Fell In Love In Italy – Venice -Part 2

Hi, after the introductory first part, let me start with a more interesting second part. You can go through the story with the title ‘Fell In Love In Italy – Milan’ if you want to know the background.

As decided, we met in Milan Central Station and boarded the train to Venice. We were 4, me and Gaurav sitting on one side. Neha was sitting opposite me and the married girl was sitting next to her. Neha had dressed better compare to the previous day. But still, I felt she has a long way to go.

She was wearing a yellow color chiffon shirt, as it was chiffon it was see-through. She was wearing red color spaghetti and the same matching trousers. I was admiring her sweet looks throughout the journey. But also was laughing that why she has dressed in yellow and red. It was a weird combination.

We reached Venice, it was sunny. We walked a little and stopped on a bridge, crossing the canal to click pictures. At that time I noticed that Neha’s yellow shirt was highly transparent. Since it was too bright her skin was glowing and the shirt had lost its identity.

It appeared like she is just in spaghetti and trousers. At that time I started to notice her figure. She was highly curvy. Her boobs are of size 32 and having a perfect curve line for her 28 waists then again 32 hip. I was clicking their pictures, as I was kind of outsider for their group.

This gave me good opportunity to scan and analyze Neha is detail. After group pics, they wanted solo pictures. As I was the one who was clicking pics. I continued taking pics. Neha was very good at posing and holding expressions, and I loved it.

I wanted her pics for myself. So I took a few snaps from my camera and mobile assuring that my camera is doing a better job. She continued posing in different poses. In one pose I felt that her tits impression is visible. I ignored assuming that she would have dressed with care.

But again, in the next pose, I felt the same. I immediately zoomed in the picture and got sure that indeed it was her tits. Then when I observed more deeply, I was a little shocked to know that she was braless. Her nipples are poking and anyone can easily figure it out.

I got motivation for the whole day to click more and more pictures. To be extremely honest, I scanned her figure and saw her tits. But I was more impressed with her gorgeous and cute looks. It made me start admiring her every expression.

We continued exploring Venice’s small streets and canals. But most of the time my eyes were glued to get a glimpse of her tits. We reached Venice’s famous St. Marks Square. There we clicked many pictures. Luckily I got a chance to be with Neha in one pic.

While posing I landed my hand on her waist. It was due to my habit with my classmates. She didn’t mind and posed comfortably. Thereby it became a matter of small joy for that moment. While we were walking in the promenade, Gaurav enquired about the beach around.

I informed him there is one on one of the islands called Lido. But we had to travel by boat. He immediately suggested let’s go there. I stopped him suggesting girls may not be comfortable to visit the beach. It is better to ask them. He replied no need to ask. I assumed he was keen to see foreign girls in bikini.

I teased him that he is desperate to see girls in bikini. For which he replied, “That could be add on. But I mainly want to splash water on Neha and make her look sexier in her dress” I was shocked to know that it was not only me, Gaurav also had scanned Neha’s body and tits.

We boarded the boat and reached the Lido beach. It was crowded as expected. Everyone was there was in beachwear. Also, there were a few girls topless, lying on the beach enjoying the sun. As expected, Gaurav was dumbfounded to see topless girls.

Neha did express her amusement that how they can be topless. I replied that we should go and ask them directly. We reached close to the waves, and immediately Gaurav started to splash water on Neha. In no time she was completely wet. Her chiffon shirt had become almost useless.

Due to coldness of the water, her tits had become harder and the shape of her entire boobs was evidently visible in her wet spaghetti. They continued playing in the water but I was safe. Gaurav didn’t splash water on me as he was not sure how I will react.

I was mutely enjoying the show and then I started to click pictures. They posed for a few then I suggested that they can continue to play and I will click candid pics. This gave me full opportunity to click many pics of Neha, zooming to her boobs and curves.

Eventually, Neha removed her chiffon shirt as she noticed that it was no use to wearing it anyways. Every girl around was in a bikini which made her feel comfortable and bold. For me, it was a more awesome show. I got many of her cleavage and navel pictures while she was playing with water.

The pictures of Neha that day still give me an instant hard-on, and it is one of my best-preserved folders. After more than 1 hour, we decided to leave. No one had brought extra clothes to change. Gaurav wanted some drinks. So he went to the bar counter at the beach.

As we were waiting for him, Neha informed she will not be comfortable in wet clothes. She wanted to stay there till it got dry. I disputed that if we stay longer then we are at risk to miss our train to Milan. Then I suggested she can wear my jacket on top of it if she is fine with it.

She readily agreed and asked for a changing room. I replied she can directly wear it, why she needed a changing room. She replied that she doesn’t want to spoil my jacket, so better she will remove her wet top and wear my jacket. I and my jacket both got excited that my jacket will get chance to cup her boobs.

We went in search of a changing room. I instructed the other girl to be there and we will be back. We found changing cabins and I gave her my jacket. She went inside to change. The cabins were in the middle of the beach, made of wood. It had 2 feet gap in the bottom from all 4 sides. Mostly water comes even till the cabins during high tide.

She voiced from inside that she is not able to close the jacket zip. I acknowledged that she had to try a few times and she can manage. After some time. She opened the cabin holding the jacket openings tightly. She asked me to help her to zip the jacket.

I went inside the cabin to help her. She was holding the jacket carefully on the top side not to reveal her boobs. I tried to pull zip by standing in front of her, but it didn’t work. Then, I kneeled on my knees to have a closer look. But in that position, I was concentrating more on her navel and belly button which was exposed to me.

It was lovely and glowing. Such close counter tempted me and made me hard. I secretly wished that I could capture even that in my camera. I did brush my fingers on her navel many times accidentally while struggling with the zip. I informed her, that I’m not able to, which made her sad.

We were clueless about what to do. I suggested her to turn around and I can try to pull zip by standing behind her. So I will be in a position like I’m wearing the jacket and I can pull the zip comfortably. She liked the idea and turned around. I hugged her from behind to access the jacket zip.

I felt intoxicated with her fragrance when I was so close to her. I felt like kissing on her neck from that position. I did brush my lips on her shoulder a few times. More troublesome thing was that I had an erection due to admiring her navel. Now it was poking her ass. I was worried that she will judge me wrongly.

In such a seduced state, I managed to pull the zip a few inches. I cursed myself for managing it so fast. I continued to be in that position and was pulling zip slowly. Also enacting that it is getting stuck in between. At one time, I also hugged her tightly as I badly wanted that.

As I reached closer to her boobs, she left the jacket opening which she was constantly holding from the time I entered the cabin. Fortunately, from my eyes position from her shoulder, I got an ample view of her boobs and cleavage. It made me poke her ass even harder.

As I proceeded further with zipping, I acted as it got struck again exactly in the middle of her boobs. I made use of the opportunity to cup her boobs entirely. I took almost 2 to 3 minutes in that position, pressing and cupping her boobs without leaving my hand from the jacket zip.

2 to 3 minutes is a good enough time to press and feel her boobs in many ways. Her breaths increased during the process which I felt hugely through her high rising boobs in my hand. After a few moments, she looked at me and I pretended like honestly struggling with the zip.

Then, she held my hand to pull it up and zip closed easily. I had no reason left to be in that position. So I had to move back and release her from my hug. At that moment, I was more worried if she is gonna hate me after that incident. And was praying my stars not to spoil anything.

Stay tuned to have a enjoy more of Venice in my next part. Looking forward to knowing your thoughts and feedback at [email protected], I would love your valuable comments in my inbox. Please feel free to contact me, though I live in Germany, I visit India every 3-4 months.

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