Making Professor Rao My Gay Bitch – Part 1

This incident happened during my college of hotel management. I had accepted that I was gay but was not ready to share it with the world. I had already lost my virginity in high school (another story). But neither my family nor my friends had any idea about it.

I was in the college football team as a defender. I have a muscular body and a 7.5 inch long and thick black uncut cock to top it. I was the interest of many girls in the college. They used to tease me for not having a girlfriend but I would laugh it off.

I waited for someone with my same interests because I knew there is always a hidden sissy for me wherever I go. I just need to find him.

There was a short chubby 40 years old single professor Rao teaching us since our first sem. He was a grumpy guy. But I got vibes from him the way he always slapped our asses when he met us in the corridor, used the student toilet instead of the cleaner faculty toilet and sitting next to us and putting arm around us while clearing our doubts.

But I did not dare make a move unless I was sure.

I kept in touch with people I knew had similar interests. One day, I got an MMS from one of them of a pathetic nude loser in a monkey cap asking to fuck his ass. His shape looked oddly familiar.

Then I noticed a calendar with my college logo on it in the back. I was sure it was my professor Rao. But, just to confirm, I started a chat with him on the phone number he gave in the video.

It didn’t take him long to start calling me but only when I allowed by text. I spoke in a deep voice. I found he wanted to be a slave and I liked it. I soon confirmed his identity when he sent me his nudes in just 2 weeks’ chat.

I wanted to know how far can I take it so I ordered him to shave off his mustache and beard. Soon I had an MMS of him shaving his beard and trimming his body hair with scissors which was funny whenever he accidentally cut his skin. It was even funnier in class as his skin itched with his short public and chest hair.

A small vacation of 10 days was coming up and all my friends and the teachers were going home. I saw this as a perfect time to tear my professor’s ass. I sent a list of things I wanted.

By day 2, all the preparations were made. I ordered him to remain topless and I will be there on the day I chose. He lived in his own villa near the college and I spied on him from the grounds. He was topless the whole time. He was starting to think this was a prank and I was getting hornier too.

On day 6, I went to his home and rang his bell. A topless Rao opened the door. I could see his barren flabby chest.

Rao: Oh! It’s you. What do you want?
Me: Sir, I had some doubts about the assignment.
Rao: Oh! Ok, come in.

As he turned, I closed the door and grabbed his ass with my left hand. As he gasped, I stuffed his mouth with a dirty brief and pushed him on the floor and sat on top of him keeping his hands under me.

Me: I was curious to find out my teacher was such a horny desperate bitch for my throbbing python.

Rao spat out my undie but stopped struggling as he heard the words and froze up.

Me: Yes Rao, I am the monster who you pled for ripping your tight ass. I am going to have so much fun making you my bitch to order.

Rao: No this is wrong. I am your professor. I am so much older than you.

Me: So you are saying you don’t want me to do this?

I put my hand into his pants and found his hairy asshole and started rubbing it. He was soon moaning to my touch. I flipped him over and faced him.

Me: What do you want, you bitch?

Rao: I want your python in me, my king.

I grabbed my professor’s head and pulled him into his bedroom. His room was clean and I saw the bag of things I ordered him to buy. I pushed him, head first on the bed and grabbed his undies under his pants. I pulled its band wedging it into his balls and ass. He squealed as the strap started ripping.

Soon Rao was only wearing shreds exposing his flabby body. I gave him a treat by stripping and my cock jumped out as I dropped my boxers. My professor was suddenly more energetic. He reached out to my lollipop, grabbed it in both hands and started stroking it with passion. But I wanted to tease more.

I pulled him up by the little hair he had and stuck my tongue down his throat. I felt no resistance as I pulled him closer and dominated his tongue.

As we exchanged saliva, our cocks were rubbing against each other as my hands squeezed his plump ass. I suddenly felt a bit warm on my cock. I broke the lip lock to find Rao had cummed already. I scooped up what I could and made him lick it up.

My professor was now on his knees licking my cock balls to top. He sucked it with beastly hunger playing with his tongue. I guided him to the bed.

Now he was on top of me sucking my cock as I faced his ass. Rao’s ass just reached my pecks showing me his sad small cock, sac and hairy ass. The bastard was good at sucking.

I ran my tongue from his cock to his asshole which though hairy was clean. I started shoving a finger up his ass rotating it as Rao moaned with my cock in his mouth. I forced in 2 more fingers wildly fingering his dirty ass. My cock was all wet. I took an oil bottle from the dresser.

I shoved it up his ass and squeezed a lot of it in. Rao screamed as his ass overflow.

I got up behind him, applied the rest of the oil on my cock and pierced his oily ass. It was tight as hell. I could only insert half in 1 stroke. My professor screamed in pain as I tore his ass. I put my dirty ass into his mouth. It had a bit of shit on it. He happily slurped it all.

I got hornier. I grabbed his thighs and pushed harder. My whole cock was up his ass and I started pumping wildly tearing his ass. A bit of blood was on my cock and Rao was screaming to death. I didn’t care and continued fucking as his fat jiggled with each stroke. I flipped him and continued ramming, enjoying his expressions.

Me: You bitch! You like how I drill your ass, don’t you?
Rao: Yes, master. Aaaahhhh, give it to me more.

I spanked his ass red. He was getting so tired, his hands bent and only his ass was up. I stepped on his head and fucked his tight ass.

I felt his ass getting loose. I pulled out my dirty cock and shoved it in his mouth. He slurped it hungrily and I loved his spit on my cock. I came into his mouth which he slurped up.

Me: This is just the beginning, my piggy.

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