Bus From Lonavla Straight To Gay Heaven – Part 1

Hello guys, my name is Raj and this is my first story. The story starts from the end of my trip to Lonavla, people were on their way back to their homes.

I was waiting at a busy national highway to catch a bus back to my home. Catching a bus is really hard when you are on the highway. I kept on waving hands at buses but none stopped. It was an expressway so vehicles can’t slow down from a specific speed level.

After waiting for an hour or so, I finally saw a bus coming towards. I waved my hand and the bus passed by me and slowed down after a few meters.

The bus stopped and I thought this is it. I ran towards the bus. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I was getting soaking wet because it was raining heavily for the last one hour. So, when I went near the bus, my t-shirt was so wet that my nipples could be seen through.

I reached beside the bus and this guy in his 30s popped his head out and asked me where do I want to go? I told him my destination. It turned out they weren’t actually carrying any passengers and said they could drop me home for a minimum price. Well, I didn’t want to wait for another hour, so I accepted the offer and got inside.

Getting inside the bus, I could clearly see the driver almost the same age as the other guy, rolling his eyes over me. It made me uncomfortable. I went inside and saw the whole beds inside were empty, it was just me. I got the upper berth and sat there.

I was so wet that it was getting too cold and even my underpants were wet. I took out a towel and started drying my hair and body. The guy, probably the cleaner walked past my berth and saw me drying myself. He came to me and asked, “You’re looking pretty wet”.

I said, “Yes, it has been raining hard”. He then smiled and said, “So, how much do you want to pay?”

I said, “You tell, how do I know what the fare is”.

The cleaner said, “Don’t pay, we are already going the same way and the driver doesn’t want to take money from you”.

The cleaner then went back to the driver’s cabin giving me a naughty smile. I thought I should go and thank the driver.

As I entered the cabin, they were already laughing and as soon as I entered, they got silent. Now the driver was looking at me from the mirror in front. I said, “Thank you but I can pay if you want”.

The driver smiled and said, “Don’t worry, we will take our payment on our way. Just go and get those clothes off as you will get cold if you keep them on”.

I went back to my berth and removed my t-shirt. My nipples had gotten thick due to wetness and cold climate. The guy in the 30s came in and said I should probably take off my pants also as they were too wet.

I didn’t know what went down my head, but I listened to him and took my pants off. Now I was sitting with my chubby body on display and in just my underpants in front of the bus cleaner guy. He just kept staring towards me.

Then the cleaner came on my berth and sat next to me. My heartbeats went up the sky, he started talking and we had a quiet chat about this and that.

My dick was already hard and he could see that right there. He kept his hand on my lap and said, “You should take them off too, they are wet. You don’t need to be shy, it’s just guys on this bus”.

I slid my underpants down my thighs and my dick just popped out. I kept my pants on a hook beside me.

The cleaner guy looked straight onto my dick like a thirsty vampire. Without saying a word, he grabbed my dick slowly and started pressing it! It was all my fault, he invited me into doing and I went doing as he said.

He came closer and started kissing me on my lips. He kissed me like he wanted to eat me. Then he went straight down to my chubby chest, grabbed one with one hand and started licking the other. He sucked those so hard as if something was going to come from it.

The cleaner guy grabbed my feet and pulled down making me lie down naked in front of him. Then he grabbed my dick from my balls and started licking it.

I was already oozing precum. He licked it wildly and then he pushed my legs up and filled in my butt hole with his finger. Gradually, his fingers started moving in and out of my ass.

The cleaner guy then took out his dick and without even showing it to me, he just slid it right through my asshole! It didn’t pain that much because I had trained my ass by sliding cucumbers bigger than dicks.

He started thrusting it in and out and he said, “Well, I am not the first person to open this door, right?”

He was pushing so hard into me that my heartbeats were running like a railway engine and I was high up in the sky.

The cleaner guy went on for a few minutes and then took out the dick and came straight to my face. I just involuntarily opened my mouth and he pushed right in. It tasted so good. I never had a real dick in my mouth so I just sucked it back and forth and deep down my throat.

The cleaner guy then came inside my mouth. I didn’t want to spit it out so I gulped his cum.

Then he went straight to the cabin with his pants on. Soon, I could feel that the bus was coming to a halt. Somewhere in my head, I knew what was coming. And as I looked I saw…

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