An Evening In Mumbai

Hello friends. My name is Ravi, and I am from a small city named Ratnagiri in western Maharashtra. I work for a private company in their plant in Goa. I have been here for almost 11 years now.

I have a fair complexion, 33 years of age, 5ft 9’ height, and a slightly heavier side. I am married, and my wife, too, has moved to Goa with me.

Now coming to the story. This happened a few months ago. I work as a purchase and vendor head for my firm. This involves dealing with lots of vendors. In one such vendor’s company supplying us with packaging material, there was a beautiful woman named Joanna.

Joanna is in her mid-thirties and is a mother of 2. Despite her age and the fact that she has 2 kids, she is very pretty with a well-maintained body. I would get to meet and talk to her once every quarter during our review meeting. I wanted to try and be friends with her, maybe even make love to this irresistible woman.

But she was always very professional during our meetings. I never got a chance to speak anything else apart from work-related matters. I also realized that in her own office, many guys were trying to woo her. But she never even looked at anyone with any interest.

She maintained a rather cold attitude towards everyone. I thought maybe it’s due to her looks. Perhaps she is too proud of her beauty and the attention she gets. But my luck changed in April 2018 when my company decided to invite a few of our top vendors for a conference.

Joanna’s company too was invited to this conference. Luckily, she was nominated to attend on her company’s behalf. This conference was organized to take place in a posh hotel in south Mumbai. It was to be held for 2 days (Thursday and Friday) followed by the weekend.

Being the head of the purchase dept, I had to be in Mumbai well before the guests arrived. I had landed early morning on Wednesday. I would welcome the guests as soon as they arrived at the hotel lobby. However, I made an exception for Joanna.

It was almost 6:30 in the evening when I reached the airport. Her flight arrived on time, and Joanna was out a short while later. She was dressed in 3/4th jeans and a white top and sneakers. It was a fantastic sight, and it was so hard to believe that this lovely lady was a mother of 2.

My envy for her husband increased that very moment. She came up to me and shook hands. She expressed her gratitude for being invited and also to me for coming personally to receive her. I said it was my pleasure to be there, and we started walking to the waiting car.

Even at this time, Joanna kept her talks professional. But I was determined to make inroads somehow and get to know her better. We got into the car’s back seat. I instructed the driver to move towards the hotel. It was heavy traffic hour. I knew we will need at least an hour and a half to reach the hotel.

As soon as she was done informing her family about her safe arrival in Mumbai, I started talking about her journey and asked her a few work-related things. She, too, turned towards me and involved herself in the discussion. There wasn’t much we could do considering the heavy traffic.

As we continued talking, she became a bit free. She mentioned that she had almost missed this tour as it was her son’s final school exam and her husband was out of station most of the time. I was curious to know the details. She said that her husband is a small businessman and deals in construction supplies.

I realized that Joanna was no longer speaking in her curt professional tone but was sounding very friendly. This was a pleasant surprise for me as she always has had this professional demeanor while speaking with me in the past. I decided to take a chance and asked her more about her family.

She replied that she got married at an early age and has 2 sons. I tried asking her more, but she changed the topic and asked me instead about my family. I replied to her. But I felt that she did not want to speak about her husband nor her personal life. I did not continue talking on that topic.

Finally, at 8:45 pm, we reached the hotel. She went straight to her room, and I came to mine. By 9:15 pm, I had showered and changed when I got a call from Joanna. She asked me if I would join her for dinner. I was surprised but readily agreed to meet her at the restaurant.

She said she would need some time. So I decided to wait for her over a glass of wine, went ahead to the restaurant. I ordered a bottle of Fratelli Bianco wine. Half an hour later, Joanna walked into the restaurant. I was wide-eyed as I waved at her to come over to my table.

She was dressed in a lovely dark purple colored evening gown, which was hugging her curves perfectly. This was when I realized how hot and curvy Joanna is. I could not take my eyes off her. She saw me looking at her and smiled. I smiled back and complimented her on her looks.

She blushed and said that she is now getting older. I don’t know what had come over me. Was it the drink I was having, or was I completely mesmerized by Joanna’s dazzling smile? I just looked at her and said, “Why worry about age, Joanna? Some things get better with age.”

“Oh really? Like what?” was her response. I held up my wine glass and said bluntly, “Like this wine. The older it gets, the better it tastes.” I had said this with a completely serious look on my face. She just kept looking at me as she sat. A few minutes later, we had ordered our food and were chatting casually.

I offered her the wine, but she politely declined. Once dinner was over, we went over to the smoking area, a long balcony with a view of the sea on one side. To my surprise, Joanna pulled out a packet of Marlboro lights cigarettes and popped 1 between her lips.

She looked at me and shrugged “Why should only boys have all the fun?” I laughed as I lighted mine.

Few puffs later, Joanna turned towards me and said, “you know Ravi, I started smoking just a couple of years ago. Earlier I hated it and used to shout at people who smoked in my presence.” I smiled and said teasingly, “Yeah. Why should only boys have all the fun?”

At this, she turned towards me, and I realized that her playful expression had disappeared and was replaced with a rather sad look. I was taken aback by this sudden change and said, “What happened, Joanna? Did I offend you by making that comment? If I did so, then I am extremely sorry. I never intended to.”

“Oh no, Ravi, nothing of that sort,” she said with a weak smile. I knew something was wrong here. Everything did not seem to be what it looked like. Something was hiding under that cold look she used to have most of the time. I was anxious and also determined to find out.

So, I decided to go for it and asked her what was wrong and bothering her. She seemed reluctant to speak, but I persisted.

Finally, she gave in and started speaking. “Ravi, I know you must be wondering why I always have a cold expression and why I am not friendly with anyone. But I was never like this. In the office, I still get a lot of attention. But everyone wants me for their own desires, and I know it. That’s why I need to maintain a distance.”

“So then why me, Joanna?” I asked. “You have always been good to me, Ravi. Maybe you, too, feel attracted to me. But, you always maintained dignity whenever you had to communicate with me. You are the only guy who did not try to flirt with me. That’s why I requested you to join me for dinner tonight.”

“Good for me,” I said as I looked at her sideways. “Good for us both,” she replied with a reassuring smile. And then she continued with her story.

“My husband was my boyfriend in college. I got married to him at the age of 19 as my mother had fallen critically sick suddenly. It was her wish to see me as a bride. So, I got married. My mother left us a month after our wedding.”

“And a couple of years later, I completed my graduation and was already 5 months pregnant when I answered the university exams. I had a baby boy and was a very happy woman. Later I had another son, and I felt our family was complete.”

“But a few years ago, I got to know that my husband is having an affair with my cousin sister. I asked him about it, and he denied it, saying that I was the only woman in his life. I believed him. But a few weeks later, I found a bag in his pocket which had used condoms in it.”

“Now, I was sure that he was indeed having an affair and had forgotten to throw it away after meeting my cousin. I confronted him again. He again denied having an affair. I left home in anger that evening and went out on my own without knowing where I was going. That’s when I first smoked too.”

“Ever since, I have not really been on good terms with my husband. He, too, does not seem to care much as I am sure he must be getting his desires fulfilled by my cousin. He does not even provide for the kids. That’s why I am holding on to this job, and once my younger son is a bit older, I shall file for a divorce.”

Her head dropped as she said this. I was too stoned to say anything and just looking at the floor blankly. A few moments later, she looked up to me and smiled faintly. I just kept looking back at her seriously.

She then smiled brightly and said, “Come on, Ravi. I told you all this only because I really wanted to share it with someone. I felt that you will listen to me. I never intended it to make you look so serious and sad.”

“I am ok, Joanna,” I said. But Joanna knew what she told me had affected me. She must have released that I have a soft corner for her in my heart and not lust. She tried cheering me up.

She asked me in a naughty tone with a wink, “So Ravi, you are here, and your wife is back home. I guess both of you are going to feel incomplete tonight.”

“Well, my wife is at her mother’s place in our hometown. So I am sure she won’t be much concerned about it.”

“And what about you?” she asked mockingly. I just looked down and blushed. She continued teasing, “Tell me, Ravi, you do it very often? Every night?” I continued looking at the floor and kept smiling.

That’s when she said something that changed everything. “You know Ravi, you need to enjoy these moments as long as it lasts. Because once it ends, life won’t be the same, neither emotionally nor physically.”

I took this chance, looked her in the eye with a firm expression, and asked her, “You sound like you haven’t experienced it in a long time.”

She became a bit quiet as she answered, “Not really. Even now, we do it once in a while. But every time, it’s me who has to literally plead with him because ultimately, I am a human being, and it’s my need too. He doesn’t really care as he has someone else. And our lovemaking is not the same as it was earlier. It’s just like a means to get rid of physical desires.”

“Then why do you do it with him? You can get anyone you want,” I asked bluntly. “I can’t do that, Ravi. I cannot trust anyone like that” I kept quiet, turned towards her, and whispered a few moments later, “But you did trust me to discuss all this.”

She kept looking at me when I said that. I was looking at her too. We were both in one dimly lit corner of the balcony and could feel the soft breeze of the sea. I felt myself being drawn towards her and closed my eyes. I felt her lips on mine, and the feeling was unbelievable. I knew I would have sex with Joanna on this office tour.

I was conscious of being a married man. But the way she was kissing me, I just forgot everything and reciprocated her kiss. We kissed for a few moments before we realized we were in a public place. But nobody seemed to be around. The way Joanna had kissed me, I had no intention of stopping at that moment.

So, I held her hand and led the way to my room. We were both quiet as we walked hand in hand. I was worried in case any of the other guests see me. But nobody did as my room was on the 4th floor and the others, including Joanna’s, were on the 5th.

I closed the door as soon as we were inside, pulled her towards me, and started kissing her again. This time I tried to enter her mouth, and she obliged. I could feel her hands going all over my back. I was holding on to her back. The ecstasy in her kissing was making me horny as hell.

My hands had now wandered to her butts and were squeezing them. Somehow she loved every bit of it. I lifted her and carried her towards the bed. I then put her down and got on top of her. We continued kissing each other while at the same time I tried to get my hand inside her gown.

She stopped me and turned her back towards me. I saw that the gown had a strap on her back. I pulled it slowly with my teeth, and the gown started coming loose. With a few seconds, she was just in her bra and panty. I got on top of her again and started kissing and biting her neck.

I knew she was turned on now by the way she had started moaning. I realized that she was experiencing this ecstasy after a long, long time. I removed her bra and started circling and sucking on her nipples. Her boobs had a slight sag, but she was still in great shape, considering that she had 2 kids.

She was enjoying the sensation of my tongue on her skin. And all this while her hands had traveled down to the zip of my jeans. She unclipped my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and pulled the zipper down. Her hand was now in my underwear and was squeezing and pulling on my dick.

My dick was rock hard now, and I knew she wanted it. I turned around, and she went towards my dick and took it in her mouth. She moaned loudly as she sucked my dick. I was completely turned on and was in fear of cumming in her mouth. I tried to pull it out of her mouth, but she did not let go.

She kept sucking and stroking it so hard that soon I ejaculated right in her mouth. She looked pleased with all the hot cum in her mouth and went to the washroom to clean up. “It’s so salty, but I loved it. And the next time, I want it on my face,” she said as she returned.

I pulled her towards me the moment she got close to the bed. “Well. I want to taste something, too,” I said naughtily as I pulled down her panty. She was now on her back. I had positioned myself between her legs. She had a clean shaved pussy. I started licking her pussy.

Very soon, she had both her hands on my head. With every lick, she was pushing my head inside between her legs. That’s when I decided to put my tongue inside between her pussy lips. I had never done this before, even with my wife. The moment my tongue entered her pussy, she started going wild.

I started going deeper and faster, and with every lick, she was inching closer to an orgasm. And then suddenly I felt it. She shook violently as a burst of hot and very thick liquid came on my tongue. I did not really enjoy its taste, but the ecstasy level was so high that it did not matter.

Joanna was in a trance now and was moaning like crazy. She held my face in her hands and gave me a long and deep kiss. My dick was already rock hard once again and was itching to feel her pussy. She makes me lay on my back and got on top of me in a cowgirl position.

Her pussy was so wet and hot, my dick entered her smoothly. She moaned as my dick disappeared inside her. She started her stroking movement softly. But soon, she had increased her pace. It was a beautiful moment, and I was enjoying it a lot.

After about 10 minutes, I asked her to get down and climbed on her to a missionary position. I spread her legs, put 1 leg on my shoulder, and slowly entered her pussy. She was breathing very heavily and, with every thrust, became heavier and more intense.

I then put both her legs on my shoulders and started stroking her as fast as I could. She clenched her teeth and said between heavy breaths, moans, and broken sentences, “Don’t stop now, sweetheart. Keep going. I am feeling a current pass through me. It’s not happened in many years, don’t stop.”

I had no intention of stopping. I was going as fast as I could. A few minutes later, I felt my climax approaching. I gave her one last thrust and pulled out my dick. I ejaculated on her face as she desired. I fell on her, exhausted and breathing heavily.

She held me tight. “Thanks, Ravi.” She said, “You have made me feel so special today. I haven’t felt like this for so long. I am happy that this happened. And I want it to happen again.”

“Don’t worry, dear,” I replied, “this is only the beginning.” We slept that night in each other’s arms. She woke up early the next morning and returned to her room to get ready for the conference. The conference was to end on Friday. My mind was already making plans for the extended weekend stay for love sex with Joanna.

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