasted no time and pouncing on me. He made me stark naked, cuddled me in his powerful grip, suffocating me. He turned me to lean on him, such that his rigid, moist junior poked my shapely bums and his pecs, my backside.

He gave love bites on the earlobes and neck. His palms were cupping my conical, spongy boobs with his fingers pinching the perky nipples. He bent his head to kiss on my luscious pink lips in appreciation of my shapely feminine body.

He expressed his eagerness to feed on my attractive milky(!) and suckable boobs,(as he remarked). I made him lie on my lap for boob-sucking like a kid on its mom’s lap for milk. He looked at me in awe. He was sucking feverishly in abandoned gay like a hungry kid as if there was no tomorrow!

I was caressing his curly hair, down the torso till his hot, rigid, thick dick hit my palm. He was so fast and wild for the sucking delight that the tits had turned into glowing red patches. His mouth was stuck to my nipple like a vacuum.
I disengaged him from me forcibly.

Now we can have much more sucking delight in 69 position, which he was skeptical about. So, I positioned myself over him after jacking his bums for my convenience. I thrust my cock into his mouth, taking his into mine for a mutual blowjob.

I gave him a bar of milk chocolate from my kit bag. I asked him to chew a piece of it, but not swallow. I moistened the piece with my saliva and smeared it on his stiff, swaying prick. Once set, he hastened to stuff his mouth with my 6.5″ long ice candy.

We had a wonderful mutual sucking session until he announced that he was about to reach the climax. I got up and asked him to slow down in order to prolong our game. Again, there was a protest from him. I’m always putting a brake from his fulfilling his urge, the ultimate benefit of the sex game.

I winked at him and asked, “Bro, didn’t you notice my fingers were fucking your ass, while I was sucking manhood?” I asked.

He was beaming in happiness to ask, “You really mean you would fuck me? What an erotic and unexpected gift, Anna!” I told him that I would love to service if it was agreeable for him. It was midnight by then.

He encouraged me to go on, reminding me about the video, we had seen earlier. I waited for the train to leave the station so that we could go ahead undisturbed. I got a coconut oil bottle from my kit. After applying it to his man-cunt liberally and loosening it by fingerfucking, I pushed my plunger into him.

After some resistance and pain, I fucked him in different styles. Initially in missionary posture followed by doggy style and him riding on me like a cowboy. He was fucking me like a wild animal with all his strength and force. His ball sac was crushing mine, while his pole was hitting my belly.

The rocking motion of the train was adding spice to our love game, sending waves of uncontrollable excitement and delight in us. I braked him saying that I have attained climax and was near cumming. He got up, wiped my stiff cock(thick, but shorter than his) clean.

Before I realized, he gave me an excellent blowjob and gulped the entire heavy load of my thick, sticky cum ejected in jets. He appreciated the sweetness of it, chuckling his tongue, with utmost satisfaction. He returned the favor by mouthfucking me.

His mighty sword was gagging me due to which the jaws ached. Soon, he became stiff, arched his back and reaching climax and groaning and biting his lips in ecstasy. He released his nectar in large volume continuously filling my mouth, forcing me to swallow every drop of the sweet load.

He collapsed on me with a limp tool slipping out of my mouth slowly. He kissed me. We exchanged the cocktail of our own saliva-mixed juice. I was right on the top of the world. I couldn’t believe that my thirst for desire and the urge for a cock-play was quenched in the most unexpected place by an erotic guy.

We lay together silently under one sheet, still naked and rubbing against each other. “Are you not happy bro? Do you really think this journey will be boring hereafter?” I asked him, looking into his eyes, caressing his chest and pinching his nipples.

He said, “No way, Anna, I’m ecstatic, but not quite content. You’re an angel and you have ushered me into a world of heavenly pleasure beyond my comprehension. I’m on cloud 9 right now. You’re a wonderful master and a skillful lover. I’m not going to leave you till we reach Delhi.”

“Tell me frankly, bro, what made think that I would partner you today in the game? On the face, you looked a straight guy. I’m sure now that you are no amateur, either,” I asked.

He explained how he fell head over the heels at first sight after entering the compartment. Being seduced by my smiling face, magnetic eyes and best of all, my feminine bewitching beauty(!) and caring nature. He had enticed several guys with his masculine charm.

He confessed how eager he was to have that game (sex) with me. But was afraid of being branded as a sex maniac. I was taken aback when he revealed that he used the video clip only as a feeler/teaser/bait to lure and lock me, if possible. He had observed me before only, surveying him intently.

He also added that it was entirely for his greed and benefit. Finally how he became my slave with my extraordinary play, giving him the most unforgettable and exciting sextravaganza.

“You, sweet scheming rascal, we are even now! Honestly, as you rightly said, I was mesmerized by your masculine beauty. But I controlled myself to maintain decency and self-respect. But, your superlative approach to drag me into it was commendable.”

“We must be grateful to the gentleman with whom I exchanged my seat. Or else we would have missed a golden opportunity, agreed?” I also confessed while kissing him. He nodded his head and wanted one more round as his drowsy Johnny woke up!

It was past 1 am and hence, I decided to pull the curtain down to end our show. Quite reluctant, he hugged me and drifted into sleep, nude under the blanket. But with his lips clamped to the already swollen, rigid nipple.

I smiled and soon fell asleep, planning for more games( both chess and sex) until our return to Bangalore.

Thanks to one and all!

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